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What is the relationship of stress to patients' kidney stone-related quality of life? Lundeen, Colin; Lim, Jonathan R.Z.; Scotland, Kymora B.; Ardekani, Reza Safaee; Penniston, Kristina Report Mar 4, 2021 3325
Goal: Live More Years in Good Health: Now that we are living longer, it's time to ensure our long lives are healthy ones. Mar 1, 2021 977
Effects of Attitudes of Patients with Epilepsy Towards Their Disease on Mental Health and Quality of Life. Akyol, Tugba; Nehir, Sevgi Report Jan 19, 2021 5736
How do you see 2021? Editorial Jan 3, 2021 638
Only 44% of Pinoys see better life in next 12 months -- SWS. Dec 31, 2020 529
Reliability and Validity of the Turkish Version of the Questionnaire for the Assessment of Self-Reported Olfactory Functioning and Olfaction-Related Quality of Life/Koku Alma Fonksiyonunu ve Koku ile Iliskili Yasam Kalitesi Oz-Degerlendirme Anketinin Turkce Guvenilirligi ve Gecerliligi. Saatci, Ozlem; Duz, Ozge Arici; Altundag, Aytug Report Dec 1, 2020 3986
The Comparison of the Effects of Two Botulinum Toxin A Injection Methods, Follow the Pain and Fixed-site Fixed-dose, on Improving the Quality of Life and Headaches in Patients with Chronic Migraine: A Preliminary Randomized Clinical Trial/Iki Botulinum Toksin A Enjeksiyon Yonteminin, "Agriyi Takip Etme" ve "Sabit Yer Sabit Doz", Kronik Migrenli Hastalarda Yasam Kalitesinin ve Bas Agrisinin Iyilestirilmesi Uzerine Etkilerinin Karsilastirilmasi: Bir Randomize Klinik On Calisma. Salehi, Hossein; Fekri, Mohaddaseh; Vakilian, Alireza; Rezaeaian, Mohsen; Ahmadinia, Hassan Report Dec 1, 2020 4850
Quality of Life in Patients with Acute Stroke: Comparison Between the Short Form 36 and the Stroke-Specific Quality of Life Scale/Akut Inmeli Hastalarda Yasam Kalitesi: Kisa Form 36 ve Inmeye Ozgu Yasam Kalitesi Olcegi Karsilastirmasi. Oren, Besey; Zengin, Neriman; Dagci, Selma Report Dec 1, 2020 6930
4 out of 5 Pinoys say their quality of life worsened in past year --- SWS. Nov 5, 2020 666
Association of breastfeeding cessation with health-related quality of life in working multiparous women of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Rahat, Hafiza; Qazi, Wardah Ajaz; Bokhari, Nadia Ahmed; Jahan, Saira; Begum, Ruqia; Rasheed, Haroon Report Oct 31, 2020 3015
SHORT COMMUNICATION - Quality of life, depression, anxiety and stress among pregnant women with previous adverse antenatal record presenting in Sheikh Zayed Medical College/Hospital Rahim Yar Khan. Zahoor, Sadia; Yasmeen, Iffat; Zaman, Nadia; Zulfiqar, Sonia Report Oct 31, 2020 2624
We can expect more such survey findings. Editorial Aug 17, 2020 528
Self-management of long-term conditions: Reasons given for positive and negative changes. Taylor, Melanie; Budge, Claire Jul 1, 2020 3586
ORAL HEALTH-RELATED QUALITY OF LIFE(OHRQOL)AMONG PATIENTS VISITING A PRIVATE DENTAL TEACHING HOSPITAL IN KARACHI, PAKISTAN. Leghari, Mohammad Ali; Abid, Fatima; Subhan, Zarah; Tariq, Fizza; Anwer, Mirza Adeel; Saqib, Malik M Report Jun 30, 2020 2339
More Filipinos expect quality of life to worsen in next 12 months - SWS. Nazario, Dhel Jun 23, 2020 585
SWS: Life worsened for 83 percent of Filipinos. Nazario, Dhel Jun 18, 2020 532
Subjective well-being and influencing factors in Turkish nursing students: A cross-sectional study. Senocak, Suleyman Umit; Demirikiran, Fatma Report Apr 30, 2020 4281
Oral-Health Related Quality of Life of Patients on Chemotheray. Pavithran, Sheela; Sreeleksmi, M.V.; Sreelekshmi, R. Report Mar 1, 2020 6432
Health-related quality of life associated with erythema nodosum leprosum in Purulia, West Bengal, India. Darlong, Joydeepa; Govindharaj, Pitchaimani; Mahato, Bhabananda; Lockwood, Diana N.; Walker, Stephen Report Mar 1, 2020 3497
Effects of webinar based teaching program on therapists' attitude and satisfaction of LBP patients. Nambi, Gopal; Abdelbasset, Walid Kamal; Abodonya, Ahmed; Saleh, Ayman Kamal; Khanam, Humaira Report Jan 1, 2020 2795
Exploring Patients' Experiences Alter Chronic Kidney Disease Diagnosis: A Qualitative Study. Stavropoulou, Areti; Rovithis, Michael; Grammatikopoulou, Maria G.; Kyriakidi, Konstantina; Pylarino Report Jan 1, 2020 6395
WALKING IN PARKINSON'S DISEASE. Any, Docu Axelerad; Daniel, Docu Axelerad; Silviu, Docu Axelerad; Zorina, Stroe Alina Report Sep 1, 2019 3577
The Nepali-Canadian Living Standards Survey: Newcomer Incorporation in the Greater Toronto Area. O'Neill, Tom; Makaju, Uttam; Shrestha, Rinjan; Tamrakar, Naresh; Shrestha, Bimal M.; Sthapit, Birend Mar 20, 2019 7732
NJ quality of life rating reaches record low, poll finds. Perry, Jessica Brief article Feb 25, 2019 341
Advanced Clinical Stage at Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Is Associated with Poorer Health-Related Quality of Life: A Cross-Sectional Study. Ramirez, Julia de Mello Medina; Trugilho, Ingrid de Araujo; Mendes, Giovanna Nunes Belo; Silva, Josi Report Jan 1, 2019 4027
Snapshot: 38% of Americans Satisfied With U.S. Survey Oct 16, 2018 593
Tehranis prefer to live elsewhere. Brief article Oct 5, 2018 292
Poor Financial Well-Being for Working Caregivers. Witters, Dan; Liu, Diana Survey Sep 17, 2018 860
World Took a Negative Turn in 2017. Ray, Julie Survey Sep 11, 2018 805
Neglected tropical diseases (NTD) morbidity and disability toolkit validation: A cross-sectional validation study of the EMIC-AP stigma scale for affected persons and the WHOQOL-DIS scale in Papua, Indonesia. De Korte, Rosaline T.; Vellacott, Emma L.; Pongtiku, Arry; Rantetampang, Andreas L.; Van Brakel, Wim Report Sep 1, 2018 5903
Indians' Life Ratings Depend on Which India They Live in. Crabtree , Steve Survey Aug 30, 2018 603
Americans' Views of U.S. Life Compared With Other Nations. Newport, Frank Survey Aug 22, 2018 985
U.S. Satisfaction Still Running at Improved Level. Saad, Lydia Survey Aug 15, 2018 551
Satisfaction with Life among Mothers of Pediatric Cochlear Implant Candidates: The Impact of Implant Operation and Sociodemographic Factors. Yigit, Enes; Edizer, Deniz Tuna; Muhammed Durna, Yusuf; Araz Altay, Menguhan; Yigit, Ozgur Aug 1, 2018 4562
Small Majority in U.S. Say the Country's Best Days Are Ahead. McCarthy, Justin Survey Jul 3, 2018 623
Colombia Primed for Change Ahead of Election. Nichols, Stafford Survey May 24, 2018 649
Satisfaction With Way Things Are Going in U.S. Rises to 37%. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey May 17, 2018 542
Poor Well-Being Associated With Shift to Trump in 2016. Witters, Dan; Liu, Diana Survey Apr 25, 2018 863
Americans More Optimistic About Future of Next Generation. Brenan, Megan Survey Apr 3, 2018 504
Satisfaction With Direction of U.S. Down in March. McCarthy, Justin Survey Mar 15, 2018 426
Naples, Florida, Metro Tops U.S. in Well-Being for Third Time. Witters, Dan Survey Mar 12, 2018 986
Four in 10 Venezuelans Would Leave Venezuela Behind. McCarthy, Justin Survey Mar 6, 2018 690
The impact of anterior knee pain on the quality of life among runners in under-resourced communities in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng, South Africa. Kunene, S.H.; Ramklass, S.; Taukobong, N.P. Mar 1, 2018 4578
U.S. Satisfaction Jumps to Highest Since Trump Took Office. Saad, Lydia Survey Feb 14, 2018 483
Political Splits Widen on Satisfaction With Life in U.S. Norman, Jim Survey Jan 25, 2018 774
Gallup's Top Well-Being Findings of 2017. Davis, Alyssa Survey Jan 10, 2018 772
Rays of hope: UNH RESEARCH FINDS OPTIMISM IN NORTH COUNTRY. Brief article Dec 22, 2017 221
Americans' Satisfaction With U.S. Same in 2017 as in 2016. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Dec 14, 2017 579
Large Cities Top Small Towns, Rural Areas in Well-Being. Witters, Dan; Newport, Frank Survey Nov 19, 2017 680
Snapshot: U.S. Satisfaction Edges Up to 25% in November. Newport, Frank Survey Nov 13, 2017 361
Americans' Well-Being Declines in 2017. Witters, Dan Survey Nov 8, 2017 650
A Year After Election, Fewer Satisfied With State of U.S. Jones , Jeffrey M. Survey Nov 6, 2017 779
Many in Asia See Better Living Standards for Next Generation. Nichols, Stafford Survey Oct 5, 2017 775
Americans' Ratings of Standard of Living Best in Decade. Norman, Jim Survey Sep 12, 2017 763
No Recovery Yet for Spain's Poor. Crabtree, Steve Survey Aug 14, 2017 516
U.S. Daily Worry Easing, but Still Up Since Trump Election. Davis, Alyssa Survey Aug 4, 2017 642
Venezuela's Descent: Least Safe Country in the World. Ray, Julie Survey Aug 1, 2017 914
Middle-Class Identification in US at Pre-Recession Levels. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 21, 2017 653
Many in Balkans Still See More Harm From Yugoslavia Breakup. Keating, Elizabeth; Ritter, Zacc Survey May 18, 2017 619
Venezuelans' Life Ratings Crumble With Their Country. McCarthy, Justin Survey Apr 19, 2017 850
More Than One in Four Dutch Discontent Ahead of Election. Nekvasil, Nader; Lugger, Mathilde Survey Apr 14, 2017 686
Comparison of Different Disease-Specific Health-Related Quality of Life Measurements in Patients with Long-Term Noninvasive Ventilation. Oga, Toru; Taniguchi, Hiroyuki; Kita, Hideo; Tsuboi, Tomomasa; Tomii, Keisuke; Ando, Morihide; Kojim Report Jan 1, 2017 4560
Prevalence of Chronic Pain, Treatments, Perception, and Interference on Life Activities: Brazilian Population-Based Survey. de Souza, Juliana Barcellos; Grossmann, Eduardo; Perissinotti, Dirce Maria Navas; de Oliveira, Jose Report Jan 1, 2017 6565
Caregiver Burden in Alcohol Dependence Syndrome. Vaishnavi, Ramanujam; Karthik, Murugan Selvaraj; Balakrishnan, Ramasamy; Sathianathan, Ramanathan Report Jan 1, 2017 3815
Services and supports, partnership, and family quality of life: focus on deaf-blindness. Kyzar, Kathleen B.; Brady, Sara E.; Summers, Jean Ann; Haines, Shana J.; Turnbull, Ann P. Report Oct 1, 2016 8188
Americans' Optimism About Blacks' Opportunities Wanes. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jul 15, 2016 911
U.S. Satisfaction Higher Among Blacks, Hispanics Than Whites. McCarthy, Justin Survey Jul 15, 2016 849
Views of Opportunity in U.S. Improve, but Lag the Past. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jun 29, 2016 885
In U.S., Slim Majority Confident About Financial Future. Davis, Alyssa Survey Jun 24, 2016 673
Americans' Satisfaction With U.S. Direction Remains Low. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 9, 2016 1010
In U.S., Percentage Struggling to Afford Food at New Low. Nekvasil, Nader Survey May 25, 2016 979
Life Ratings Plummet in Venezuela, Thriving at 10-Year Low. Survey May 12, 2016 955
Most U.S. Retirees Living Well, but Nonretirees Unconvinced. Norman, Jim Survey Apr 29, 2016 1011
A better politics--a more enlightened economics. Dorling, Danny Mar 22, 2016 6228
Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island, Florida, No. 1 in Well-Being. Witters, Dan Survey Feb 22, 2016 1167
Former Student-Athletes Are Winners in Well-Being. Busteed, Brandon; Ray, Julie Survey Feb 16, 2016 1295
Yemenis Divided Politically, United in Misery. Fakhreddine, Jihad Survey Jan 29, 2016 787
Hawaii Reclaims Top Spot in U.S. Well-Being. Witters, Dan Survey Jan 27, 2016 1126
Americans' Assessments of Living Standards Brighter in 2015. McCarthy, Justin Survey Jan 6, 2016 730
Ukrainians' Life Ratings Sank to New Lows in 2015. Bikus, Zach Survey Jan 4, 2016 662
The DAV veterans pulse survey: an unprecedented look at veterans' opinions. Jan 1, 2016 476
Quality of life survey: clinicians are committed to their patients and their profession. Enos, Gary A. Survey Sep 22, 2015 1278
Older Residents of Delaware Have Largest Well-Being Edge. Brown, Alyssa; McCarthy, Justin Survey Jul 13, 2015 775
Lancaster, Raleigh Residents Most Likely to Say Home Is Ideal. Riffkin, Rebecca Survey Jun 25, 2015 1126
Americas Lead Highs, Sub-Saharan Africa Lows in Well-Being. Standish, Melanie; Witters, Dan Survey Jun 23, 2015 870
Future Looks Brighter in Several African Countries. Rheault, Magali; McCarthy, Justin Survey Jun 5, 2015 987
The relationships of physician practice characteristics to quality of care and costs. Kralewski, John; Dowd, Bryan; Knutson, David; Tong, Junliang; Savage, Megan Statistical data Jun 1, 2015 6228
Fewer Americans Struggling to Afford Food. Riffkin, Rebecca Survey Nov 5, 2014 794
Burnout syndrome impacts on quality of life in nursing professionals: the contribution of perceived social support. Fradelos, E.; Mpelegrinos, S.; Mparo, Ch.; Vassilopoulou, Ch.; Argyrou, P.; Tsironi, M.; Zyga, S.; T Report Jun 1, 2014 5577
Quality of life during the first year after breast cancer resection. Kulesza-Bronczyk, B.; Dobrzycka, B.; Piekut, K.; Terlikowski, R.; Mackowiak-Matejczyk, B.; Wojno, A. Report Jun 1, 2014 3699
Translation and validation of the Chinese version of the short Warwick-Edinburgh mental well-being scale for patients with mental illness in Hong Kong. Ng, Serena S.W.; Lo, Ada W.Y.; Leung, Tony K.S.; Chan, Frances S.M.; Wong, Asta T.Y.; Lam, Ronny W.T Report Mar 1, 2014 4027
Loneliness and Quality of Life in Chronically III Rural Older Adults. Ward-Smith, Peggy Jan 1, 2014 642
In U.S., Big Gap Between Personal and National Satisfaction; Most Americans content with own lives; sour on state of nation. Survey Dec 18, 2013 940
Americans' Life Ratings Improve in November; Uptick mirrors improved economic confidence and standard of living perceptions. Sharpe, Lindsey Survey Dec 9, 2013 775
"Suffering" in Bulgaria and Armenia Highest Worldwide; At least a quarter considered suffering in 20 out of 143 countries in 2012. Sonnenschein, Jan Survey Dec 2, 2013 713
South Asia Leads World in Suffering; Suffering also widespread in Balkans and the Middle East and North Africa. Sonnenschein, Jan Survey Nov 26, 2013 926
Worldwide, Migrants' Wellbeing Depends on Migration Path; Some migrants' lives better, some worse than if they had stayed home. Esipova, Neli; Pugliese, Anita; Ray, Julie Survey Sep 13, 2013 812
More Americans Struggle to Afford Food; Americans' overall access to basic needs is close to record-low. Brown, Alyssa Survey Sep 12, 2013 1041
Syrian Wellbeing, Economy Victims of War; Fifty-two percent finding it very difficult to get by on their incomes. Fakhreddine, Jihad Survey Sep 6, 2013 706
Patient satisfaction after penetrating keratoplasty/Penetran keratoplasti sonrasi hasta memnuniyeti. Onay, Melis Palamar; Egrilmez, Sait; Civan, Bekir Baturhan; Yagci, Ayse Clinical report Sep 1, 2013 2397
Suffering Increases in Turkey; Major factors likely economic rather than political. Sonnenschein, Jan Survey Aug 21, 2013 986
Tunisians Lose Confidence in Government; Seventy-one percent of Tunisians see poor local labor markets. Fakhreddine, Jihad; Pugliese, Anita Survey Aug 13, 2013 715
As Morsi Ousted, "Suffering" Shot Up in Egypt; Eight in 10 Egyptians say economy getting worse. Younis, Mohamed Survey Aug 8, 2013 883
Powering Africa a Challenge, but Could Charge Wellbeing; Fifty-percent of households get light from power lines. Tortora, Bob Survey Jul 29, 2013 801
U.S. Blacks', Hispanics' Life Satisfaction Up From 2008; Blacks only group to become more likely to be very satisfied with lives. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Jul 25, 2013 806
Heart Attack Rates Double in Low-Wellbeing Metro Areas; Average of 5.5% in metros with lowest wellbeing have had heart attack. Witters, Dan Survey Jul 22, 2013 1240
Greeks Still Most Pessimistic Globally; High percentages in Europe remain skeptical of their future. Manchin, Anna Survey Jul 18, 2013 842
Fewer Jordanians Than Ever Are "Thriving"; Many remain dissatisfied with job prospects. Younis, Mohamed; Rieser, Chris Survey Jul 12, 2013 542
Half of Iranians Lack Adequate Money for Food, Shelter; Majorities say they feel worry, sadness, anger during much of the day. Crabtree, Steve Survey Jul 1, 2013 722
Opinion Briefing: U.S. vs. China -- Strengths and Weaknesses; Chinese boast more economic optimism than Americans, but rate lives worse. Dugan, Andrew Survey Jun 7, 2013 1460
Americans' City Optimism Highest in More Than Five Years; Optimism up across all regions, but is best in the South. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Jun 6, 2013 640
Opinion Briefing: Indonesia's Economic Emergence; Life ratings, economic optimism rising, but corruption perceptions remain prevalent. Crabtree, Steve Survey May 31, 2013 1173
Americans' Life Ratings Reach Eight-Month High; Improvements in life ratings mirror better standard of living perceptions. Brown, Alyssa Survey May 17, 2013 939
Escaping the Ghetto. Mar 22, 2013 453
Hemangioma and quality of life. Brief article Mar 1, 2013 196
Palestinians Trail Israelis in Views About Status of Children; Since 2007, perceptions have improved more in West Bank than Gaza Strip. Saad, Lydia; Muller, Gale Survey Feb 1, 2013 1357
Americans Most Satisfied With Military, Least With Economy; Satisfaction with acceptance of homosexuality has increased the most since 2005. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 29, 2013 1076
Alzheimer's gene loses potency with age. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 108
Gallup's Top 10 U.S. Wellbeing Discoveries in 2012; Highlights from the top 10 wellbeing findings published in 2012. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Dec 28, 2012 402
Labor Migration Doesn't Always Pay Off for FSU Migrants; Four in 10 return migrants did not see their family situations improve. Esipova, Neli; Pugliese, Anita Survey Dec 27, 2012 564
Americans' Life Outlook Better Than in 2008, but Not Best; Adults of all ages rate their lives more highly now than four years ago. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Nov 7, 2012 878
Health-related quality of life assessment on 100 Tunisian patients with ankylosing spondylitis using the SF-36 survey. Hamdi, Wafa; Azzouz, Dhouha; Ghannouchi, Mohamed Mehdi; Haouel, Manel; Kochbati, Samir; Saadellaoui, Report Nov 1, 2012 3799
More Americans Feel Better Off Than Worse Off, Financially; The 38% feeling better off than a year ago is on par with 2004 and 1984. Saad, Lydia Survey Oct 25, 2012 1010
For Most in EU, Life Is Not Improving; Life ratings in Greece and Spain have declined the most since 2008. Manchin, Ann Graph Oct 15, 2012 838
Americans Who Like Where They Live Are in Better Health; Those who feel good about, safe in their area have fewer health issues. Besal, Lauren; McGeeney, Kyley Survey Oct 12, 2012 983
Low Wellbeing Damaging Corporate Hong Kong; Employers need to improve Financial and Career Wellbeing. Yu, Daniela; Wang, Steve Survey Sep 27, 2012 947
U.S. Satisfaction Rises to 28%, Tying Highs Since 2010; Satisfaction up among Democrats and independents, but not Republicans. Saad, Lydia Survey Jul 18, 2012 921
Americans' Life Ratings Level Off; Democrats' life ratings are improving, while Republicans' worsen. Brown, Alyssa Survey Jul 11, 2012 969
Women and Men Worldwide Equally Likely to Be "Thriving"; Life evaluation ratings among both genders increase similarly with GDP. Morales, Lymari; McGeeney, Kyley Survey Jul 10, 2012 1220
Older men's health concerns often go unaddressed. Report Jul 1, 2012 541
"Suffering" in Germany Twice as High in East as in West; But, high-income East Germans on par with counterparts in the West. Scharioth, Nicolas Survey Jun 20, 2012 876
Americans' Life Ratings Edge Higher; More women than men are thriving post-recession. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Jun 15, 2012 1103
U.S. Satisfaction Slips Slightly to 20%; Economy, unemployment still viewed as most important problems. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jun 13, 2012 877
Majority in U.S. Dissatisfied With Next Generation's Prospects; About half are satisfied with Americans' willingness to work hard to get ahead. Saad, Lydia Survey Jun 4, 2012 885
Britons' Life Ratings Decrease in 2012; Life ratings declined the most among Britons aged 18 to 29. Manchin, Anna Survey Jun 1, 2012 957
Suffering in South Asia Highest in Region; Highest suffering is in Nepal and Afghanistan; lowest in Thailand. Lyons, Linda; Yu, Daniela Survey May 28, 2012 870
Economic Crisis Has Lasting Effect on Wellbeing Worldwide; Wellbeing in negative territory in Middle East and North Africa. Muller, Gale; Ray, Julie Survey May 25, 2012 862
In Europe, Migrants Rate Their Lives Worse Than Native Born; Migrants' financial wellbeing improves as their length of stay increases. Esipova, Neli; Rheault, Magali Survey May 21, 2012 740
Republicans' Wellbeing Higher Than Democrats', Independents'; But Democrats rate their lives better. Newport, Frank; Witters, Dan; Agrawal, Sangeeta Survey May 4, 2012 1140
French Adults' Life Ratings Sink in 2012; Nearly one in four finding it difficult to get by on their incomes. Manchin, Anna Survey May 4, 2012 588
Nearly One-Third of Indians Are "Suffering"; Suffering decreases with education and skilled work. Yu, Daniela; Lyons, Linda Survey Apr 30, 2012 789
Americans' Access to Basic Necessities Gradually Improving; Access to most necessities not recovered to pre-financial crisis levels. Standish, Melanie Survey Apr 24, 2012 882
Americans' Life Ratings Up in Early 2012; Life evaluation up along with standard of living, U.S. satisfaction. Brown, Alyssa Survey Apr 13, 2012 961
More Sri Lankans Suffering Since War Ended; About one-half of Sri Lankans lacked money for necessary food, shelter. Ott, Bryant Survey Apr 6, 2012 695
Poorest Chinese See Better Access to Food, Shelter; Improvement coincides with economic recovery, poverty reduction programs. Crabtree, Steve; Srinivasan, Rajesh Survey Mar 27, 2012 483
Opinion Briefing: Discontent and Division in Iraq; Recent trends highlight potential for return to violence and instability. Crabtree, Steve Survey Mar 6, 2012 880
U.S. University Towns Score High in Wellbeing; San Jose, Calif., and Washington, D.C., fare well among large metro areas. Witters, Dan Survey Mar 5, 2012 1554
In Kazakhstan, Wellbeing Improves for Some but Not All; "Suffering" is also increasing, driven by ethnic Russians' ratings. Rieser, Chris Survey Mar 2, 2012 796
Hawaii Still No. 1 in Wellbeing, West Virginia Stuck in Last; Western states still boast the best wellbeing, Southern states the worst. Standish, Melanie Survey Feb 27, 2012 1027
"Suffering" in Haiti Lowest Since 2006; Emotional wellbeing more positive as well. Lyons, Linda Survey Feb 1, 2012 670
Germans' Life Ratings Decline Slightly Amid Eurozone Crisis; Suffering, anger, stress, and sadness tick up in the fourth quarter of 2011. Scharioth, Nicolas Survey Jan 31, 2012 880
Northern Ireland Boasts Best Wellbeing in UK; Nation has better life ratings, workplaces, and access to necessities. Witters, Dan Survey Jan 31, 2012 675
Fewer Americans "Thriving" in 2011 Than in 2010; Life ratings improved in November and December compared with July to October. Morales, Lymari Survey Jan 13, 2012 945
Americans' Standard-of-Living Perceptions Best Since June; Fifty-five percent of upper-income Americans say their standard of living is "getting better". Jacobe, Dennis Survey Jan 12, 2012 1027
"Suffering" in Iraq Highest Since 2008; More Iraqis experiencing negative emotions daily, as U.S. withdraws forces. Nichols, Stafford Survey Jan 9, 2012 678
Gallup's Top 10 U.S. Wellbeing Discoveries in 2011; Highlights from the top 10 wellbeing findings published in 2011. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Dec 30, 2011 386
In U.S., 4% View Their Lives Poorly Enough to Be Suffering; Those with low incomes six times more likely than those with high incomes to be suffering. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Oct 26, 2011 1025
Germans Rate Their Lives Worse Than Americans, Britons; Fewer than half in Germany are "thriving," while a majority are "struggling". Scharioth, Nicolas; English, Cynthia Survey Sep 27, 2011 1018
In Greece, "Suffering" Up Sharply to 25%; Greeks expect their lives in five years to be worse than they are today. Manchin, Anna Survey Sep 25, 2011 756
Hawaii Continues to Lead in Wellbeing; North Dakota Second; Southern states still struggle with low wellbeing. Witters, Dan Survey Aug 22, 2011 1023
Americans' Life Ratings Slide, but Remain Up From Recession; Fewer Americans were thriving, more struggling in July. Survey Aug 19, 2011 1005
Quality of life and patient satisfaction after artificial urinary sphincter. Kahlon, Bhavneet; Baverstock, Richard J.; Carlson, Kevin V. Report Aug 1, 2011 3238
Zimbabweans Finding It Easier to Get By; Nearly half as many struggling to afford food in 2011. Ogisi, Mitchell Survey Jul 21, 2011 497
In U.S., Government Jobs Pay in Wellbeing; Federal employees, however, lag behind all workers in workplace wellbeing. Witters, Dan Jun 30, 2011 1196
Underemployment Tougher on Highly Educated Americans; Underemployment also adversely affects life ratings of Americans aged 30 to 64. Mendes, Elizabeth Jun 29, 2011 1054
Parenthood's second wind. Jun 22, 2011 477
Low-Income Britons Struggle With Their Wellbeing; Physical health, healthy behaviors, access to basics all worse for low-income Britons. Manchin, Anna Jun 22, 2011 855
Egyptians Optimistic Post-Revolution; Post-revolution survey reveals areas in need of attention. Ott, Bryan; Younis, Mohamed Jun 6, 2011 750
High Life Ratings Set GCC States Apart in Arab World; Preference for large families highlights Gulf region's need for job growth. Crabtree, Steve May 24, 2011 982
Worldwide, Peace and High Wellbeing Generally Coexist; Countries with the highest wellbeing tend to be the most peaceful. Muller, Gale Survey May 13, 2011 665
In U.S., Optimism About Future for Youth Reaches All-Time Low; The highest-income Americans are among the least optimistic about the future. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey May 2, 2011 940
Range of Sub-Saharan Africans Likely to Feel Food Price Hikes; Sizable numbers in various economic situations reported at times lacking money for food. Morales, Lymari; Tortora, Bob Survey Apr 4, 2011 668
Workers in Bad Jobs Have Worse Wellbeing Than Jobless; Engaged employees are most likely to be thriving. Harter, Jim; Agrawal, Sangeeta Survey Mar 30, 2011 1099
Worldwide, Good Jobs Linked to Higher Wellbeing; Those who are self-employed tend to have the lowest wellbeing. Clifton, Jon; Marlar, Jenny Survey Mar 15, 2011 665
Hawaii No. 1 in U.S. for Wellbeing, and West Virginia Last; Southern states have the lowest wellbeing scores in the nation. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Mar 6, 2011 936
Ahead of Protests, Many Libyans Discontent With Freedom, Jobs; Residents in Benghazi less satisfied than Tripoli residents. Ray, Julie Survey Feb 25, 2011 588
For Unemployed, Length, Scale of Job Search Affects Wellbeing; Life ratings, emotional wellbeing of the unemployed drops after 10 weeks of job searching. Mendes, Elizabeth; Saad, Lydia Survey Feb 25, 2011 1279
Afghans Rate Their Lives a Little Better Each Year; Percentage "thriving" has doubled since 2008. Lyons, Linda; Srinivasan, Rajesh Survey Feb 18, 2011 325
Americans' Life Evaluation Climbs to Three-Year High; More Americans "thriving" in January than in any other month on record. Survey Feb 10, 2011 772
Many EU Residents See Better Times Ahead; Greeks and Romanians predict their lives will be worse than they are now. Manchin, Anna Survey Jan 14, 2011 650
Americans' Overall Wellbeing Improves in 2010; Wellbeing gains more apparent in the first half of 2010 than in the second half. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Jan 13, 2011 1150
Very Religious Have Higher Wellbeing Across All Faiths; Jews have highest wellbeing overall, despite being the least religious. Newport, Frank; Agrawal, Sangeeta; Witters, Dan Survey Jan 6, 2011 1138
Survey reflects mixed feelings about duty hours. Smith, Jennie Survey Jan 1, 2011 673
Americans' Wellbeing Remains at 2010 Low; Drop in healthy behaviors are principle source of decline since May. Witters, Dan Survey Dec 9, 2010 780
In U.S., Working Caregivers Face Wellbeing Challenges; Negative effects of caregiving greatest for those aged 18 to 29. Witters, Dan Survey Dec 8, 2010 1005
Very Religious Americans Report Less Depression, Worry; Relationship holds when controlling for key demographics. Newport, Frank; Agrawal, Sangeeta; Witters, Dan Survey Dec 1, 2010 1109
Britons' Wellbeing Stable Through Economic Crisis; Life ratings, health measures prove resilient during recession. Crabtree, Steve Survey Nov 24, 2010 681
Americans' Wellbeing Remains at 2010 Low; Wellbeing has declined the most in the East. Witters, Dan Survey Nov 11, 2010 887
Religious Americans Enjoy Higher Wellbeing; Relationship holds when controlling for key demographics. Newport, Frank; Agrawal, Sangeeta; Witters, Dan Survey Oct 28, 2010 1092
In U.S., Health Disparities Across Incomes Are Wide-Ranging; Emotional and physical health, health habits, and access to care worse for those with low incomes. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Oct 18, 2010 1619
Worldwide, Financial Comfort Grows More Important With Age; Among those "living comfortably," older adults rate their lives better than younger adults. English, Cynthia; Crabtree, Steve Survey Oct 15, 2010 537
Americans' Wellbeing Drops to 2010 Low; Wellbeing down for fourth straight month, but still matching pre-recession levels. Witters, Dan Survey Oct 14, 2010 708
Quality of life after traumatic brain injury: perspectives of adult siblings. Degeneffe, Charles Edmund; Lee, Gloria K. Report Oct 1, 2010 7749
Health-related life quality of practically healthy people residing in Almaty City (Kazakhstan). Sagatov, Inkar Report Oct 1, 2010 817
Americans' Wellbeing Declines for Third Consecutive Month; Lower scores in six key wellbeing areas contribute to decrease. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Sep 9, 2010 634
Business Owners Still Lead in Wellbeing Among Job Types; Wellbeing improves among all occupational groups in 2010 compared with 2009. Witters, Dan Survey Sep 6, 2010 1437
Military Wellbeing Remains High Among Previously Deployed; Wellbeing slips slightly, however, among deployed under the age of 30. Witters, Dan Survey Jul 14, 2010 941
Physical Health Key to Work Status, Wellbeing for Those 60-69; Among those who are healthy, work status has little relationship to emotional wellbeing. Newport, Frank; Marlar, Jenny Survey Jun 18, 2010 1157
Renewed Positivity Drives U.S. Well-Being Index to New High; Life evaluation ratings show psychological recovery from economic collapse is well underway. Survey Jun 10, 2010 925
Federal Debt, Terrorism Considered Top Threats to U.S. Republicans perceived as best party to deal with both. Saad, Lydia Survey Jun 4, 2010 698
Well-Being Index Documents Heart Attack Patterns in U.S. Men, older Americans, those with little formal education most likely to report heart attacks. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 4, 2010 1015
Large Metro Areas Top Small Towns, Rural Areas in Wellbeing; Life evaluation, physical health much better in bigger metro areas. Witters, Dan Survey May 17, 2010 879
U.S. Wellbeing Ties Highest Level Recorded; At 67.0, April's wellbeing score ties August 2009 and February 2008 scores. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey May 13, 2010 630
Making Ends Meet Is a Threshold for Personal Wellbeing; Having money for "needs" makes bigger difference than money for "wants". Saad, Lydia Survey Apr 16, 2010 734
Global Wellbeing Surveys Find Nations Worlds Apart; Ten percent or lower are "thriving" in 41 of 155 countries or areas. English, Cynthia Survey Mar 25, 2010 539
Greeks Most Likely in EU to Struggle With Bills; Financial difficulties relatively new problem for many Greeks. Manchin, Anna Survey Mar 24, 2010 450
Americans' Life Evaluation Reaches New High; At the same time, the Gallup-Healthways Work Environment Index falls to new low. Witters, Dan Survey Mar 11, 2010 936
Standard of Living: North Dakotans the Most Satisfied; Residents of all states more satisfied than dissatisfied; satisfaction up slightly from 2008. Saad, Lydia Survey Feb 12, 2010 730
Americans See Life Through Rosiest Lens in Two Years; New high in life evaluation pushes overall well-being in January to post-financial crisis high. Morales, Lymari Survey Feb 11, 2010 871
Entered into evidence: women religious respond to the Vatican investigation. Gary, Heather Grennan Cover story Jan 1, 2010 2581
Nonsmokers Top Smokers in Well-Being Across All Incomes; Smokers worse off in life evaluation, mood, depression, basic access. Pelham, Brett W. Survey Nov 18, 2009 1208
More Americans Rate Lives Well, but More Hurting at Work; Overall well-being in October down slightly; still matching pre-recession levels. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Nov 12, 2009 827
Health-related quality of life in Canadian adolescents and young adults: normative data using the SF-36. Hopman, Wilma M.; Berger, Claudie; Joseph, Lawrence; Towheed, Tanveer; Prior, Jerilynn C.; Anastassi Report Nov 1, 2009 3789
Americans Least Happy in Their 50s and Late 80s; Differences by age and gender fit no simple pattern. Newport, Frank; Pelham, Brett Survey Oct 5, 2009 888
Americans' Well-Being Continues to Edge Upward; Plus: Key findings from 2008 set stage for new well-being rankings. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Jul 9, 2009 848
Good health status of rural women in the reproductive ages. Bourne, Paul Andrew; Rhule, Joan Report Jul 1, 2009 10639
UAE cities offer top quality of living. Brief article May 11, 2009 318
Americans' Well-Being Declines in 2008; Americans report significant drop in life evaluation. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Jan 15, 2009 820
Steep Rise in "Struggling" Americans in Early November; The number of thriving Americans drops to lowest level all year. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Nov 25, 2008 916
Key Findings From Georgians and Russians; Opinions on daily life, politics, and their nations' futures. Esipova, Neli; Brown, Ian T. Brief article Sep 4, 2008 168
Zimbabweans' Bleak Views of Economy Reflect Reality; Virtually all residents say economic conditions are getting worse. Survey Aug 5, 2008 700
Wide Gulf in Personal vs. National Satisfaction; Only 15% satisfied with national conditions, 86% with personal lives. Survey Jul 14, 2008 840
"Patient voices": results of renal patient satisfaction and QoL surveys and their impact on service delivery planning. Burns, Ruth; Mahoney, Karen Brief article Jul 1, 2008 208
Overview of the SEER--Medicare Health Outcomes Survey linked dataset. Ambs, Anita; Warren, Joan L.; Bellizzi, Keith M.; Topor, Marie; Haffer, Samuel C. "Chris"; Clauser, Survey Jun 22, 2008 7858
Reducing bias in cancer research: application of propensity score matching. Reeve, Bryce B.; Smith, Ashley Wilder; Arora, Neeraj K.; Hays, Ron D. Survey Jun 22, 2008 6463
Food, Shelter Were Issues in Myanmar Before Cyclone; In 2006, 34% reported being unable to afford food at times; 21% unable to afford shelter. Ray, Julie Survey May 19, 2008 447
Nearly As Many Americans Struggling as Thriving; Happiness and enjoyment tend to peak on weekends and holidays. Arora, Raksha; Harter, James Survey Apr 29, 2008 684
TV Ownership May Be Good for Well-Being; Benefits of TV ownership largely independent of income. Pelham, Brett Survey Mar 31, 2008 481
Toll of Transition in Eastern Europe and Former USSR; Populations less content than their average incomes would suggest. Deaton, Angus Survey Mar 11, 2008 708
Exploration of gender differences in how quality of life relates to posttraumatic stress disorder in male and female veterans. Schnurr, Paula P.; Lunney, Carole A. Report Mar 1, 2008 8202
State of the Union: Both Good and Bad; Americans mostly satisfied with 9 areas; dissatisfied with 14. Saad, Lydia Survey Jan 24, 2008 947
A Well-Being Report Card for President Sarkozy; Gallup research finds France average among high-income countries. Arora, Raksha Survey Jan 17, 2008 666
Yemenis Report More Negative Emotions Than Saudis; About one-half of Yemenis say they worry a lot, versus 30% of Saudis. Rheault, Magali Survey Jan 10, 2008 689
'Satisfaction Gap' Divides Israelis, Palestinians; Reducing quality of life differences may be one key to curbing extremism. Crabtree, Steve Survey Jan 9, 2008 748
In Six Major Nations, Most Pleased With Health, Work; Fewer respondents report exercising, smoking. English, Cynthia Survey Jan 2, 2008 484
Zimbabweans' Personal Well-Being Declines; Citizens report feeling less better off today than five years ago. Rheault, Magali; Tortora, Bob Survey Dec 31, 2007 548
Most Americans "Very Satisfied" With Their Personal Lives; Slim majority also say they are "very happy" at this time. Carroll, Joseph Survey Dec 31, 2007 808
Israelis, Palestinians in Accord on Peace Benefits; Gallup finds Israelis and Palestinians in favor of four goals. Saad, Lydia Survey Dec 12, 2007 820
Maintaining quality of life is chief concern in prostate Ca. Lowry, Fran Survey Nov 1, 2007 378
Low Well-Being Linked With Low Per-Capita GDP; Populations express hope for future. Naurath, Nicole Survey Oct 23, 2007 767
Denmark, New Zealand, Canada Rank Highest in Well-Being; United States, Venezuela, and Brazil also in the top 10. Naurath, Nicole Survey Oct 22, 2007 1051
Denmark, New Zealand, Canada Rank Highest in Well-Being; United States, Venezuela, and Brazil also in the top 10. Naurath, Nicole Survey Oct 22, 2007 1064
Med Probl Perform Art.: Work and injuries in dancers: survey of a professional dance company in Brazil. Scialom, M.; Goncalves, A.; Padovani, C.R. Brief article Oct 1, 2007 137
Quality of living survey. Statistical table Jun 25, 2007 146
Student lifestyles and emotional well-being at a Historically Black University. Dzokoto, Vivian; Hicks, Terence; Miller, Eboni Jun 22, 2007 4355
More Than Half of Americans "Very Satisfied" With Personal Life; Marriage, money strong predictors of personal happiness. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 3, 2007 780
Rural Vietnamese Trail Urbanites in Satisfaction With Living Conditions; Gap between "haves" and "have-nots" apparent as Vietnam joins WTO. Naurath, Nicole Survey Nov 7, 2006 530
Cerebral palsy patients cite positive quality of life. Worcester, Sharon Oct 1, 2006 480
Ease of living makes Phoenix a population hub. Jun 19, 2006 757
Sailors invited to give opinion on the Navy life. Anderson, Sharon Brief article May 1, 2006 257
Tympanostomy tubes for otitis media: quality-of-life improvement for children and parents. Lactao, Gretchen Jul 1, 2005 3417
Quality of life in patients on dialysis: benefits of maintaining a hemoglobin of 11 to 12 g/dL. Gregory, Nancy May 1, 2005 2769
Allergies and the good life: are allergies the new anti-aphrodisiacs? New data and clinical research suggest that seasonal allergies are taking a significant toll on our Canadian quality of life. Chang, Ross May 1, 2005 925
Overworked, overspent and rethinking what's really important. Priesnitz, Wendy Nov 1, 2004 1175
La mesure des variations territoriales du bien-etre de la population vieillissante de l'Outaouais, entre caracteres objectifs et evaluations subjectives. Gilbert, Anne; Langlois, Andre Sep 22, 2004 11810
National Urban League: State of Black America: report shows African American status is less than that of whites in economics, housing, education, and healthcare. Wade, Marcia A. Jul 1, 2004 328
Building a Latina movement. Henriquez, Silvia Mar 22, 2004 704
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