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Analysis: How Scots and women across the UK are embracing entrepreneurship; Amid the uncertainty, upheaval and stress of the pandemic, green shoots of entrepreneurial growth have been springing up nonetheless. Emma Newlands Feb 16, 2021 1048
Most entrepreneurs encounter problems with state pandemic aid, survey shows. Feb 12, 2021 273
UAE small businesses take the digital route to attract customers. Jan 31, 2021 778
Saudi entrepreneurs confident of adapting businesses in response to COVID-19, survey finds. Arab News Jan 31, 2021 233
Fifteen percent of businesses cut jobs due to COVID-19 (survey). Jan 22, 2021 203
COVID-19: About 92% of entrepreneurs expect financial support from gov't (survey). Jan 22, 2021 367
Demand for support as Scottish small business owners and self-employed face mental health crisis; Two fifths of Scottish business owners are worried about their mental health amid the economic fallout from the pandemic, a survey of 1,200 entrepreneurs has found. Scott Reid Jan 21, 2021 468
Entrepreneurship push needed. Dylan Jones-Evans Dec 16, 2020 734
OPSN seeks collaboration with government's regulatory agencies, entrepreneurs. Nov 29, 2020 766
Cambodia's entrepreneurial ecosystem is young and vibrant but not well-connected: Survey. Oct 30, 2020 650
Impact of sense of status on the international entrepreneurial intention of undergraduates in China. Yao, Haiqin; Jannesari, Milad T.; Sun, Jinxiu; Lai, Qin; Ji, Jing Oct 1, 2020 4880
42% Of Small Business Owners Not Ready For Tighter Quarantine - EBA Survey. Sep 16, 2020 365
Microbusinesses keep the faith. Sep 1, 2020 813
Self-efficacy mediates the relationship between entrepreneurial passion and entrepreneurial behavior among Master of Business Administration students. Sun, Xiaomeng Sep 1, 2020 3631
Effect of leadership styles on organizational commitment and performance in small- and medium-sized enterprises in Iraqi Kurdistan. Qadir, Karwan Hamasalih; Yesiltas, Mehmet Sep 1, 2020 4660
Women keen to start own business; SURVEY. Aug 31, 2020 243
Amid COVID-19, small is more beautiful than ever. Aug 28, 2020 662
Study: 24% of female online entrepreneurs shut down their businesses in June. Aug 23, 2020 942
GoDaddy survey: Pinoy entrepreneurs remain resilient amid contagion. Aug 19, 2020 630
1 in 3 Pinoy micro-entrepreneurs started business during pandemic. Aug 13, 2020 546
Residents want to shop locally. Aug 8, 2020 180
OP-ED: Is our RMG industry on the way to recovery? Jul 28, 2020 738
MiB Webinar: Is the RMG industry on its way to recovery? Jul 25, 2020 607
Study reveals strong entrepreneurial aspiration of Southeast Asian women. Jul 21, 2020 745
Enterprising women. Jul 17, 2020 647
Influence of Confucian culture on entrepreneurial decision making using data from China's floating population. Xiong, Ran; Wei, Ping Jul 1, 2020 6347
Visa Launches New Initiative To Support Small Businesses. Jun 23, 2020 481
Visa Launches new Initiative to Support Small Businesses in Nigeria. Jun 19, 2020 513
Blockchains: Less Government, More Market. Berg, Alastair; Markey-Towler, Brendan; Novak, Mikayla May 20, 2020 7263
Ministry of Economy and Finance's KE Assistance Package to help SMEs and startups through the outbreak crisis. Apr 29, 2020 326
Entrepreneurial Orientation towards Business Performance of Women-Owned Small and Medium Enterprises in Sabah: A Conceptual Study. Arshad, Azlin Shafinaz; Kamaruddin, Laila Mohammad; Buyong, Siti Zahrah; Osman, Che Asniza Apr 1, 2020 3427
Pakistan: Surveying the start-up scene. Riaz Naqvi, Staff Writer Mar 24, 2020 1772
Entrepreneurial Orientation in Multinational Corporations: Antecedents and Effects. Chen, Li; Zou, Shaoming; Xu, Hui; Chen, Yiwen Feb 1, 2020 11038
Total Quality Management, Entrepreneurial Orientation, and Market Orientation: Moderating Effect of Environment on Performance of SMEs. Asad, Muzaffar; Chethiyar, Saralah Devi Mariamdarana; Ali, Ahsan Survey Jan 1, 2020 4929
Entrepreneurs in Latvia report shortages of both low-skilled and high-skilled labor - survey. Dec 9, 2019 306
UAE, Saudi women more confident about raising capital. Staff Report Nov 26, 2019 463
RBS releases survey results on debt sourcing by women entrepreneurs. Nov 7, 2019 142
RBS releases survey results on debt sourcing by women entrepreneurs. Nov 7, 2019 140
Diehard or delicate? Violence and young firm performance in a developing country. Mazhar, Ummad; Rehman, Fahd Oct 1, 2019 8984
FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY ACTIONS IN COMPANIES OF THE MICROREGION OF THE TOWN OF PARA DE MINAS AND IN ITS SURROUNDING TOWNS. Palhares, Doge, Jr.; Silva, Wendel Alex Castro; De Oliveira Santos, Andreia; Amara, Hudson Fernandes Sep 1, 2019 11501
PROFILE OF SMALL BUSINESS FINANCIAL MANAGERS. Wernke, Rodney; Junges, Ivone; de Oliveira Ritta, Cleyton; de Souza, Denize Calegari Sep 1, 2019 9871
The International Franchise Professionals Group Awarded #1 Franchise Broker Group by Entrepreneur Magazine. Aug 23, 2019 408
Alternatives to Irregular Migration: International Organization for Migration (IOM) Launches Vocational Training Programme for Gambians. Aug 23, 2019 529
Networking and creativity: Entrepreneurial teams in high-technology startup enterprises in China. Long, Jing; Wang, Li Aug 1, 2019 6227
Mideast family businesses 'eyeing growth over 2 years'. Jul 23, 2019 810
8 in 10 Jordan Professionals Want to Start Their Own Business, Finds and YouGov. Jul 8, 2019 695
7 in 10 UAE Professionals Want to Start their Own Business, Finds and YouGov. Jul 7, 2019 638
DIVERSITY WIN. Jul 3, 2019 122
Mediating influences of entrepreneurial leadership on employee turnover intention in startups. Yang, Juan; Guan, Zhenzhong; Pu, Bo Jun 1, 2019 5728
City's the place to be for budding entrepreneurs. May 22, 2019 381
Entrepreneurial Competencies and Strategic Behavior: a Study of Micro Entrepreneurs in an Emerging Country. Behling, Gustavo; Lenzi, Fernando Cesar May 1, 2019 9624
Gender and Entrepreneurship: a comparative study between the Causation and Effectuation approaches. Melo, Felipe Luiz Neves Bezerra de; Silv, Rafael Rodrigues da; Almeida, Tatiane Nunes Viana de May 1, 2019 12840
Saudi investment climate ranks highly globally in US News report. Apr 17, 2019 202
An investigation of the indices effective on the development of sport entrepreneurship in Hamadan province/Uma investigacao dos indices eficazes no desenvolvimento do empreendedorismo esportivo na provincia de Hamadan/Una investigacion de los indices efectivos sobre el desarrollo del espiritu empresarial deportivo en la provincia de Hamadan. Mohammadi, Mohammad; Azizi, Bisotoon Apr 1, 2019 5231
Entrepreneurship Education in a Multidisciplinary Environment: Evidence from an Entrepreneurship Programme Held in Turin. Fiore, Eleonora; Sansone, Giuliano; Paolucci, Emilio Mar 1, 2019 15622
UAE: An active startup hub. Feb 12, 2019 632
Students need new format to meet challenge of disruptive tech. Jan 5, 2019 760
MODELLING INTERNATIONALIZATION OF HIGH GROWTH FIRMS: MICRO LEVEL APPROACH. Korsakiene, Renata; Kozak, Vratislav; Bekesiene, Svajone; Smaliukiene, Rasa Jan 1, 2019 10497
Self-Employment as Career Choice for People with Disabilities: Personal Factors that Predict Entrepreneurial Intentions. Castillo, Yuleinys A.; Fischer, Jerome M. Report Jan 1, 2019 6531
Entrepreneurs disapprove of SMEs minister's performance. Dec 6, 2018 474
Asian family businesses 'yet to adopt disruptive tech'. Nov 11, 2018 848
Study reveals why it is easier to do business in Nakuru. Sep 5, 2018 740
Women entrepreneurs have it tougher than male counterparts, study finds. Daks, Martin Sep 3, 2018 1164
Strategic archetypes in Mexican metalworking SMEs: differences in innovation and absorptive capacity over performance/Arquetipos estrategicos en PYMES metal-mecanicas mexicanas: diferencias en innovacion y capacidad de absorcion sobre su desempeno/Archetypes dans les PME mexicaines de metal-mecanique : differences d'innovation et capacite d'absorption par rapport a leur performance. Hava-Rogel, Rosa Maria; Mercado-Salgado, Patricia; del Carmen Martinez-Serna, Maria Ensayo Sep 1, 2018 7400
Local business owners cautiously optimistic about future tech. Aug 20, 2018 597
Secure Choice can help secure retirements for thousands. Aug 1, 2018 523
State program can help assure secure retirement for thousands. Jul 26, 2018 645
Industrial SMEs still do not see improvement in business climate in Tunisia (Barometer). Jul 11, 2018 555
Survey released by Schwab Independent Branch Services. Jun 29, 2018 168
76 percent of Taiwanese youth want to start their own business: survey. Jun 23, 2018 369
Sage: 74 Percent of Dubai Startups Find Accounting, Cash Flow Management Most Challenging Aspects of Managing Business Finances. May 21, 2018 424
Cash flow management still a struggle for 74 per cent of Dubai start-ups. May 21, 2018 393
DTI sees rebound in 'ease of doing business' survey. May 1, 2018 338
Public Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Orientation in Federal Education Institutions/EMPREENDEDORISMO PUBLICO E ORIENTACAO EMPREENDEDORA EM INSTITUICOES FEDERAIS DE ENSINO. Lima, Simone Freitas Araujo; Teixeira, Rivanda Meira; Dantas, Cristiane Feitoza; Almeida, Moises Ara Apr 1, 2018 8235
Entrepreneurs invited to take part in survey on doing business in Uzbekistan. Mar 29, 2018 174
UAE entrepreneurs focused on saving money for new businesses: Report. Mar 28, 2018 370
Only 5% of Indians establish their own business: Survey. Mar 24, 2018 442
We must nuture next generation of entrepreneurs. Mar 21, 2018 506
PH ranks 2nd most 'unfriendly country' to startups. Mar 17, 2018 468
Global Entrepreneur Report result of a wide-reaching international survey. Jan 13, 2018 253
The Perception of an Entrepreneur's Structural, Relational and Cognitive Social Capital among Young People in Poland - an Exploratory Study. Ziemianski, Pawet Abstract Jan 1, 2018 5550
Business support service facilitates the successful launch of CSH Thermography; ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE. Dec 20, 2017 570
Seventy per cent of Dubai start-ups employ cloud computing solutions. Dec 19, 2017 806
70 Percent of Dubai Start-Ups Employ Cloud Computing Solutions, Plan to Increase Spending, Says Cloud Report 2017. Dec 19, 2017 808
Tunisia ranks 40th in Global Entrepreneurship Index 2018. Dec 5, 2017 200
Polls point to increasing confidence in North East; ENTREPRENEURS. Dec 4, 2017 574
Miami business owners expect higher revenues. Dec 1, 2017 204
78% of employed UAE residents thinking of starting own business. Nov 23, 2017 977
Majority employed UAE Residents considering or have started own businesses. Nov 21, 2017 1184
Abu Dhabi, Dubai ranked top cities to live and work in Mideast. Oct 22, 2017 1029
Fordlandia: Ford Motor Company innovative entrepreneurship in the Brazilian Amazon/Fordlandia: o empreendedorismo inovador da Ford Motor Company na Amazonia brasileira/Fordlandia: el emprendedorismo innovador de la Ford Motor Company en la Amazonia brasilena. Freitas, Daniela Denize; de Ramos Neves, Jorge Tadeu Ensayo Sep 1, 2017 7090
STRESSORS AND BURNOUT AMONG MARA ENTREPRENEURS: THE CASE OF SMES. Hizam, S.M.; Salim, L.; Saidun, Z.; Shahrin, M. Report Jun 30, 2017 4948
US High School Students' Entrepreneurial Ambition at New Low. McCarthy, Justin Survey Apr 20, 2017 493
Entrepreneurial Ambition Wanes Among Nonwhite Students in US. McCarthy, Justin; Bibb, Justin Survey Apr 12, 2017 533
An examination of certain antecedents of social entrepreneurial intentions among Mexico residents. Cavazos-Arroyo, Judith; Puente-Diaz, Rogelio; Agarwal, Nivedita Ensayo Apr 1, 2017 8846
Partnering based on coopetition in the interorganizational networks of tourism: a comparison between Curitiba and Foz do Iguacu, Brazil. Chim-Miki, Adriana Fumi; Batista-Canino, Rosa Maria Apr 1, 2017 7709
Public policies, gender and entrepreneurship: an analysis of the Programa Trabalho e Empreendedorismo da Mulher in the state of Pernambuco/Politicas publicas, genero e empreendedorismo: uma analise do programa nacional trabalho e empreendedorismo da mulher em Pernambuco. Carvalho, Gessika Cecilia Ensayo Jan 1, 2017 4995
The role of trait emotional intelligence in predicting networking behavior. Torres-Coronas, Teresa; Vidal-Blasco, Maria-Arantzazu Jan 1, 2017 8953
Qatar Retains Its First-Place Ranking as One of the World's Most Tax-Friendly Jurisdictions. Nov 25, 2016 417
Qatar retains top ranking as world's most tax-friendly destination. Nov 11, 2016 398
Qatar, UAE are world's most tax-friendly jurisdictions. Nov 10, 2016 394
Your employees are going to be a competition soon: 60% of Indian employees aim to be entrepreneurs. Oct 24, 2016 288
Living Legends of Aviation survey recognizes FedEx founder/CEO as most notable aviation entrepreneur. Oct 5, 2016 189
Living Legends of Aviation survey recognizes FedEx founder/CEO as most notable aviation entrepreneur. Oct 5, 2016 206
International conference on private sector to kick off in July. Conference news Jun 21, 2016 367
Rajiv Pratap Rudy released the India Entrepreneurship Report 2015. Apr 19, 2016 661
Explaining innovation. An empirical analysis of industry data from Norway. Lorentzen, Torbjorn; Jakobsen, Stig-Erik Abstract Apr 1, 2016 9066
Entrepreneurs' organization survey shows Karachi is good for business. Mar 31, 2016 240
Women entrepreneurs outnumber men in New York City, says new survey. Mar 2, 2016 347
Middle East remains growing market for entrepreneurship. Dec 8, 2015 723
Residents in Oman prefer to be entrepreneurs if given the choice: Survey. Nov 8, 2015 1216
Devolution debate: Poll reveals 70% of North East business leaders back it; Poll for Entrepreneur's Forum says what powers a devolved administration should have. Oct 22, 2015 381
WPO Survey finds women entrepreneurs have appetite for growth. Oct 21, 2015 362
WPO Survey finds women entrepreneurs have appetite for growth. Oct 21, 2015 360
PH among 39 countries favored by expats-survey. Oct 3, 2015 775
Capital One ongoing survey finds small business optimism falls in Q3. Oct 2, 2015 376
Capital One ongoing survey finds small business optimism falls in Q3. Oct 2, 2015 374
HSBC: Dubai ranked second best city globally for expats starting a business. Sep 29, 2015 785
Successful innovation by motivation. Koudelkova, Petra; Milichovsky, Frantisek Report Sep 1, 2015 5095
The impact of entrepreneur-CEOs in microfinance institutions: a global survey. Randoy, Trond; Strom, R. Oystein; Mersland, Roy Report Jul 1, 2015 14309
Entrepreneurial behavior in organizations: does job design matter? de Jong, Jeroen P.J.; Parker, Sharon K.; Wennekers, Sander; Wu, Chia-Huei Report Jul 1, 2015 7035
Who becomes an entrepreneur? The dispositional regulatory focus perspective. Hsu, Dan K. Jun 1, 2015 7739
Bahrain firms upbeat over business outlook. Apr 24, 2015 285
National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship Releases Survey Results. Apr 21, 2015 813
Turkey falls behind in attitude toward entrepreneurship. Mar 20, 2015 438
The Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) is undertaking its research initiative interviewing 1,100 Aboriginal businesses and entrepreneurs across the country as part of Promise and Prosperity: National Aboriginal Business Survey 2015. Mar 1, 2015 201
Religious faith and the market economy: a survey of faith and trust of Catholic entrepreneurs in China. Gao, Shining; Yang, Fenggang Mar 1, 2015 8651
Pak entrepreneurship being stifled: Survey. Brief article Feb 1, 2015 185
Drivers' impact on entrepreneurs to start a new business: a comparative study between Egypt and U.A.E. Elkhouly, Sayed; AbdElDayem, Mohamed Report Jan 1, 2015 4231
Entrepreneurial profile, characteristics, expectations, and outcomes--an empirical study to compare rural entrepreneurs with urban entrepreneurs. Liang, Chyi-Lyi "Kathleen"; Dunn, Paul Dec 1, 2014 7029
Lack of funds and fear of failure hits start-ups. Nov 4, 2014 327
In U.S., Female Entrepreneurs Thrive in Purpose Well-Being; Also have higher physical well-being than male entrepreneurs. Riffkin, Rebecca; Liu, Diana Oct 2, 2014 1156
Entrepreneurial Plans Highest in Sub-Saharan Africa; Few in former Soviet Union countries, Europe planned to start a business. McCarthy, Justin Oct 1, 2014 964
High potential individuals "venturing forth", says RBS enterprise tracker. Sep 5, 2014 296
Training, Money Barriers to Starting a Business in Africa; Africans among most likely in world to be planning to start a business. Tortora, Bob Aug 5, 2014 638
73% of UAE graduates see business as viable career option, says research. Jul 16, 2014 437
Fresh graduates favour entrepreneurship. Jul 15, 2014 983
Survey reveals that 73 per cent of UAE graduates are considering setting up their own business. Jul 15, 2014 1032
An army of entrepreneurs. Jul 15, 2014 557
Designing a conceptual framework for organizational entrepreneurship in the public sector in Iran. Yeazdanshenas, Mehdi Report Jul 1, 2014 6938
Entrepreneurs are painting a positive picture of future. Jul 1, 2014 408
90% of entrepreneurs of Kyrgyzstan dissatisfied with current rates of social contributions -- survey. Jun 30, 2014 266
Career focus. Brief article Jun 26, 2014 125
The effect entrepreneurship on organizational performance in Mazandaran province. Azizi, Mohammad Gholami; Zadeh, Mehrdad Hossein; Razavi, Seyedeh Somaye Pour; Nejad, Seyed Morteza M Report May 1, 2014 1948
Survey Spotlights Hong Kong's Entrepreneurial Spirit. Apr 24, 2014 972
Regulatory reform plans. Apr 1, 2014 866
Barriers to Entrepreneurship Stymie EU Economies; Nearly all Italians, Greeks say government makes it hard to start business. Ray, Julie Mar 21, 2014 728
US entrepreneurs voice optimism in Union Bank survey. Mar 3, 2014 415
US entrepreneurs voice optimism in Union Bank survey. Mar 3, 2014 413
Embrace your power: claim your financial independence! Graves, Earl G., Jr. Feb 1, 2014 598
Forum research shows growing confidence; ENTREPRENEURS. Jan 28, 2014 317
A fresh look at the Indian business climate: findings from a survey of Indian entrepreneurs. Mathur, Aparna Report Jan 1, 2014 6465
Stakeholders perceived quality as a strategy of service improvement/Qualidade percebida de stakeholders como estrategia de melhoria dos servicos/Calidad percibida de stakeholders como estrategia de mejoria de servicios. Walter, Silvana Anita; Tontini, Gerson; Andrade, Kildo de Albuquerque; Bach, Tatiana Marceda Jan 1, 2014 7285
Is it possible to teach entrepreneurship? Comparative analysis with Brazilian Students/E possivel ensinar empreendedorismo? Analise comparativa com estudantes Brasileiros. de Muylder, Cristiana Fernandes; Dias, Alexandre Teixeira; Oliveira, Claudio Luiz Dec 1, 2013 5014
Glass half full: poll shows entrepreneurs' optimism outweighs worry. Deneen, Sally Survey Dec 1, 2013 184
Survey highlights growing confidence; ENTREPRENEURS. Nov 26, 2013 522
Entrepreneur-led firms thriving, survey shows; GROWTH. Nov 7, 2013 469
Organizational culture factors and entrepreneurship process at University of Mohaghegh Ardabili. Ganji, Masoud; Ebrahimpour, Habib; Zahed, Adel; Khalegkhah, Ali Report Nov 1, 2013 2322
Correlation between the factors related to the entrepreneurship and job performance in experts of department of agricultural extension of Golestan province agricultural organization. Sharafizadeh, Davood; Astaraie, Fatemeh Sadat Hosseini Nov 1, 2013 3193
42% Omanis opt for entrepreneurship. Oct 19, 2013 812
Entrepreneurs to the fore. Oct 14, 2013 749
Survey: 47 per cent of UAE respondents would prefer to be entrepreneurs. Oct 9, 2013 954
The future's bright, the future's entrepreneurial; The latest survey by the Entrepreneurs' Forum shows a positive mood among the region's young businesses. Oct 1, 2013 525
Migrants Show Entrepreneurial Spirit; Some migrants more likely to be thinking about starting a business. Esipova, Neli; Ray, Julie; Pugliese, Anita Survey Sep 19, 2013 802
Can Worcester learn from Boston? Cohan, Peter S. Aug 25, 2013 889
'We are turning the corner'. Jul 31, 2013 394
Entrepreneurship at the periphery: exploring framework conditions in core and peripheral locations. Felzensztein, Christian; Gimmon, Eli; Aqueveque, Claudio Jul 1, 2013 9990
Entrepreneurs tend to pray more. Jun 9, 2013 294
Motivational factors entrepreneurship and strategic decisions small business/Fatores motivadores do empreendedorismo e as decisoes estrategicas de pequenas empresas. Vicenzi, Siomara Elias; Bulgacov, Sergio Apr 1, 2013 7568
The configuration of entrepreneurial strategy in Chinese small textile manufacturing firms. Kotey, Bernice; Sharma, Bishnu; Gao, Ke Jan 1, 2013 11749
Comparing entrepreneurial attitudes: theory and evidence from a cross-country study in Asia. Shrivastava, Archana; Paul, Justin Jan 1, 2013 6481
Deloitte brings together business community. Dec 6, 2012 238
Evaluation of entrepreneurship awareness and skills among LIS students in universities in South East Nigeria. Ugwu, Felicia; Ezeani, C.N. Report Dec 1, 2012 4548
Strengths and weaknesses in Scots attitude to entrepreneurship. Nov 2, 2012 600
BMO survey: Most Canadian entrepreneurs report rise in value of their businesses. Oct 15, 2012 228
Report hails role of social media in job creation. Oct 4, 2012 308
Social media found to be a critical tool in job creation. Oct 4, 2012 360
Social media Eo,e1/4o[umlaut]plays key role in employmentEo,e1/4,ao. Oct 3, 2012 931
Social media found to be a critical tool in job creation. Oct 3, 2012 360
Female entrepreneurship--an appropriate response to gender discrimination. Ascher, Jacques Oct 1, 2012 6794
Taiwan leads in global entrepreneurial spirit: IMD. Chen, Renee Brief article Sep 19, 2012 208
60% of UAE SME's make profit in first year. Sep 18, 2012 480
Cleveland Entrepreneurs Show Confidence in Revenue Increases in 2012. Sep 13, 2012 338
UAE moves up in WEF global ranking. Sep 5, 2012 713
Demand for financial information in small business management. Empirical study. Jaworski, Jacek Sep 1, 2012 6017
James joins survey team. Jul 10, 2012 383
US Small-Business Owners Go Without Pay; UK Helps Its Entrepreneurs. Jul 7, 2012 895
Don't be discouraged by "Best States to do Business" surveys: small-business success can be achieved anywhere. Nilssen, David Jul 1, 2012 490
Angel investors' and entrepreneurs' intentions to exit their ventures: a conflict perspective. Collewaert, Veroniek Jul 1, 2012 13569
Cross-national differences in managers' creativity promoting values. Hoegl, Martin; Parboteeah, K. Praveen; Muethel, Miriam Jul 1, 2012 14828
Lack of Mentors May Hinder Women's Entrepreneurship in GCC; Women express entrepreneurial traits, but are less likely to own a business. Bugshan, Fares Survey Jun 15, 2012 819
Entrepreneurs creating jobs in tough times. Jun 10, 2012 574
Human capital and social capital in entrepreneurs and managers of small and medium enterprises. Felicio, J. Augusto; Couto, Eduardo; Caiado, Jorge Report Jun 1, 2012 12444
Survey: entrepreneurs left out by big banks. May 23, 2012 431
Nurturing entrepreneurs' work-family balance: a gendered perspective. Eddleston, Kimberly A.; Powell, Gary N. May 1, 2012 14033
Arab spring hits economies but boosts entrepreneurship. Apr 24, 2012 103
Grounding supply chain management in resource - advantage theory: in defense of a resource - based view of the firm. Hunt, Shelby D.; Davis, Donna F. Report Apr 1, 2012 4944
Handbook of stress in the occupations. Book review Apr 1, 2012 170
The internationalization of SMEs: an integrative approach. Korsakiene, Renata; Tvaronaviciene, Manuela Report Apr 1, 2012 5998
Investigating effect of entrepreneur's personal attributes and cognitive heuristics on the quality of entrepreneurial strategic decision making. Mehrabi, Rosa; Kolabi, Amir Mohammad Report Apr 1, 2012 6358
Arab spring hits economies but boosts entrepreneurship. Mar 25, 2012 1084
Coping with external pressures: a note on SME strategy/ Afrontando las presiones externas: nota sobre la estrategia SME/Gerer les Pressions Externes: Note Strategique pour PME. Lawrence, William W. Mar 1, 2012 3159
Qatar Leads Arab World in Youth Entrepreneurship; Thirty-three percent of young Qataris plan to start a business soon. Loschky, Jay; Dewan, Jennifer Survey Feb 29, 2012 700
Entrepreneurship in the context of crisis: identifying barriers and proposing strategies. Papaoikonomou, Eleni; Segarra, Pere; Li, Xiaoni Report Feb 1, 2012 4066
Qatar's entrepreneurs lead business optimism: survey. Jan 11, 2012 285
Perceptions of entrepreneurial passion and employees' commitment to entrepreneurial ventures. Breugst, Nicola; Domurath, Anne; Patzelt, Holger; Klaukien, Anja Jan 1, 2012 11116
Transformational leadership: the link between P-O fit, psychological contract & signature experiences. Aggarwal, Upasana; D'Souza, Keith C. Jan 1, 2012 5405
Entrepreneurial Ambitions Differ Across Saudi Arabia; Those in minor cities are driven but less profit-oriented. Bugshan, Fares Survey Dec 29, 2011 964
Troubled European Economies Stifle Entrepreneurship; Greeks, Spaniards, Italians say their governments make it hard to start and manage businesses. Crabtree, Steve Survey Dec 16, 2011 628
Ireland Moves Up to Fifth Place in Major Study of World's Easiest Tax Regimes. Dec 4, 2011 604
Entrepreneurs in Wales are upbeat about growth; BUT MANY ARE STOCKPILING CASH RATHER THAN RELYING ON BANKS. Dec 3, 2011 704
Entrepreneur Press. Book review Dec 1, 2011 196
Entrepreneurs 'optimistic' about year ahead. Nov 23, 2011 875
TLL compensation survey: licensing execs love their work, but future outlook is mix of optimism & caution. Nov 21, 2011 1067
50 years of Management International Review and IB/IM research: an inventory and some suggestions for the field's development. Oesterle, Michael-Jorg; Wolf, Joachim Nov 1, 2011 10238
Risk and uncertainty in internationalisation and international entrepreneurship studies: review and conceptual development. Liesch, Peter W.; Welch, Lawrence S.; Buckley, Peter J. Nov 1, 2011 11318
The impact of cultural distance on bilateral arm's length exports: an international business perspective. Slangen, Arjen H.L.; Beugelsdijk, Sjoerd; Hennart, Jean-Francois Nov 1, 2011 10495
Brand Oman survey to find out the pulse of youngsters. Oct 25, 2011 472
U.S. Students' Entrepreneurial Energy Waiting to Be Tapped; Aspirations are high, but experience and education are lacking. Calderon, Valerie J. Survey Oct 13, 2011 963
Entrepreneurs meet forecasts. Oct 5, 2011 328
Harmonization in CSR reporting MNEs and global CSR standards. Fortanier, Fabienne; Kolk, Ans; Pinkse, Jonatan Sep 1, 2011 15525
High-growth firms seen creating more jobs. Company overview Aug 29, 2011 739
UK market conditions 'still fragile'. Aug 24, 2011 105
Entrepreneurs' views wanted. Jul 20, 2011 172
An economic study of doorway hurdles to entrepreneurship among the students of Tamil Nadu. Sankaran, A. Jul 1, 2011 3906
Surveying help to entrepreneurs. Jun 7, 2011 535
Mentoring highlighted as entrepreneur boost. May 3, 2011 284
Engineers held back by banks and skills shortages. Brief article May 1, 2011 140
The stability of offshore outsourcing relationships: the role of relation specificity and client control. Manning, Stephan; Lewin, Arie Y.; Schuerch, Marc May 1, 2011 11681
Bangladesh ICT Industry to Benefit from New Hi-Tech Survey. Mar 24, 2011 353
Valuing properties with wetland potential. Cragg, Michael; Polek, Christine; Polasky, Stephen Report Mar 22, 2011 11428
Woman entrepreneurship in the Al-Batinah region of Oman: an identification of the barriers. Sadi, Ruqaya Al-; Belwal, Rakesh; Badi, Raya Al- Mar 15, 2011 5917
The relationship between economic development and economic freedom: the case of transition economies. Seputiene, Janina; Skuncikiene, Solveiga Mar 1, 2011 2979
Crop price indemnified loans for farmers: a pilot experiment in Rural Ghana. Karlan, Dean; Kutsoati, Ed; McMillan, Margaret; Udry, Chris Mar 1, 2011 9398
Survey Designed to Help Create Economic Growth Through the Sir Lanka ICT Industry. Feb 15, 2011 326
The business model in practice and its implications for entrepreneurship research. George, Gerard; Bock, Adam J. Jan 1, 2011 13006
Young Entrepreneurs: Young People Dream of Becoming Entrepreneurs, despite America's Lingering Recession. Abstract Jan 1, 2011 126
Entrepreneur firms predict revenue rise. Dec 15, 2010 223
Entrepreneur stress levels rise in last two years. Nov 17, 2010 221
Transitioning ideation to commercialization: a comprehensive product development strategy with an application in the wood products industry. Quesada-Pineda, Henry; Kenealy, David; Vlosky, Richard Nov 1, 2010 5071
Is it time to despair? Oct 24, 2010 906
Latin Americans See Barriers to Entrepreneurship; Two-thirds do not think governments make paperwork, permits easy enough. Crabtree, Steve; Rios, Jesus Survey Oct 22, 2010 702
Entrepreneur Mindset More Common in U.S. Than in EU, China; U.S. respondents more likely to prefer competition and taking risks than Europeans and Chinese. Manchin, Anna Survey Oct 12, 2010 779
Introduction to the special topic forum: using archival and secondary data sources in supply chain management research. Calantone, Roger J.; Vickery, Shawnee K. Oct 1, 2010 7191
David vs. Goliath, Part II. Longo, Don Oct 1, 2010 592
Understanding innovation drive of leading Serbian companies. Bojovic, Viktorija; Pupovac, Ljubomir; Strugar, Maja Sep 1, 2010 1917
Workers look to 'go it alone' New generation of entrepreneurs. Aug 4, 2010 376
An Exploratory Survey of Prospective Childcare Givers' Entrepreneurial Potential in Taiwan. Lee, Lung-Sheng; Lai, Chun-Chin Author abstract Jul 5, 2010 284
How do MNC headquarters add value? Ambos, Bjorn; Mahnke, Volker Jul 1, 2010 4330
Major methodological challenges for the economic theory of the firm in the economies of Central and Eastern Europe. Boehlke, Jerzy Jul 1, 2010 4804
The internationalization process of an fashion enterprise: from incubator to foreign direct investment/O processo de internacionalizacao de uma empresa de software para moda: da incubadora ao investimento direto no exterior. Ramos, William; Alperstedt, Graziela Dias Jul 1, 2010 8298
Moderating effect of government policy on entrepreneurship and growth performance of small-medium enterprises in Cambodia. Shariff, Mohd Noor Mohd; Peou, Chea; Ali, Juhary Jul 1, 2010 6363
The strategy of small firms; strategic management and innovation in the small firm. Book review May 1, 2010 243
Website finds Tories are the business for female entrepreneurs. Apr 28, 2010 223
In Arkansas, Homegrown success will lead to financing. Carter, Mark Apr 12, 2010 1293
Religion, economic development and cultural change: the contradictory role of Pentecostal Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa. Zalanga, Samuel Essay Mar 22, 2010 8209
Pressures force firms to reduce headcount. Mar 18, 2010 299
Q&/A ... asks readers their views on: who owns British industry. Pullin, John Survey Mar 10, 2010 1166
Entrepreneurial Goals Common Among Youth in Arab States; Median of 27% across Arab League countries intend to start a business in the next year. Survey Feb 26, 2010 809
Entrepreneurial Goals Common Among Young in Arab States; Median of 27% across Arab League countries intend to start a business in the next year. Crabtree, Steve Survey Feb 26, 2010 788
In Arab Countries, Emigration Appeals More to the Employed; U.S. is top destination for young Arabs with entrepreneurial aspirations. Rheault, Magali Survey Feb 23, 2010 644
TV does not show real struggle of celebrity entrepreneurs. Feb 22, 2010 433
Tapping into hidden potential. Jan 21, 2010 518
National competitiveness and perception of corruption. Samanta, Subarna K.; Sanyal, Rajib N. Company overview Jan 1, 2010 4800
Entrepreneurial strategies and use of strategic implementation mechanisms: a survey with micro and small entrepreneurs/Estrategias empreendedoras e o uso de mecanismos de implementacao estrategica: um levantamento com micro e pequenos empreendedores. Melo, Pedro Lucas de Resende; Borini, Felipe Mendes; Monteiro, Joao Goncalves, Jr.; Cipolla, Jose Ha Jan 1, 2010 5332
Negative vision effect in Thai retail stores. Kantabutra, Sooksan Dec 31, 2009 9333
Poll ranks Fayetteville high as spot to start a business. Dawson, Katherine Dec 14, 2009 143
Beyond our borders: professionals step out of their cultural comfort zone and find opportunities in international business. Lott, Annya M. Dec 1, 2009 1202
Entrepreneurs are hopeful for future. Nov 2, 2009 543
It's your business what's stopping you? Brief article Oct 1, 2009 213
Entrepreneurial spirit still soars as two thirds want their own firm. Sep 23, 2009 192
Majority of directors see end to deteriorating market conditions. Sep 22, 2009 267
'Worst over' - bosses; BUSINESS TODAY: SURVEY. Sep 22, 2009 97
Young Omani entrepreneurs remain refreshingly optimistic. Sep 18, 2009 778
Happiness and economic systems. Pryor, Frederic Sep 1, 2009 6043
Understanding decisions to internationalize by small and medium-sized firms located in an emerging market. Fabian, Frances; Molina, Henry; Labianca, Giuseppe Sep 1, 2009 11877
Meta-analyses of international joint venture performance determinants: evidence for theory, methodological artifacts and the unique context of China. Reus, Taco H.; Rottig, Daniel Sep 1, 2009 14723
67pc entrepreneurs 'pursuing new markets'. Company overview Aug 25, 2009 501
South Africans Optimistic About Local Entrepreneurship; More respondents say it's easier to start and protect a business. Tortora, Bob; Brown, Ian T. Survey Aug 11, 2009 589
Decisive entrepreneurs can get ahead - expert. Aug 4, 2009 441
Technological skills and innovations for South Asian economic integration and growth: need for some key actions. Chauhan, Pradeep Report Jul 1, 2009 7471
Entrepreneurial pursuits: helping the economy get back on track. Brief article Jul 1, 2009 170
Start-up capital and Chinese entrepreneurs: the role of family. Au, Kevin; Kwan, Ho Kwong Survey Jul 1, 2009 11868
Arab Youth Express Strong Entrepreneurial Spirit; Most agree entrepreneurs help to create jobs. Sitte, Adam; Rheault, Magali Survey Jun 9, 2009 637
Businesses go back to basics. Jun 2, 2009 489
Beyond reasonable debt: a background report on the indebtedness of New Zealand families. Legge, Jaimie; Heynes, Anne Report Jun 1, 2009 6014
Entrepreneurs keep staff for the recovery. May 20, 2009 356
Credit relief: too little, too late. Brown, Carolyn M. Brief article Feb 1, 2009 140
Wales needs policies now to encourage entrepreneurs; New ventures critical to the future of the Welsh economy. Jan 24, 2009 665

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