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Only over one-third Malaysians polled say childhood vaccines have zero or low risk, but over half believe in its benefits. Oct 22, 2020 787
Food insecurity, health care utilization, and health care expenditures. Dean, Emma Boswell; French, Michael T.; Mortensen, Karoline Oct 1, 2020 7630
The Impact Scope-of-Practice Laws Have on Urologic Care Outcomes. Noland, Raychael; Ward-Smith, Peggy Sep 1, 2020 3576
9 out of 10 Filipinos believe corruption exists in PhilHealth, 7 out of 10 want Morales to resign. Aug 24, 2020 416
Public insurance expansions and mental health care availability. Blunt, Elson Oshman; Maclean, Johanna Catherine; Popovici, loana; Marcus, Steven C. Report Aug 1, 2020 9096
USA Fibroid Survey Shows Widespread Lack of Awareness About Uterine Fibroids. Susan Swartz Jul 31, 2020 867
43% of Patients Apprehensive about Going Back to See a Healthcare Provider In Person Until at least the Fall, with Anxiety Lasting Into 2021. Jul 28, 2020 811
US survey says people unaware of options if they lose health insurance. May 11, 2020 154
US survey says people unaware of options if they lose health insurance. May 11, 2020 156
Report: MICE travellers unsure how to access medical assistance. Hotelier Middle East Staff Apr 11, 2020 410
Accounting for the burden and redistribution of health care costs: Who uses care and who pays for it. Carman, Katherine Grace; Liu, Jodi; White, Chapin Apr 1, 2020 5749
Assessment of Family Satisfaction in Anesthesiology and Reanimation Intensive Care Unit. Ekici, Arzu Akdagli; Akinci, Seda Banu; Pamuk, Almila Gulsun; Kilicaslan, Banu; Kav, Ezgi Su Aslan Apr 1, 2020 4660 survey reveals 4 in 10 Americans would think twice about seeking medical care for coronavirus due to cost. Mar 27, 2020 202
Should dental care be part of basic health insurance? Suchitra Bajpai Chaudhary, Senior Reporter Feb 8, 2020 997
56% of UAE residents feel they need to improve their diet. Ashfaq Ahmed, Associate Editor - Online Feb 3, 2020 832
Wealthy Pay Most to Finance U.S. Health Care; However, share of income is greatest among households with lowest income. Jan 27, 2020 253
Survey says most Americans are happy with private insurance. Dec 10, 2019 145
Survey says most Americans are happy with private insurance. Dec 10, 2019 143
Medicaid expansion and the Medicaid undercount in the American Community Survey. Boudreaux, Michel; Noon, James M.; Fried, Brett; Pascale, Joanne Dec 1, 2019 7114
Ask about vaping and e-cigarette use. Mark, Katrina S. Nov 1, 2019 406
Assessing the accuracy of survey reports of health insurance coverage using enrollment data. Ma, Joanne Pascale; Fertig, Angela R.; Call, Kathleen Thiede Survey Oct 1, 2019 7140
Patient Attitudes toward Gestational Weight Gain and Exercise during Pregnancy. Lott, M.L.; Power, M.L.; Reed, E.G.; Schulkin, J.; Mackeen, A.D. Report Sep 30, 2019 6304
Survey to help shape future health plans. Report by Dayna Farrington Sep 26, 2019 276
Texas Again Has the Most People Without Health Insurance. FernEindez, Stacy Report Sep 11, 2019 469
Do you walk 10,000 steps a day? A shocking number of people get nowhere near that target; Survey shows 71 per cent did not reach achieve goal. Aug 21, 2019 357
Do you walk 10,000 steps a day? A shocking number of people get nowhere near that target; Survey shows 71 per cent did not reach achieve goal. Aug 21, 2019 357
Do you walk 10,000 steps a day? A shocking number of people get nowhere near that target; Survey shows 71 per cent did not reach achieve goal. Aug 21, 2019 357
Do you walk 10,000 steps a day? A shocking number of people get nowhere near that target; Survey shows 71 per cent did not reach achieve goal. Aug 21, 2019 357
Do you walk 10,000 steps a day? A shocking number of people get nowhere near that target; Survey shows 71 per cent did not reach achieve goal. Aug 21, 2019 357
Win trust to implement better health schemes. Aug 2, 2019 794
Survey mode effects and insurance coverage estimates in the redesigned Gallup well-being index. Sommers, Benjamin D.; Goldman, Anna L.; Lee, Dennis; Epstein, Arnold M. Aug 1, 2019 4309
Coverage Concerns for Older Americans. Aug 1, 2019 365
Better with age; From improved sex to greater brain power, growing old can bring a range of surprising health benefits. Jul 23, 2019 804
One day of work a week gives most mental health benefits; Research suggests eight hours of work is the most effective dose for mental well-being. Jun 19, 2019 535
One day of work a week gives most mental health benefits; Research suggests eight hours of work is the most effective dose for mental well-being. Jun 19, 2019 535
One day of work a week gives most mental health benefits; Research suggests eight hours of work is the most effective dose for mental well-being. Jun 19, 2019 535
One day of work a week gives most mental health benefits; Research suggests eight hours of work is the most effective dose for mental well-being. Jun 19, 2019 535
One day of work a week gives most mental health benefits; Research suggests eight hours of work is the most effective dose for mental well-being. Jun 19, 2019 535
Policybazaar study: Millennials prefer buying Rs 5 lac+ health cover. Jun 12, 2019 741
Survey: High costs lead to skipped or postponed health care. Franki, Richard Jun 1, 2019 376
Cancer, heart attacks top health care expense, says survey. Apr 16, 2019 430
Poll shows public has little faith in Gesy. Apr 11, 2019 488
Over-65s are the most active, according to new research. Apr 5, 2019 337
Risk equalization in competitive health insurance markets: Identifying healthy individuals on the basis of multiple-year low spending. Eijkenaar, Frank; van Vliet, Rene C.J.A.; van Kleef, Richard C. Apr 1, 2019 8102
More people in US now underinsured. Krisberg, Kim Apr 1, 2019 259
Snap Poll: Few support dumping Obamacare without replacement. Mar 28, 2019 1267
Many Australians do not consider private health insurance as essential. Jan 31, 2019 153
Many Australians do not consider private health insurance as essential. Jan 31, 2019 151
Continued to Rise in 2018. Statistical data Jan 14, 2019 287
Michigan Business Index Shows Hiring, Retaining Talent Still Challenging. Jones, Stephanie K. Dec 13, 2018 359
Costs of PH healthcare benefits expected to increase in 2019. Dec 8, 2018 435
Pennsylvania Agencies Praise Passage of 'Patient Brokering' Provision in Federal Opioid Law. Dec 3, 2018 475
What employers need to know for open enrollment. Vecchione, Anthony Nov 5, 2018 756
NJ employers struggling to maintain health coverage, NJBIA survey finds. Vecchione, Anthony Oct 30, 2018 715
Survey gives a snapshot of benefit trends, challenges in manufacturing workplace. Oct 18, 2018 376
Derasat launches campaign for Cancer Awareness. Oct 3, 2018 169
Voters want to protect people with preexisting conditions. Franki, Richard Oct 1, 2018 337
2018 IT VENDOR SURVEY. Valentino, Tom Sep 22, 2018 739
Health insurance premiums increase in Iowa. Sep 5, 2018 158
Health insurance premiums increase in Iowa. Sep 5, 2018 156
95% Indian millennials stressed against global average of 86%. Sep 1, 2018 432
Al-Sisi reviews top health projects with Hala Al- Zayed. Aug 26, 2018 252
Simulating Variation in Families' Spending across Marketplace Plans. Zhang, Yuting; Baik, Seo Hyon; Zuvekas, Samuel H. Report Aug 1, 2018 5405
Health Insurance Remains an Issue for Students and Recent Grads. Pennamon, Tiffany Jun 28, 2018 838
Experts highlight exercise benefits during pregnancy. Jun 27, 2018 569
Maternal healthcare remains neglected. May 13, 2018 613
Volunteering has health benefits. May 6, 2018 477
Volunteering to help others can benefit your own health. May 3, 2018 595
Private health insurance "unaffordable". Brief article May 1, 2018 206
Did the Affordable Care Act's Dependent Coverage Expansion Affect Race/Ethnic Disparities in Health Insurance Coverage? Breslau, Joshua; Han, Bing; Stein, Bradley D.; Burns, Rachel M.; Yu, Hao Survey Apr 1, 2018 5109
Millennials Struggle to Pay Their Bills. Feb 1, 2018 456
Plans Do Not Match What Patients Prefer. Feb 1, 2018 333
How to age with optimism. Jan 13, 2018 578
Self-Medication Practice in Limmu Genet, Jimma Zone, Southwest Ethiopia: Does Community Based Health Insurance Scheme Have an Influence? Bekele, Bayu Begashaw; Berkesa, Shibiru Tesema; Tefera, Enyew; Kumalo, Abera Jan 1, 2018 5276
56% of US Consumers Don't Know Obamacare Open Enrollment Ends This Friday. Dec 14, 2017 325
Majority Want Government to Ensure Healthcare Coverage. Newport, Frank Survey Dec 8, 2017 759
Medicaid Population Reports Poorest Health. Auter, Zac Survey Dec 7, 2017 799
Middle-Income Consumers Drop Private Coverage. Nov 17, 2017 590
5 tips to help Illinoisans prepare for open enrollment and save on health care costs. Van Ham, Colleen; President; Ceo; -Clmn-, Unitedhealthcare Of Illinois Oct 24, 2017 693
Health cover not adequate, UAE residents pay from pocket. Oct 21, 2017 667
U.S. Uninsured Rate Rises to 12.3% in Third Quarter. Auter, Zac Survey Oct 20, 2017 1046
Health cover blown. Oct 20, 2017 658
Survey: most health insurers providing coverage for biosimilars. Aug 7, 2017 542
U.S. Uninsured Rate Rises to 11.7%. Auter, Zac Survey Jul 10, 2017 1194
Meeting healthcare challenges: colleges adapt to the changing world of health insurance. Rowh, Mark Jul 1, 2017 1765
Walking for transportation or leisure among U.S. women and men--national health interview survey, 2005-2015. Ussery, Emily N.; Carlson, Susan A.; Whitfield, Geoffrey P.; Watson, Kathleen B.; Berrigan, David; F Jun 30, 2017 4248
Exchange Purchasers Rate Health Coverage Less Positively. Auter, Zac; Marken, Stephanie Survey Jun 8, 2017 918
Workers in High-Deductible Plans Report More Bill Problems. Jun 6, 2017 308
Community characteristics and qualified health plan selection during the first open enrollment period. Boudreaux, Michel; Blewett, Lynn A.; Fried, Brett; Hempstead, Katherine; Karaca-Mandic, Pinar Jun 1, 2017 5621
Public opinion to help develop health plan. May 8, 2017 608
Cigna 360 Well-being Score Survey Reveals: Hong Kong People's Overall Health Score Declines over Past Three Years; Financial, Work and Family Well-being are Inter-related Factors that Make an Impact. Apr 26, 2017 1365
US Uninsured Rate Edges Up Slightly. Auter, Zac Survey Apr 10, 2017 941
Affordable Care Act Gains Majority Approval for First Time. Norman, Jim Survey Apr 4, 2017 643
Functionality & health benefits top consumers' "wish list" of attributes in coffee & tea. Apr 1, 2017 326
Growth in HSA plan enrollment slows. Feb 19, 2017 601
Health Savings Accounts Gain Popularity in US. Feb 17, 2017 161
Exercise Recommendations Could Be Overkill, Study Says. Jan 11, 2017 385
Opportunities for Promoting Physical Activity in Rural Communities by Understanding the Interests and Values of Community Members. Park, Thomas; Eyler, Amy A.; Tabak, Rachel G.; Valko, Cheryl; Brownson, Ross C. Jan 1, 2017 3669
More private plan users report medical bill problems. Nov 30, 2016 473
Poll: drug price controls considered top priority. Nov 21, 2016 410
Consumers: Rx Costs No. 1 Health Care Issue. Nov 14, 2016 227
Private health plan use plummets in Texas region. Nov 3, 2016 423
Recent poll shows high support for birth control access. Nov 1, 2016 185
Unhealthy cover; Families pay 19% too much Overspend adds up to [euro]1.1k. Oct 26, 2016 433
Consumers are hungry for health insurance info [infographic]. Oct 15, 2016 410
ACA exchange flop may expand short-term health market. Oct 4, 2016 413
UAE tops the world in best financial rewards for expats. Sep 26, 2016 384
Assessing the influences on rural women's reproductive life plans: a cross sectional descriptive study. Jagoda, Lori May; Bigbee, Jeri L. Report Sep 22, 2016 7705
Many consumers blame insurers for ACA exchange exits, GfK says. Sep 9, 2016 346
Salesforce '2016 Connected Patient Report'. Survey Sep 1, 2016 234
High out-of-pocket medical spending among the poor and elderly in nine developed countries. Baird, Katherine Aug 1, 2016 7533
U.S. Uninsured Rate Remains at Historical Low of 11.0%. Marken, Stephanie Survey Jul 11, 2016 819
Coming of age: by the numbers. Table Jul 1, 2016 190
In U.S., Healthcare Insecurity at Record Low. Jones, Jeffrey M.; Nekvasil, Nader Survey Jun 20, 2016 918
Millennials Find Healthcare Too Costly, Confusing. Jun 8, 2016 618
Exchange health plans get good marks. Jun 6, 2016 319
Americans Slowly Embracing Affordable Care Act More. Swift, Art Survey May 13, 2016 1017
Residents ignorant of health insurance plans. Apr 24, 2016 624
Knowledge is key to willingness to pay for voluntary medical male circumcision. London, S. Mar 1, 2016 714
Arkansas, Kentucky Set Pace in Reducing Uninsured Rate. Witters, Dan Survey Feb 4, 2016 1150
Consumer-Driven Health Plans Drive Cost Consciousness: EBRI. Jan 13, 2016 638
U.S. Uninsured Rate 11.9% in Fourth Quarter of 2015. Marken, Stephanie Survey Jan 7, 2016 956
Residential high-speed internet among those likely to benefit from an online health insurance marketplace. Boudreaux, Michel H.; Gonzales, Gilbert; Blewett, Lynn; Fried, Brett; Karaca-Mandic, Pinar Statistical table Jan 1, 2016 4893
Poll: health care is government's duty. Brief article Dec 7, 2015 116
More Americans Say Health Premiums Went Up Over Past Year. McCarthy, Justin Survey Dec 4, 2015 759
In U.S., 51% Say Government Should Ensure Healthcare Coverage. McCarthy, Justin Survey Nov 23, 2015 803
Ratings of U.S. Healthcare Quality No Better After ACA. Riffkin, Rebecca Survey Nov 20, 2015 642
Americans With Government Health Plans Most Satisfied. Riffkin, Rebecca Survey Nov 6, 2015 672
A survey of parents in the New York-Mid-Atlantic region: what insurance doesn't cover for children with genetic conditions. Vogel, Beth H. Nov 1, 2015 1518
Socioeconomic and lifestyle factors associated with chronic conditions among older adults in Ecuador/Factores socioeconomicos y de estilo de vida asociados con las afecciones cronicas en los adultos mayores del Ecuador. Guevara, Pilar Eguez; Andrade, Flavia Cristina Drumond Sep 1, 2015 5977
U.S. Uninsured Rate at 11.4% in Second Quarter. Kafka, Stephanie Survey Jul 10, 2015 923
Survey: millennials more liberal on sexuality. Salgado, Soli Jul 3, 2015 1473
ACA's Effect on Competitive Benefits. Jun 1, 2015 498
Poll puts insurance challenger in good light, but expert says its flawed. Weatherly, Jack May 22, 2015 964
Health care disparities in four big states are examined. Apr 27, 2015 558
Surveys show nuanced support for contraception. Salgado, Soli Apr 24, 2015 684
3 top markets for non-PPACA health products. Apr 9, 2015 393
In U.S., Uninsured Rate Sinks to 12.9%. Levy, Jenna Jan 7, 2015 1142
Survey: health plan costs rose 3.4% in 2014: but increases expected to grow slightly faster in 2015. Dec 12, 2014 694
Medicaid expansion embraced by poor. Brief article Dec 1, 2014 244
Health benefit plan costs trends to decrease slightly, but not for drugs. Dec 1, 2014 525
Implementing Federal Health Reform in the States: who is included and excluded and what are their characteristics? Fried, Brett; Pintor, Jessie Kemmick; Graven, Peter; Blewett, Lynn A. Dec 1, 2014 9022
In U.S., Ratings of Healthcare Coverage Generally Steady. Riffkin, Rebecca Survey Nov 19, 2014 712
Poll: Insured are losing faith; Health coverage seen lacking while up-front costs are high. Alonso-Zaldivar, Ricardo; Agiesta, Jennifer Oct 14, 2014 855
Covered up: Obamacare and the insured. Suderman, Peter Brief article Sep 12, 2014 280
In U.S., LGBT More Likely Than Non-LGBT to Be Uninsured; LGBT adults more likely to lack a personal doctor and enough money for healthcare. Gates, Gary J. Aug 26, 2014 1113
Counties offer extensive employee health coverage. Aug 1, 2014 509
Hiring Discrimination for Smokers, Obese Rejected in U.S. Americans say higher health insurance rates for smokers are justified. Riffkin, Rebecca Survey Jul 22, 2014 1077
U.S. Uninsured Rate Drops to 13.4%; Uninsured rate down nearly four percentage points since late 2013. Levy, Jenna May 5, 2014 1048
Rocky start doesn't stop ACA from hitting target. Apr 28, 2014 810
Uninsured Rate Drops More in States Embracing Health Law; Medicaid expansion, state exchanges linked to faster reduction in uninsured rate. Witters, Dan Apr 16, 2014 939
Higher Fines Compel Uninsured Americans to Sign Up; Healthy less willing to sign up for insurance than unhealthy. Richter, Charlie; Nichols, Stafford Apr 16, 2014 966
Politics Are Biggest Factor in Views of Healthcare Law; Party ID is most influential predictor of support. Dugan, Andrew; Newport, Frank Apr 1, 2014 904
Politics Affect Uninsured Americans' Insurance Intentions; Democrats twice as likely as Republicans to say they will get insurance. Newport, Frank Mar 28, 2014 867
Provo-Orem, Utah, Leads U.S. Communities in Well-Being; San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, Calif., tops large communities. Witters, Dan Mar 25, 2014 1714
Concord: figures released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services show 4,715 New Hampshire residents signed up in February on the federal health insurance market, bringing the total to 21,578 since enrollment opened on Oct. 1. Brief article Mar 21, 2014 117
In U.S., 66% Satisfied Health System Works for Them; One-third of those without insurance are satisfied. Newport, Frank Mar 17, 2014 1198
U.S. Uninsured Rate Continues to Fall; Uninsured rate drops most among lower-income and black Americans. Levy, Jenna Mar 10, 2014 994
Mindanaoans now more interested in financial instruments. Feb 15, 2014 422
U.S. Uninsured Rate Drops so Far in First Quarter of 2014; Rate among 26- to 34-year-olds continues to fall. Levy, Jenna Feb 12, 2014 1038
Highest Uninsured States Less Likely to Embrace Health Law; Medicaid expansion, state exchanges uncommon among highest uninsured states. Witters, Dan Feb 7, 2014 852
Americans' Familiarity With Healthcare Law Unchanged; Nearly a third of the country not too or not at all familiar with the law. Dugan, Andrew Feb 6, 2014 706
Rate of Increase Expected to Fall for Health Plan Costs. Feb 6, 2014 348
Majority of Americans Still Disapprove of Healthcare Law; Attitudes toward law and its long-run potential still tilt negative. Dugan, Andrew Feb 4, 2014 781
Young Americans to ObamaCare: not interested. Emord, Jonathan W. Feb 1, 2014 775
Study: Nearly Half of Americans Say Cost of Employer-Based Plans Increasing. Jan 9, 2014 721
One in Four U.S. Uninsured Plan to Remain That Way; Republicans more likely than Democrats to say they will pay fine. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Dec 3, 2013 1104
Glass half full: poll shows entrepreneurs' optimism outweighs worry. Deneen, Sally Survey Dec 1, 2013 184
Hill, Chesson & Woody and CAI Launch 2013 N.C. Healthcare Benefits & Costs Survey. Nov 22, 2013 511
Uninsured's Awareness of Need to Buy Insurance Levels Off; Slightly fewer now say they will buy insurance rather than pay fine. Newport, Frank Survey Nov 20, 2013 823
Majority in U.S. Say Healthcare Not Gov't Responsibility; Republicans' attitudes on this measure have changed significantly since 2000. Wilke, Joy Survey Nov 18, 2013 928
U.S. Uninsured More Aware of Health Insurance Requirement; No increase in familiarity with health insurance exchanges. Jones, Jeffrey M. Oct 31, 2013 1281
Gulf employee healthcare costs highest in EMEA region. Oct 7, 2013 640
The disparate impact of the ACA-dependent expansion across population subgroups. O'Hara, Brett; Brault, Matthew W. Oct 1, 2013 3673
CDHP satisfaction rises again. Mayer, Kathryn Oct 1, 2013 377
Post utilization survey of RSBY beneficiaries in civil hospital, Ahmedabad: a cross sectional study. Patel, Jaimin; Shah, Janmesh; Agarwal, Medhavi; Kedia, Geeta Report Oct 1, 2013 1938
Health care update: Affordable Care Act. Ezarik, Melissa Sep 1, 2013 453
Americans Back Higher Health Insurance Rates for Smokers; Smokers, overweight much less likely to favor higher rates for their respective groups. Wilke, Joy Survey Aug 12, 2013 885
Uninsured Rate for U.S. Young Adults Still Down From Past; Increasing percentage of 26- to 64-year-olds lack health insurance. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Jul 19, 2013 871
In U.S., 43% of Uninsured Unaware They Must Get Coverage; Awareness higher, at 81%, among all Americans. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jun 28, 2013 1114
Out-of-network physicians: how prevalent are involuntary use and cost transparency? Kyanko, Kelly A.; Curry, Leslie A.; Busch, Susan H. Jun 1, 2013 6609
US high net worth investors overlook health care planning. May 23, 2013 435
Monitoring health reform efforts: which state-level data to use? Call, Kathleen Thiede; Blewett, Lynn A.; Boudreaux, Michel H.; Turner, Joanna Abstract May 1, 2013 7899
Healthcare Coverage Still Uneven Across U.S. Metro Areas; More than one in five Americans remain uninsured in 43 metro areas. Bass, Katie Survey Apr 16, 2013 781
Survey Shows Consumer Knowledge of ACA Basics Mixed at Best. Apr 12, 2013 661
Comparing errors in Medicaid reporting across surveys: evidence to date. Call, Kathleen T.; Davern, Michael E.; Klerman, Jacob A.; Lynch, Victoria Apr 1, 2013 4899
Survey shows Obamacare questions continue. McCullough, Tricia Survey Mar 1, 2013 926
Fewer Americans Getting Health Insurance From Employer; Medicare, Medicaid, and military or veterans' insurance inching higher. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Feb 22, 2013 1030
Three in 10 put off treatment. Anderson, Jane Survey Feb 1, 2013 126
CDHP, HDHP participants are more cost-conscious. Jan 7, 2013 361
The effect of the Massachusetts reform on health care utilization. Miller, Sarah Dec 22, 2012 6227
Americans' Satisfaction With Health Coverage Slips Slightly; But most still rate coverage and quality of their care highly. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Dec 21, 2012 615
Survey: Some local governments cut medical benefits. Clinical report Oct 22, 2012 291
Consumer-Driven Health Plans Overtake HMOs. Sep 28, 2012 829
-Wells Fargo Insurance sees continuing cost increases for U.S. employee health benefits. Sep 26, 2012 290
-Wells Fargo Insurance sees continuing cost increases for U.S. employee health benefits. Sep 26, 2012 286
In U.S., Uninsured Rate Stable Across States So Far in 2012; Texas residents still most likely to lack health insurance, at 25.5%. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Aug 24, 2012 749
Employees Favor Employer Health Plans (Even as Some Employers May Dump Them). Jul 26, 2012 768
Towers Watson: Medical Costs Continue to Climb at Double-Digit Rates Worldwide. Jul 2, 2012 340
Healthcare Costs Rising Worldwide. Jul 2, 2012 464
Awareness among young. Jun 20, 2012 705
Best practices in: helping patients eat more seafood. Medical condition overview Jun 15, 2012 1611
In U.S., Uninsured Rate for 18- to 25-Year-Olds Ticks Down; Slightly more Americans have government-provided health insurance. Brown, Alyssa Survey Jun 8, 2012 1083
A comparison of two approaches to increasing access to care: expanding coverage versus increasing physician fees. White, Chapin Jun 1, 2012 6914
Consumers eager to try exchanges. Anderson, Jane Brief article Apr 1, 2012 115
Consumers eager to try exchanges. Anderson, Jane Brief article Apr 1, 2012 115
Texas Widens Gap Over Other States in Percentage Uninsured; No states show consistent decline in uninsured since 2008. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Mar 2, 2012 1223
Health reform may fill gaps. Anderson, Jane Survey Mar 1, 2012 147
Fewer Americans Have Employer-Based Health Insurance; Medicare, Medicaid, or military/veterans' benefits covers 25.2%. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Feb 14, 2012 1024
More Americans Uninsured in 2011; However, more adults aged 18 to 26 now covered. Survey Jan 24, 2012 1005
In the U.S., Health Insurance Linked to Better Health Habits; Twenty percent of insured Americans smoke compared with 36% of the uninsured. Rheault, Magali; McGeeney, Kyley Survey Dec 30, 2011 898
CAI Conducts 2011-2012 North Carolina Healthcare Benefits & Cost Survey. Dec 15, 2011 341
In U.S., Health Insurance Not Necessarily Related to Health; Those with health coverage more than twice as likely as those without to have a doctor. Rheault, Magali; McGeeney, Kyley Survey Dec 14, 2011 934
In U.S., More Rate Own Healthcare Quality, Coverage Excellent; Four in 10 say quality, 3 in 10 say coverage is excellent. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Nov 17, 2011 1047
Survey shows recession's effects on health care access. Correa, Frances Survey Oct 15, 2011 457
Health plans beat cost expectations. Bell, Allison Oct 10, 2011 350
Health plan cost trends declining. Oct 1, 2011 321
Texas and Mass. Still at Health Coverage Extremes in U.S. Southern states still see highest uninsured rates in the country. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Sep 6, 2011 902
Shorter A&E waits, better mental health cover - YOUR NHS demands. Jun 15, 2011 341
Transitions from private to public health coverage among children: estimating effects on out-of-pocket medical costs and health insurance premium costs. Shaefer, H. Luke; Grogan, Colleen M.; Pollack, Harold A. Jun 1, 2011 6595
Grads may not get health insurance from mom and dad: eHealthInsurance survey. Jun 1, 2011 272
Fewer 18- to 26-Year-Olds in U.S. Uninsured in 2011; More reporting healthcare coverage through "something else" category. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey May 4, 2011 629
'Mental health parity'? Few know what it is. Brief article May 1, 2011 200
Prevalence of hysterectomy among rural and urban women with and without health insurance in Gujarat, India. Desai, Sapna; Sinha, Tara; Mahal, Ajay Survey May 1, 2011 5920
In U.S., 1 in 4 Adults Have Government Health Insurance; At least 1 in 10 American adults across all age groups have government healthcare. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Apr 7, 2011 802
All eyes on the cost of coverage. Apr 1, 2011 474
U.S. Employer-Based Health Coverage Continues to Decline; Nationwide, 16.3% of U.S. adults were uninsured in February. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Mar 4, 2011 582
Report highlights reform's impact on health costs: in the midst of lawsuits, split polls and judge rulings, an HHS report stresses research and stats to show how the Affordable Care Act will slim health care costs. Mar 1, 2011 598
Why people don't get routine care. Anderson, Jane Brief article Feb 15, 2011 141
Twenty years of coverage: an enhanced current population survey--1989-2008. Ziegenfuss, Jeanette Y.; Davern, Michael E. Feb 1, 2011 3339
Counting uninsurance and means-tested coverage in the American community survey: a comparison to the current population survey. Boudreaux, Michel; Ziegenfuss, Jeanette Y.; Graven, Peter; Davern, Michael; Blewett, Lynn A. Feb 1, 2011 9197
Getting physicians to respond: the impact of incentive type and timing on physician survey response rates. James, Katherine M.; Ziegenfuss, Jeanette Y.; Tilburt, Jon C.; Harris, Ann M.; Beebe, Timothy J. Feb 1, 2011 3633
In U.S., New Low of 44.8% Get Healthcare From Employer; Government healthcare up, employer-based care down in 2010 vs. 2009. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Dec 17, 2010 790
More Americans lack insurance. Brief article Dec 6, 2010 160
U.S. lags in health care access and affordability. Anderson, Jane Dec 1, 2010 838
Health care round-up. Dec 1, 2010 734
Between 2008 and 2009. Brief article Dec 1, 2010 112
Delhi govt's maternal health plan labelled a dud. Nov 15, 2010 379
Health insurance costs Jump 6%; Survey. Nov 15, 2010 382
Vital signs: health insurance coverage and health care utilization - United States, 2006-2009 and January-March 2010. Fox, J.B.; Richards, C.L. Nov 12, 2010 5016
#5 Insurers hope to cut commissions. Bell, Allison Survey Nov 8, 2010 364
State Medicaid coverage for tobacco-dependence treatments - United States, 2009. McMenamin, S.B.; Halpin, H.A.; Ingram, M. Oct 22, 2010 3460
Workers' premium share jumps. Anderson, Jane Brief article Oct 1, 2010 169
CHIP premiums, health status, and the insurance coverage of children. Marton, James; Talbert, Jeffery C. Sep 22, 2010 10216
Rose-colored glasses. Sep 20, 2010 633
Agency kicks off employee group health benefits marketing campaign. Survey Sep 1, 2010 562
Texas Maintains Highest Number of Uninsured, Mass. Lowest; Highest percentages of uninsured in Southern and Western states. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Jul 30, 2010 724
Only 23% have health cover in Al-Safa. Jul 3, 2010 188
The new EAP: a health plan advisor: the enactment of health care reform in the United States provides EAPs with the opportunity to play a new role: helping workers select health plans that suit their needs. Meyer, Zachary Jul 1, 2010 1583
More U.S. multinational firms to develop global health strategies. Jul 1, 2010 346
Many expats do not have health cover. Jun 28, 2010 413
Adult dependent health care arrives early for many: study. Hersch, Warren S. Brief article Jun 21, 2010 170
Defense Health Care: 2008 Access to Care Surveys Indicate Some Problems, but Beneficiary Satisfaction Is Similar to Other Health Plans. Jun 1, 2010 693
Individual medical insurance: position yourself for success: the market is growing--and so are consumer expectations. Norderhaug, Mike Jun 1, 2010 1275
Consumers slow to adopt PHRs. May 1, 2010 666
Inaccurate methods often used for physician cost profiling. Moon, Mary Ann Survey Apr 15, 2010 707
Take it to the limit: the economy is driving demand for limited medical benefit plans, but will health reform change their future direction? Chordas, Lori Apr 1, 2010 1757
The 'We Fit' e-Nation: health plans turn to social networking to help promote health-and-wellness initiatives and programs. Chordas, Lori Apr 1, 2010 583
Majority of Poor, Young, Uninsured Back Healthcare Bill; A majority of seniors say passing it was a bad thing. Saad, Lydia Survey Mar 24, 2010 359
Four in 10 Underemployed Currently Lack Health Insurance; More than half who do have insurance have government or other coverage. Marlar, Jenny; Morales, Lymari Survey Mar 22, 2010 486
Americans Expect Health Bill to Mainly Help Poor, Uninsured; Americans believe most groups will be worse off. Newport, Frank Survey Mar 19, 2010 378
Percentage of Uninsured Adults in U.S. Remains Elevated; More Americans are getting health coverage through the government in 2010 than in 2008. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Mar 17, 2010 372
Worksite benefits: now and soon: the latest voluntary benefits trends. Lowerre, Gil; Brazzell, Bonnie Survey Mar 15, 2010 1027
Short-term effects of health-care coverage legislation--Massachusetts, 2008. Tinsley, L.; Andrews, B.; Hawk, H.; Cohen, B. Statistical data Mar 12, 2010 5712
Universal health fits with N.H. values: from the start, New Hampshire made the bold statement that we are a community and that no one will be left destitute. Fernald, Mark Feb 26, 2010 581
Health Insurance Coverage Varies Widely by Age and Income; Regardless of age, those with lower incomes much less likely to have coverage. Newport, Frank Survey Feb 22, 2010 1333
Survey: health coverage gaps persist. Jan 18, 2010 509
46% of small businesses don't offer health insurance. Brown, Carolyn M. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 96
Americans' Personal Burden for Healthcare Costs Stable; Most Americans pay at least some of the cost of their private health insurance. Newport, Frank Survey Nov 23, 2009 647
More in U.S. Say Health Coverage Is Not Gov't. Responsibility; Marks significant shift from the attitudes of the past decade. Newport, Frank Survey Nov 13, 2009 1076
HHS report says rural residents would benefit from health insurance reform. Nov 2, 2009 192
Premiums rose 131 percent in 10 years. Currie, Donya Brief article Nov 1, 2009 96
For older adults without health insurance, a major medical problem could become a financial disaster, according to a new study. Survey Oct 19, 2009 204
How plans use risk assessments. Survey Oct 1, 2009 363
Health care: are you really satisfied? We deserve a balanced, honest and civil exchange about reform. Kuenning, Teresa Stack Survey Sep 25, 2009 717
Access to health insurance at small establishments: what can we learn from analyzing other fringe benefits? Abraham, Jean Marie; DeLeire, Thomas; Royalty, Anne Beeson Sep 22, 2009 11336
Most US doctors want public-private mix: Poll. Survey Sep 21, 2009 272
US workers who have health insurance for their families through employers have seen premiums more than double in the last decade, according to a survey released last week. Brief article Sep 21, 2009 259
Healthcare Bill Supporters Cite Uninsured; Foes, Big Gov't. Desire to cover uninsured largely behind support. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Sep 16, 2009 759
Health care reform. Brief article Sep 15, 2009 87
Private, Public Health Plan Subscribers Rate Plans Similarly; More than 7 in 10 rate their coverage as excellent or good. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Sep 1, 2009 841
Heading for home: some U.S. health plans and employers are offering incentives to employees willing to cross local or state borders to seek discounted care at American medical facilities. Chordas, Lori Sep 1, 2009 2008
Uninsured: Highest Percentage in Texas, Lowest in Mass. Percentage of adults without health insurance is up in several states. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Aug 19, 2009 748
Reproductive health enters reform debate. Survey Aug 17, 2009 402
Health care reform worries employers. Survey Jul 20, 2009 465
CDC: health coverage down. Brief article Jul 20, 2009 306
Using incentives to keep workers healthy: employers are offering a range of incentives to encourage employees to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors, such as losing weight and quitting smoking. Capps, Katherine H.; Kubicki, Jeri G. Survey Jul 1, 2009 1242
Insurance no guarantee of preventing high health bills. Brief article Jul 1, 2009 289
Obesity adding billions to employers' health costs. Brief article Jul 1, 2009 253
European employers know little about absence causes, costs or prevalence. Survey Jul 1, 2009 375
US 2010 healthcare costs to jump 9%: study. Brief article Jun 22, 2009 184
Health insurance literacy of older adults. McCormack, Lauren; Bann, Carla; Uhrig, Jennifer; Berkman, Nancy; Rudd, Rima Jun 22, 2009 8165
Catholic voters' views on healthcare reform and reproductive healthcare services: a national opinion survey of catholic voters: conducted by Belden Russonello & Stewart for Catholics for Choice, September 2009. Survey Jun 22, 2009 1753
Unintended COBRA consequence? Brief article May 1, 2009 88
The American Community Survey and health insurance coverage estimates: possibilities and challenges for health policy researchers. Davern, Michael; Quinn, Brian C.; Kenney, Genevieve M.; Blewett, Lynn A. Apr 1, 2009 4768
Health plans take action. Statistical data Mar 16, 2009 873
Health plan for children. Mar 11, 2009 117

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