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Bolsonaro's support falls sharply, but a majority reject impeachment, polls show. Reuters News Service Jan 23, 2021 358
President Moon's approval rating drops to lowest point. Jan 3, 2021 241
Mayor Isko on Pulse Asia survey: 'I would rather focus on Manila'. Jan 3, 2021 269
Iranian-Americans are Dems 44% to GOP 22%. Nov 27, 2020 452
Duterte enjoys highest support among top PH officials. Ninal, Robinson Oct 27, 2020 573
Stop politicking, Palace tells Leni, who had a lower performance rating than Duterte. Oct 5, 2020 652
Duterte remains most trusted, approved gov't official amid pandemic. Oct 5, 2020 619
Poll shows more Brazilians spurn Bolsonaro's COVID-19 response. May 13, 2020 350
Booker won't be on stage - he's out. Alexandra Jaffe Associated Press Jan 14, 2020 184
New Poll Shows Trump Is Biggest Threat To World Peace. Wesley Dockery Dec 29, 2019 312
Kenyans unsure of Uhuru backing Ruto, Mudavadi recounts broken UhuRuto deal, Tea farmers' sad Christmas: Your Breakfast Briefing. Dec 6, 2019 457
Nepal: Protestors burn Xi's effigy in protest against Chinese encroachment. ANI Nov 11, 2019 291
Duterte Satisfaction Rating Down. James Patterson Nov 7, 2019 480
Biden Atop New Poll as Warren Makes Gains, Sanders, Harris Slip. Sep 9, 2019 311
Early presidential polls 2019: "President of the Republic must keep up with times" (Elyes Fakhfakh). Aug 9, 2019 174
Public satisfaction with Duterte government reaches record high SWS. May 4, 2019 779
UN tribunal ruling on WPS useless for now, but government can use negotiation-Palace. Nov 21, 2018 763
SWS: 84% of Filipinos oppose gov't inaction on China WPS 'intrusion'. Nov 20, 2018 501
Palace questions timing, data of SWS poll on gov't 'inaction' on South China Sea row. Nov 20, 2018 583
Palace questions timing of survey showing Filipinos' high distrust for China. Nov 20, 2018 614
75% of Filipinos say PH on the right track -- SWS survey. Oct 26, 2018 392
Al-Sisi discuss updates of waiting lists, healthcare system with Madbouly, Zayed. Oct 15, 2018 374
Duterte gets 'very good' satisfaction rating in survey. Sep 30, 2018 250
Brazilians Face Confidence Crisis Ahead of Election. Reinhart, RJ Survey Sep 27, 2018 722
Hope Fazl withdraws from presidential poll in my favor: Ahsan. Sep 2, 2018 302
Hope Fazl withdraws from presidential poll in my favor: Ahsan. Sep 2, 2018 171
French President's Approval Rating Hits Record Low. Jul 30, 2018 220
Colombia Primed for Change Ahead of Election. Nichols, Stafford Survey May 24, 2018 649
Election Could Be Political Turning Point for Lebanon. Abdo, Roy; Fakhreddine, Jihad May 3, 2018 606
French President Macron's Approval Rating Drops Below 50%. Feb 18, 2018 175
Poll reveals most British people want to stay in the single market after Brexit; The BMG Research poll for the website Left Foot Forward found 60% of those who expressed a view backed remaining in the single market. Jan 19, 2018 397
French Pres. urges Barzani to call off Kurdistan polls. Sep 22, 2017 195
Why do people support the drug war? Sep 18, 2017 698
French President's Approval Rating Drops by 14% in One Month. Aug 27, 2017 180
7 in 10 oppose Ahern Aras bid; Irish Mirror poll reveals Bertie lacks support. Jun 24, 2017 335
France Primed for Populist Wave Ahead of Election. Lugger, Mathilde Survey Apr 20, 2017 768
Poll: China's Threat Level Down To Americans. Apr 4, 2017 437
Humanist readers unite (Freethinkers get a little wild). Brief article Jan 1, 2017 175
Pena Nieto Approval Rating Plummets. Sep 12, 2016 434
Venezuelan President's approval rating falls to nine-month low. Aug 16, 2016 118
Most Bulgarians Oppose Return of Death Penalty - Poll. Aug 11, 2016 204
In Busy Election Year, African Leaders Enjoyed High Approval. Rheault, Magali; McCarthy, Justin Survey Jun 13, 2016 819
Party Images Stable Amid Heated Nomination Contests. McCarthy, ustin Survey May 31, 2016 775
Republicans Paying More Attention to Election Than Democrats. Newport, Frank Survey May 23, 2016 727
Sanders' Backers Most Likely to Say Election Process Faulty. Saad, Lydia Survey May 23, 2016 914
Presidential credentials. Apr 21, 2016 136
Brazilians' Trust in Country's Leadership at Record Low. Rios, Jesus; Ray, Julie Survey Apr 7, 2016 659
Brazil poll shows strong support for president's impeachment. Mar 20, 2016 207
6% response to Al-Sisi's demand to donate to Tahya Masr: Baseera poll. Mar 19, 2016 251
As Obama Delivers SOTU, 23% Satisfied With Direction of U.S. McCarthy, Justin Survey Jan 12, 2016 949
Ukrainians Disillusioned With Leadership. Ray, Julie Survey Dec 23, 2015 794
Duterte is top choice for president -- SWS survey. Dec 7, 2015 156
Poll shows Rohani with 89% favorable rating. Survey Oct 9, 2015 415
Roxas credits Aquino endorsement in his ratings' giant leap. Sep 25, 2015 191
Democrats Split on Biden Presidential Run. Saad, Lydia Survey Aug 11, 2015 803
As in 1999, Most Do Not See Trump as Serious Candidate. Dugan, Andrew Jul 14, 2015 832
AEI political report. Survey Jan 1, 2015 2010
Ukrainians Approve of New President. Esipova, Neli; Ray, Julie Dec 18, 2014 975
Despite surge in survey, Poe still won't run for president in 2016. Dec 9, 2014 320
Colorado's Politics Are as Divided as They Get; Obama no more popular in the Centennial State than elsewhere. Saad, Lydia Sep 25, 2014 1572
Luke, I am your president. Brief article Sep 1, 2014 206
Obama's "Strong Disapproval" Double His "Strong Approval"; Republicans are more likely to strongly disapprove now than in 2010. McCarthy, Justin Aug 28, 2014 1020
TURKEY - Aug 08 - Erdogan Urges Voters To 'Explode Ballot Boxes' In Turkish Polls. Ihsanoglu, Ekmeleddin Aug 9, 2014 359
Six in 10 Turks Approve of Erdogan Before Election; Turks increasingly optimistic about their future. Sonnenschein, Jan; Srinivasan, Rajesh Aug 8, 2014 607
Clinton Is Best Known, Best Liked Potential 2016 Candidate; Huckabee's image is slightly better than other GOP contenders. Jones, Jeffrey M. Jul 17, 2014 1192
TURKEY - July 1 - Erdogan On Path To Become Longest-Serving Leader In 'New Turkey'. Jul 5, 2014 721
AEI special poll report: health care and the Affordable Care Act (July 2014). Bowman, Karlyn; Marsico, Jennifer Statistical table Jul 1, 2014 5818
The latest on the VA Scandal. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 211
Polls and elections: party identification in the 2012 presidential election. Winneg, Kenneth M.; Jamieson, Kathleen Hall; Hardy, Bruce W. Mar 1, 2014 5465
Hillary Clinton Maintains Positive Image in U.S. American public's opinion of Vice President Joe Biden is mixed. Swift, Art Feb 21, 2014 915
Opportunity for Graft, Corruption Among Top Responses of Russians to Survey on Country Hosting the Sochi Winter Games. Feb 5, 2014 413
Numbers game. Brief article Jan 24, 2014 173
Georgian President Saakashvili Exits With Few Fans; People less afraid to express political views, Georgians say. Ray, Julie; Esipova, Neli Survey Oct 24, 2013 406
Aquino gets high approval, trust ratings in surveys. Jul 23, 2013 660
POLL: ANASTASIADES LEADS IN CYPRUS RACE. Brief article Feb 12, 2013 164
Improving National Outlook Key to Obama Victory in 2012; U.S. satisfaction, economic confidence, job approval up in recent months. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Nov 8, 2012 979
A look at the political contributions of America's wealthiest Jews. Teeter, Adam Brief article Nov 6, 2012 108
Voters Say This Election Matters More Than Most; But voter attitudes similar to before 2008 and 2004 elections. Newport, Frank Survey Nov 6, 2012 776
In U.S., 15% of Registered Voters Have Already Cast Ballots; Early voting highest in the West and among seniors; similar by party ID. Saad, Lydia Survey Oct 29, 2012 1083
2012 U.S. Electorate Looks Like 2008; Composition of electorate by race, age, gender essentially the same. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Oct 26, 2012 945
Swing-State Voters Say They Are No Better Off Than in 2008; Divided as to whether they would be better off in four years under Obama or Romney. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Aug 20, 2012 1131
Voter Engagement Down Slightly From Last Two Elections; Republicans giving more thought to election than Democrats. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Aug 13, 2012 915
Swing-State Voters' Enthusiasm Matches Voters' Nationally; By 31% to 23%, Romney's swing-state voters are more highly enthusiastic than Obama's. Saad, Lydia Survey Jul 9, 2012 1042
Obama's White Base Shows Cracks Compared With 2008; Support down five points since 2008 among all voters, but more among key 2008 white supporters. Saad, Lydia Survey Jun 12, 2012 1479
Snapshot: Rural Egyptians Are Engaged in Political Process; Rural voters have had a solid presence in Egyptian elections. Survey Jun 7, 2012 423
Obama Averages 47% Job Approval in May; Obama's May average tied with George W. Bush's in 2004 and Gerald Ford's in 1976. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 5, 2012 1107
Michelle Obama Remains Popular in U.S. Sixty-six percent have a positive view of the first lady. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey May 30, 2012 801
Ten Key Insights Into the U.S. Presidential Election; Each candidate has strengths in what is at this point a very close race. Newport, Frank; Jones, Jeffrey M.; Saad, Lydia Survey May 24, 2012 1527
Most Egyptians Expect a Fair, Honest Election; Nearly three in four believe military will hand over power post-election. Younis, Ahmed; Younis, Mohamed Survey May 22, 2012 634
In Presidential Election, Age Is a Factor Only Among Whites; Nonwhites of all ages overwhelmingly support Obama. Newport, Frank Survey May 18, 2012 880
National Mood a Drag on Obama's Re-Election Prospects; U.S. satisfaction and economic ratings low compared with years incumbents won. Saad, Lydia Survey May 16, 2012 1358
Americans See Obama as Solid Favorite to Win Election; Fifty-six percent think Obama will win; 36% think Romney will. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey May 15, 2012 887
Southeast Asian Leaders Earn Highest Job Approval in Asia; Asians generally more likely to approve than disapprove of their leaders. Standish, Melanie Survey May 11, 2012 781
Romney closes gap with Obama in upcoming US presidential race, finds poll. May 1, 2012 129
Most African Leaders Enjoy Strong Support; Electoral, judicial confidence; local economy key to leader's scorecard. Rheault, Magali; Tortora, Bob Survey Apr 25, 2012 821
Obama 49%, Romney 45% Among Registered Voters Nationwide; Obama, Romney supporters equally enthusiastic about voting. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 2, 2012 908
Romney, Santorum Closely Matched Against Obama Nationally; Santorum's standing against Obama has improved along with his overall support. Newport, Frank Survey Feb 23, 2012 658
Santorum Soaring in the Midwest and With Weekly Churchgoers; GOP support for Santorum differs sharply by ideology, religion, and region. Saad, Lydia Survey Feb 22, 2012 892
Republicans Want a Nominee Pre-Convention; Even as 55% wish other candidates were running. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Feb 21, 2012 1004
Most Egyptians Plan to Cast Ballots in Presidential Election; Nearly 9 in 10 believe election will be fair and honest. Younis, Ahmed; Younis, Mohamed Survey Feb 16, 2012 857
Santorum Surges to Tie Romney; Race takes another turn as Santorum gains 14 points since winning Feb. 7 GOP contests. Saad, Lydia Survey Feb 13, 2012 841
Americans Want Specifics, Not Vision, in Obama's Speech; Partisans agree on goals and prospects for State of the Union proposals. Saad, Lydia Survey Jan 24, 2012 909
Egyptians Shifted to Islamist Parties as Elections Neared; But Egyptians' priorities were largely unchanged. Hellyer, H.A. Survey Jan 24, 2012 936
U.S. Satisfaction Up Slightly at Start of 2012, to 18%; Percentage satisfied is lower than in January of other presidential election years. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 11, 2012 824
Gingrich's Lead Over Romney Among Republicans Collapses; Gingrich now in statistical tie with Romney for the lead, 26% vs. 24%. Saad, Lydia Survey Dec 19, 2011 813
Americans Would Swap Electoral College for Popular Vote; Majority of Republicans now agree with most Democrats that Constitution should be amended. Saad, Lydia Survey Oct 24, 2011 930
Romney Competitive With Top GOP Rivals Among Conservatives; Enjoys clear lead in the East and West and slight edge among older Republicans. Saad, Lydia Survey Oct 14, 2011 1168
Cain Surges, Nearly Ties Romney for Lead in GOP Preferences; Romney and Cain closely matched near 20%, with Perry at 15%. Saad, Lydia Survey Oct 10, 2011 1118
24 percent people prefer Perry vis- a- vis 18 percent Romney for 2012 presidential race. Sep 1, 2011 163
New Poll Finds '1967' Speech Had No Impact. Tracy, Marc Jul 5, 2011 528
With Huckabee Out, No Clear GOP Front-Runner; Bachmann and Cain generate high positive intensity among those who know them. Newport, Frank Survey May 17, 2011 996
Hillary Clinton Favorable Near Her All-Time High; Secretary leads the president and vice president in popular appeal. Saad, Lydia Survey Mar 30, 2011 939
Extreme right wing candidate in France tops poll. Brief article Mar 6, 2011 315
Huckabee, Palin, Romney Tie for Lead in GOP '12 Preferences; Huckabee's support up six points since September. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Feb 23, 2011 974
Nameless Republican Ties Obama in 2012 Election Preferences; Young voters less supportive of his re-election than of his election in 2008. Saad, Lydia Survey Feb 16, 2011 881
Obama 52%, Clinton 37% for 2012 Democratic Nomination; Clinton's support highest among conservative, less well-educated Democrats. Newport, Frank Survey Sep 30, 2010 821
Presidential report cards. Statistical table Jul 1, 2010 420
U.S. Voters Split on Obama Re-Election in 2012; Little change seen since March on this measure. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 18, 2010 623
Few Voting-Age Afghans Confident Election Will Be Fair; Half still say voting is effective way to bring about positive change. Srinivasan, Rajesh; Ray, Julie Survey Aug 17, 2009 947
Afghans Name Karzai, "No One" as Most Trusted; More than half believe a new government should run the country. Survey Jun 22, 2009 303
Even Before Dispute, Iranians Split on Honesty of Elections; Urban Iranians far less likely than rural Iranians to express trust. Survey Jun 16, 2009 609
Amid Rallies, Tbilisi Residents Express Desire for Change; Forty-two percent favor a new presidential election. Esipova, Neli; Tskitishvili, Gocha Survey Apr 15, 2009 570
January Uptick in U.S. Investors' Optimism; Change of administrations and stimulus efforts making investors slightly less pessimistic. Jacobe, Dennis Survey Jan 26, 2009 917
In U.S., 60% Tuned In to Inauguration as It Happened; Nearly half (46%) rate Obama's speech as excellent. Saad, Lydia Survey Jan 21, 2009 892
Americans Anticipate Historic Inauguration, Excellent Speech; More see event as a celebration by all Americans than have done so in years past. Morales, Lymari Survey Jan 19, 2009 565
Poll: Little Objection to Rick Warren Giving Inaugural Prayer; Only 9% object to Obama's selection of Warren to give prayer on Tuesday. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 19, 2009 438
Ignorance is bliss: until the pain begins. Knox, Jeff Jan 1, 2009 853
Most Americans Closely Watching Obamaa[euro][TM]s Transition; Though not as many as followed the presidential election. Morales, Lymari Survey Nov 18, 2008 466
Blacks, Postgrads, Young Adults Help Obama Prevail; Women, non-churchgoers also provide strong backing. Survey Nov 6, 2008 1022
Obamaa[euro][TM]s Road to the White House: A Gallup Review; Race was tight until convention period followed by economic crisis. Survey Nov 5, 2008 1156
Voters Have High Personal Investment in Election Outcome; Three-quarters say outcome matters more than in prior elections. Survey Nov 4, 2008 675
Sharp Increase in Concern About Ineligible Voters This Year; McCaina[euro][TM]s backers far more likely to expect a major problem than Obamaa[euro][TM]s. Survey Nov 3, 2008 679
Gallup Daily: Obama Continues to Outpace McCain; Holds 8-point lead among a[euro]traditional likely votersa[euro]. Survey Nov 2, 2008 543
Final Presidential Estimate: Obama 55%, McCain 44%; Independents break for Obama, boosting Obamaa[euro][TM]s broad Democratic base. Survey Nov 2, 2008 1073
By the numbers: industry favors McCain by 2-to-1 over Obama. Lehmann, R.J. Statistical table Nov 1, 2008 601
Gallup Daily: Obamaa[euro][TM]s Lead Widens Some on All Bases; Advances to 8-point lead among a[euro]traditional likely votersa[euro]. Survey Oct 31, 2008 608
Campaign Financing Appears to Be Non-Issue for Voters; At least 7 in 10 say decision to accept public financing does not affect opinion of candidates. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Oct 30, 2008 784
Gallup Daily: Obama Lead Among Likely Voters 5 to 7 Points; Now up 50% to 45% in traditional model. Survey Oct 30, 2008 509
In Kenya, Most Ethnic Groups Distrust 2007 Election; Trust in Electoral Commission plunged 36 points between 2006 and 2008. Rheault, Magali; Tortora, Bob Survey Oct 30, 2008 1185
Special Report: Kenyans' Views on Their Post-Election Crisis; Latest: In Kenya, Most Ethnic Groups Distrust 2007 Election. Survey Oct 30, 2008 201
Economy Reigns Supreme for Voters; More than half rate it a[euro]extremely importanta[euro] to their vote for president. Saad, Lydia Survey Oct 29, 2008 877
Poll: 7 in 10 Americans Say Obama Will Win; Even McCain supporters slightly more likely to say Obama, rather than McCain, will win. Newport, Frank Survey Oct 28, 2008 529
Gallup Daily: Presidential Race Narrows Slightly; Obama leads by two to seven points among likely voters. Survey Oct 28, 2008 567
Voters Not Eager for One-Party Control of Government; Divide as to which party should control Congress if Obama is elected. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Oct 28, 2008 916
Early Voting Now Up to 18%; Obama doing better among those who have voted or say they will vote before Nov. 4. Newport, Frank Survey Oct 28, 2008 540
Most Chinese Have No Opinion in U.S. Election; Preference for Obama is higher in urban areas. Naurath, Nicole Survey Oct 28, 2008 541
Gallup Daily: Race Stable With Obama Leading; Obama continues to lead by five to 10 points, depending on voter definition. Survey Oct 27, 2008 568
McCain Retains Support of Highly Religious White Voters; White weekly church attenders support McCain over Obama by 37-point margin. Newport, Frank Survey Oct 27, 2008 765
Early Read on Early Voting, Could Reach 30%; Obama and McCain supporters voting early at about the same rate. Newport, Frank Survey Oct 24, 2008 733
Half of life is just showing up. Brief article Oct 24, 2008 149
Gallup's Quick Read on the Election; Updated Oct. 7, 2008. Survey Oct 7, 2008 733
Do you have faith in your vote? Catholics are valued voters for the candidates because they take their faith and their role in democracy seriously. In a U.S. Catholic survey, though, readers reveal that faith can lead voters in very different directions. Gary, Heather Grennan Oct 1, 2008 2920
Study: McCain Supporters Prefer TV, Obama Backers Don't. Consoli, John Brief article Sep 30, 2008 181
Presidential Debates Rarely Game-Changers; But have moved voter preferences in several elections. Saad, Lydia Sep 25, 2008 1126
Shifts in Last Two Months of Election Not Uncommon; Average change in "gap" since 1936 is 6.6 points. Newport, Frank Survey Sep 17, 2008 1007
Over 70 percent fear an Obama presidency; It is clear job-creating business leaders chose McCain over Obama largely because his policies are seen as pro-growth, whereas Obama's policies are viewed as redistributive and anti-growth. Kopko, Ed Survey Sep 1, 2008 1405
Registered nurses' perspectives on health care and the 2008 presidential election. Buerhaus, Peter I.; Ulrich, Beth; Donelan, Karen; DesRoches, Catherine Survey Jul 1, 2008 5990
New Russian President to Inherit Low Approval Worldwide; Russia's leadership receives low marks in much of Western world. Esipova, Neli; English, Cynthia Survey May 7, 2008 499
Poll finds that physicians long for political action. Weimar, Carrie May 1, 2008 2240
Democrats Split on Whether Campaign Is Hurting the Party; Obama and Clinton supporters diverge. Survey Apr 22, 2008 640
Hillary Si! Rudy No! ImpreMedia Poll Finds GOP Slipping Among Hispanics. Staff, E&P Survey Dec 13, 2007 457
Update on Ratings of Bush, Congress; Thirty-seven percent approve of Bush, 22% of Congress. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Dec 12, 2007 508
GALLUP: Romney Speech Flopped? Many Still Say Won't Vote for Mormon. Staff, E&P Brief article Dec 11, 2007 174
Latest Update Shows Bush Job Approval at 34%; Nearly 15 months since last rating above 40%. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Dec 5, 2007 589
Congress' Approval Rating at 20%; Bush's Approval at 32%. Carroll, Joseph Survey Nov 20, 2007 521
Half of Americans Strongly Disapprove of Bush Performance; Republicans maintain more positive view. Newport, Frank Survey Nov 6, 2007 548
New Poll Suggests Stephen Colbert Should Be Frontrunner Within a Month! Mitchell, Greg Brief article Oct 25, 2007 389
GALLUP: Despite Nobel Prize, No 'Groundswell' for Gore for President. Staff, E&P Brief article Oct 12, 2007 173
GALLUP: Hillary With 21% Lead Over Obama -- But 'Negatives' Remain. Staff, E&P Brief article Oct 10, 2007 148
New Yorkers Continue to Lead 2008 Nomination Contests; Giuliani's favorable image holding steady with Republicans. Saad, Lydia May 16, 2007 993
Experience A Major Reason Clinton Has Edge Over Obama; Concerns about Clinton often cited as reason to support Obama. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey May 10, 2007 932
Clinton Solidifies Lead Among Democrats, Giuliani Still Tops GOP Field; Clinton favorable rating back to 50%. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey May 8, 2007 895
Happy Birthday, Abe: Gallup Finds Lincoln Now Tops Reagan as All-Time Best Prez. Staff, E&P Brief article Feb 19, 2007 180
Clinton Eclipses Obama and Edwards on Leadership; Obama enjoys a softer image as likable, a uniter. Survey Jan 31, 2007 1021
Clinton Remains the Front-runner Among Democrats; McCain and Giuliani are front-runners among Republicans. Survey Jan 18, 2007 1009
GOP Presidential Hopefuls: Two Stars and a Blank Slate; Gallup probes public images of McCain, Giuliani, and Romney. Saad, Lydia Survey Jan 18, 2007 1410
Bush Speech Did Little to Convince Public of Clear Iraq Plan; Half believe neither Bush nor Democrats have clear plans. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 17, 2007 927
Opposition to Troop Increase Unchanged After Bush's Iraq Speech; Americans divided on issue of congressional block on funds for increase. Newport, Frank; Carroll, Joseph Survey Jan 16, 2007 1485
Ecuadorians Elect Correa Amid Extreme Frustration; U.S.-trained technocrat raises anti-corruption, anti-U.S. banners and connects with a disillusioned populace. Rios, Jesus Survey Nov 28, 2006 803
Youth Voter Turnout 1992 to 2004: Estimates from Exit Polls. CIRCLE Fact Sheet. Abstract Jan 25, 2005 149

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