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What is the relationship of stress to patients' kidney stone-related quality of life? Lundeen, Colin; Lim, Jonathan R.Z.; Scotland, Kymora B.; Ardekani, Reza Safaee; Penniston, Kristina Report Mar 4, 2021 3325
Validation of the French version of the Wisconsin Quality of Life (WISQOL) questionnaire for patients with nephrolithiasis. Bhojani, Naeem; Moussaoui, Ghizlane; Nguyen, David-Dan; Trudel, Mei Juan; Topouzian, Garo-Shant; Top Report Mar 2, 2021 3664
Nigeria survey suggests 23% of Lagos residents had Covid last year. Feb 24, 2021 562
COVID-19: NCDC , NIMR Release Report On Frequency Of Infection Among Household In Four States. Feb 24, 2021 614
Comparative Evaluation of Discomfort, Expectations and Functional Experiences during Treatment of Class II Malocclusion with Forsus Fixed Functional Appliance and Sharma's Class II Corrector--A Questionnaire Based Survey. Murarka, Shriya Prakash; Shrivastav, Sunita; Kamble, Ranjit; Dargahwala, Hamza; Khakhar, Prutha; Joh Survey Feb 22, 2021 3900
NCDC, NIMR Release Findings Of COVID-19 Household Zero-Prevalence. Feb 22, 2021 605
Assessment of Knowledge with Regard to Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors among College Students Using Heart Disease Fact Questionnaire. Yeluri, Seshagiri Rao; Gara, Himavathy Kodandarao; Vanamali, Dharma Rao Feb 8, 2021 4087
Perspective, Awareness, and Behaviour towards Text-Neck among Medical Students of Majmaah University--A Cross Sectional Study. Medani, Khaled El Tohami; Ahmad, Mohammed Shakil; Sami, Waqas; Shaik, Riyaz Ahamed; Mohamed, Elsadig Feb 1, 2021 3926
Covid symptom app shows R rate below 1 across UK -but flags up 3 'at-risk' hotspots; The Zoe Covid Symptom Study suggests the coronavirus epidemic is shrinking amid lockdowns across the UK, with second wave infections peaking and plunging by 51 per cent in a fortnight. By, Chris Kitching Jan 22, 2021 671
KDCA head's study supports resuming offline classes at school. Jan 21, 2021 526
Evaluation of Proper Inhaler Use in Children with Acute Asthma Admitted to the Emergency Department: A Single-Center Cross-Sectional Study. Cinar, Aysegul Aslan; Altinkaynak, Pinar; Besli, Esen; Ozdemir, Mehmet; Arga, Mustafa Report Jan 19, 2021 5782
Pandemic leads to slump in heart disease tests, says study. Jan 18, 2021 456
Public should be informed about COVID-19 vaccines --OCTA Research. Jan 6, 2021 528
Only 1 out of 4 NCR respondents willing to get COVID-19 vaccines -- OCTA Research. Jan 5, 2021 483
Estimating the Force of Infection for Dengue Virus Using Repeated Serosurveys, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Lim, Jacqueline K.; Carabali, Mabel; Edwards, Tansy; Barro, Ahmed; Lee, Jung-Seok; Dahourou, Desire; Report Jan 1, 2021 7607
COVID-19 drives innovation in addiction treatment. Lowry, Fran Jan 1, 2021 903
Patients' Coping Behaviors to Unavailability of Essential Medicines in Primary Care in Developed Urban China. Wu, Dan; Lam, Tai Pong; Lam, Kwok Fai; Sun, Kai Sing; Zhou, Xu Dong Jan 1, 2021 5762
Closing schools 'bad idea' as Covid app finds kids 'not to blame' for soaring cases; Findings from the ZOE Covid Symptom Study UK Infection Survey show cases in under-18s remain fairly low and have not risen recently -leading one scientist to say closing schools is not the right decision. By, Danya Bazaraa Dec 31, 2020 656
R number could be 1.4 in London warns major study with full table of infection rates; The ZOE Covid Symptom Study UK Infection Survey estimates the UK R number is 1.2 but it's higher in England and in London specifically. By, Tom Davidson Dec 23, 2020 767
'Bleak' new coronavirus data shows start of third wave earlier than expected; According to the ZOE COVID Symptom Study UK Infection Survey There are currently 26,897 daily new symptomatic cases of Covid-19 in the UK on average over the two weeks up to 13 December. By, Abigail O'Leary Dec 18, 2020 497
Most Kenyans would take Covid-19 vaccine - study. Dec 18, 2020 567
More than 50 percent of schools infected with Covid-19 during second wave, figures show; Round one of the Schools Infection Study (SIS) study, which tested current infection in 105 schools across England in November, found over 55.2 percent had infections among staff and pupils. By, Ryan Merrifield Dec 17, 2020 329
Survey to assess awareness, attitudes to vaccine kicks off today. Dec 14, 2020 333
Covid symptom study grim reading for Wales, London and other areas in danger of Tier 3; Across England, daily new cases are decreasing in all regions apart from London, which is the only area where cases are not going down, according to a study. By, Danya Bazaraa Dec 11, 2020 577
New Covid-19 symptom identified as scientists say 'strange sensation in nose' could be early sign; Researchers from the University of Barcelona have found that the nasal sensation could be a key early sign of infection. By, Katie Dickinson Dec 1, 2020 336
Depression and anxiety in people affected by leprosy and lymphatic filariasis: a cross-sectional study in four States in India. Mangeard-Lourme, Jennifer; Arquer, Guillermo Robert de; Parasa, Jayaram; Singh, Rajni Kant; Satleb, Report Dec 1, 2020 7398
Patient-reported outcomes collected in ambulatory oncology practices: Feasibility, patterns, and correlates. Friese, Christopher R.; Fauer, Alex J.; Kuisell, Clare; Mendelsohn-Victor, Kari; Wright, Nathan C.; Dec 1, 2020 5094
Restless Legs Syndrome/Willis-Ekbom Disease in Multiple Sclerosis Patients with Spinal Cord Lesions. Sunter, Gulin; Kilinc, Ozden; Berk, Ahmet; Akcabey, Seyfullah; Salduz, Ekrem; Ozturkcu, Hakan; Gunal Clinical report Dec 1, 2020 3077
Awareness of Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Among Dental Students. Keser, Gaye; Pekiner, Filiz Namdar Dec 1, 2020 3247
Shared decision-making for the management of small renal masses: Development and acceptability testing of a novel patient decision aid. Mcalpine, Kristen; Breau, Rodney H.; Stacey, Dawn; Knee, Christopher; Jewett, Michael A.S.; Violette Report Dec 1, 2020 4537
Prevalence of Complementary/Alternative Medicine use in Cancer Patients in a Tertiary Hospital in Puerto Rico. Torres-Vega, Daniel; Cabanillas, Fernando; Rivera, Noridza; Sollivan, Pedro; Pardo, Wandaly; Rivera, Dec 1, 2020 4154
Medium-sized firms predict recovery once vaccines rolled out. Nov 30, 2020 188
Coronavirus: Only two out of three people say they 'would get Covid-19 vaccine', study finds; Nearly one in 10 (9%) people have told a survey they were unlikely to have the Covid-19 vaccination, while 27% have stated they were unsure about being immunised. By, Nilima Marshall & Shivali Best Nov 27, 2020 636
Only two out of three people say they 'would get Covid-19 vaccine'; Researchers found people who have had the flu jab were more likely to get the vaccine. By, Nilima Marshall, PA & Lorna Hughes Nov 27, 2020 431
Covid-19 antibody surveys underestimate infections: study. Nov 26, 2020 370
Impact of Sleep Patterns on Glycaemic Levels in Healthy Young Adults. Venkatesan, Nanditha; Nanda, Rachita; Patel, Suprava; Mohapatra, Eli Survey Nov 23, 2020 4515
Correlation of BMI with Associated Comorbidity --A Cross Sectional Study at a Tertiary Care Centre. Singh, Pratibha; Pradeep, Yashodhara Nov 23, 2020 2219
CytoDyn files protocol with FDA for Phase 2 leronlimab trial in 'long-hauler' coronavirus patients. Nov 18, 2020 417
COVID19: Cyprus volunteers wanted for pandemic survey. fm Nov 17, 2020 481
Coronavirus cases declining across UK and 'end in sight' -but rates on rise in Midlands; Figures released by the ZOE COVID Symptom Study UK Infection Survey shows there are on average 35,963 daily new cases of coronavirus in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. By, Lorraine King Nov 13, 2020 447
Coronavirus cases fall in previous hotspots but spike in London and south; According to the ZOE COVID Symptom Study UK Infection Survey, the R number is falling in the North West and the North East and Yorkshire, following weeks of rising case numbers. By, Milo Boyd Nov 6, 2020 504
Kidney cancer survivorship care: Patient experiences in a Canadian setting. Rai, Yeshith; Zheng, Shiyu; Chappell, Heather; Pulandiran, Menaka; Jones, Jennifer Report Nov 1, 2020 5366
Seroprevalence of Leptospira in Racehorses and Broodmares in New Zealand. Bolwell, Charlotte F.; Rogers, Chris W.; Benschop, Jackie; Collins-Emerson, Julie M.; Adams, Brooke; Report Nov 1, 2020 10268
Appraising the Welfare of Thoroughbred Racehorses in Training in Queensland, Australia: The Incidence and Type of Musculoskeletal Injuries Vary between Two-Year-Old and Older Thoroughbred Racehorses. Crawford, Kylie L.; Finnane, Anna; Greer, Ristan M.; Phillips, Clive J.C.; Woldeyohannes, Solomon M. Nov 1, 2020 10353
SUPERVISORS' OPINION OF SKILLS REQUIRED OF GENERAL SURGICAL TRAINEES. Rana Hassan Javaid, Ahmed Waqas, Amer Mian and Asma Afzal Kiani Oct 31, 2020 3457
Phentolamine Mesylate as a Drug for Reversal of Local Anaesthesia --A Questionnaire Based Study. Shetty, Chitharanjan; Devanathan, Nikhita; Shetty, Aditya; Shetty, Shishir; Hegde, Mithra N. Report Oct 26, 2020 2495
Household Seroprevalence Survey gives understanding of COVID-19 infection- NCDC. Disease/Disorder overview Oct 21, 2020 471
Screening for body dysmorphic disorder among patients pursuing cosmetic surgeries in Saudi Arabia. Mortada, Hatan; Seraj, Hadeel; Bokhari, Amal Survey Oct 1, 2020 5927
Survey of Risk Factors and Genetic Characterization of Ewe Neck in a World Population of Pura Raza Espanol Horses. Ripolles, Maria; Sanchez-Guerrero, Maria J.; Perdomo-Gonzalez, Davinia I.; Azor, Pedro; Valera, Merc Oct 1, 2020 7145
Dirofilaria immitis Could Be a Risk Factor for the Development of Allergic Diseases in Humans. Montoya-Alonso, Jose Alberto; Morchon, Rodrigo; Matos, Jorge Isidoro; Falcon-Cordon, Yaiza; Costa-Ro Oct 1, 2020 4070
Intimate partner violence in older South African women: An analysis of the 2016 Demographic and Health Survey. Metheny, N.; Essack, Z. Report Oct 1, 2020 6709
Quality of life, depression, and psychosocial mechanisms of suicide risk in prostate cancer. Tripp, Dean A.; Mihajlovic, Valentina; Fretz, Katherine; Fervaha, Gagan; Izard, Jason; Corby, Rebecc Report Oct 1, 2020 5258
Knowledge and confidence level of Canadian urology residents toward biostatistics: A national survey. Couture, Felix; Nguyen, David-Dan; Bhojani, Naeem; Lee, Jason Y.; Richard, Patrick O. Report Oct 1, 2020 4054
Perceptions, knowledge, and attitudes toward complementary and alternative medicine among Saudi patients with vitiligo. Elzahrani, Mohamed; Aleid, Abdulaziz; Alhwimani, Abdullah; Altamamy, Sultan; Almalki, Raad; AlKushi, Report Oct 1, 2020 3405
Factors Influencing Pain and Anxiety Before Endodontic Treatment: A Cross-Sectional Study Amongst American Individuals. Alroomy, Riyadh; Kim, Dana; Hochberg, Robert; Chubak, Joshua; Rosenberg, Paul A.; Malek, Mathew Oct 1, 2020 3823
Relationship of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders with Religion and Psychosocial attitude among Local Medical College Students of Karachi: An epidemiological study. Asghar, Muhammad Arif; Rehman, Ahad Abdul; Shaq, Yousra; Siddiq, Afshan; Zehravi, Mehrukh; Khan, Kam Report Sep 30, 2020 3698
Nine in ten recovered Covid-19 patients experience side-effects. Reuters News Service Sep 29, 2020 274
Public Awareness of Invasive Fungal Diseases--United States, 2019. Benedict, Kaitlin; Molinari, Noelle Angelique M.; Jackson, Brendan R. Survey Sep 25, 2020 3965
COVID-19: NCDC to conduct surveys in Gombe, Enugu, Nasarawa, Lagos. Sep 21, 2020 516
NCDC, NIMR Launch COVID-19 Household Seroprevalence Surveys. Sep 21, 2020 383
NCDC, NIMR, partners to conduct COVID-19 antibody tests in 4 states. Sep 21, 2020 499
We also must immunize ourselves against half-truths and politics. Sep 16, 2020 713
We also must immunize ourselves against half-truths and politics. Javeed Akhter Guest Columnist Sep 16, 2020 787
Antibody-testing surveys 'may be inaccurate'. Sep 4, 2020 435
Heterogeneity of Dengue Illness in Community-Based Prospective Study, Iquitos, Peru. Elson, William H.; Reiner, Robert C.; Siles, Crystyan; Bazan, Isabel; Vilcarromero, Stalin; Riley-Po Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 6326
Patients' perspective of telephone visits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Locke, Jennifer; Herschorn, Sender; Neu, Sarah; Klotz, Laurence; Kodama, Ron; Carr, Lesley Survey Sep 1, 2020 3161
Quality of Life Assessment in Patients with Behcet's Disease using the Persian Version of the Leeds BD-QoL Questionnaire. Aflaki, Elham; Farahangiz, Saman; Salehi, Alireza Sep 1, 2020 4178
Improving Access to Antimicrobial Prescribing Guidelines in 4 African Countries: Development and Pilot Implementation of an App and Cross-Sectional Assessment of Attitudes and Behaviour Survey of Healthcare Workers and Patients. Olaoye, Omotayo; Tuck, Chloe; Khor, Wei Ping; McMenamin, Roisin; Hudson, Luke; Northall, Mike; Panfo Report Sep 1, 2020 6631
Clinical Significance of Carbapenem-Tolerant Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolated in the Respiratory Tract. Azuma, Momoyo; Murakami, Keiji; Murata, Rina; Kataoka, Keiko; Fujii, Hideki; Miyake, Yoichiro; Nishi Report Sep 1, 2020 5581
Survey on Sheep Usage in Biomedical Research. Berset, Corina Mihaela; Lanker, Urban; Zeiter, Stephan Report Sep 1, 2020 2221
A Survey of New South Wales Sheep Producer Practices and Perceptions on Lamb Mortality and Ewe Supplementation. Kopp, Kayla; Hernandez-Jover, Marta; Robertson, Susan; Abuelo, Angel Report Sep 1, 2020 7801
Assessing the Desmoid-Type Fibromatosis Patients' Voice: Comparison of Health-Related Quality of Life Experiences from Patients of Two Countries. Timbergen, Milea J.M.; van der Graaf, Winette T.A.; Grunhagen, Dirk J.; Younger, Eugenie; Sleijfer, Aug 31, 2020 6920
Analysis of Motor Complication and Relative Factors in a Cohort of Chinese Patients with Parkinson's Disease. Sun, Baihua; Wang, Tao; Li, Nianying; Qiao, and Jin Survey Aug 31, 2020 5727
Kiniksa presents data on survey assessing impact of recurrent pericarditis. Aug 31, 2020 320
Workplace Violence against Healthcare Professionals--A Cross-Sectional Study to Assess the Current Scenario in Chennai City, India. Kesavan, Ramakrishnan; Abraham, Vinita Mary; Reddy, Vishwani; Khan, Tanaaz; Sankar, Vishali; Swathi, Survey Aug 31, 2020 4188
Hepatitis B Infection and Mother-to-Child Transmission in Haiphong, Vietnam: A Cohort Study with Implications for Interventions. Khue, Pham Minh; Linh, Nguyen Thi Thuy; Vinh, Vu Hai; Dung, Luu Vu; Van, Bang Nguyen Report Aug 31, 2020 8770
Haematological and Biochemical Reference Values for Healthy Population of Maferinyah Rural Community in Guinea. Beavogui, Abdoul Habib; Toure, Almamy Amara; Camara, Daouda; Doumbouya, Abdoulaye; Sylla, Malick Min Report Aug 31, 2020 9793
Four out of 10 Pinoys say Russia COVID vaccine safe to use. Aug 24, 2020 525
Identifying research obstacles; a cross sectional comparative study of perceptions of postgraduate medical and dental residents in three public sector medical colleges. Khan, Nabiha Farasat; Saeed, Muhammad; Bari, Attia; Butt, Arshad Kamal Report Aug 14, 2020 4192
SHORT COMMUNICATION - Prevalence of allergic rhinitis among healthcare workers and its impact on their work: a cross-sectional survey at a tertiary healthcare centre in Pakistan. Siddiqui, Moghira Iqbaluddin; Dhanani, Rahim; Moiz, Huzaifa Report Aug 14, 2020 2608
Perceptions and Factors Affecting Patient Safety Culture of Employees in Pediatric Services. Karademirler, Yuksel; Manav, Gulay Aug 4, 2020 5640
A Study of the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Anxiety Levels of Young Adults in India. Mani, Vinita Elizabeth; Sarkar, Zubair; Gutti, Nagendra Babu Aug 3, 2020 3919
Turkish Adaptation and Reliability and Validity Study of Parent Attitudes About Childhood Vaccines Survey. Bulun, Mehtap Ataseven; Acuner, Deniz Aug 2, 2020 4585
Factors Affecting Canine Obesity Seem to Be Independent of the Economic Status of the Country--A Survey on Hungarian Companion Dogs. Julianna, Torda Orsolya; Kata, Vekony; Katalin, Juno Vanda; Peter, Pongracz Aug 1, 2020 7500
Mental Health Disease or Preventable Problem? Australian Dog Trainers' Opinions about Canine Separation Anxiety Differ with Training Style. Hunter, Trepheena; van Rooy, Diane; McArthur, Michelle; Bennett, Sara; Tuke, Jonathan; Hazel, Susan Aug 1, 2020 8771
Public insurance expansions and mental health care availability. Blunt, Elson Oshman; Maclean, Johanna Catherine; Popovici, loana; Marcus, Steven C. Report Aug 1, 2020 9096
Epilepsy trigger factors in Saudi Arabia: A missing part of the puzzle. Alshamrani, Foziah J.; Alshurem, Mohammed A.; Almuaigel, MohammedF.; AlMohish, Noor M. Aug 1, 2020 3193
Effect of waiting time estimates on patients satisfaction in the emergency department in a tertiary care center. Alrajhi, Khaled N.; Aljerian, Nawfal A.; Alazaz, Rand N.; Araier, Lama B.; Alqahtani, Lujane S.; Alm Aug 1, 2020 2482
Validation and reliability of the Turkish version of the inflammatory bowel disease questionnaire for ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. Kani, Haluk Tank; Ergenc, Ilkay; Arikan, Huseyin; Komesli, Zeynep; Seyrek, Berfin; Demirtas, Coskun Aug 1, 2020 3615
Validation and reliability of the Turkish version of the inflammatory bowel disease questionnaire for ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. Kani, Haluk Tarik; Ergenc, Ilkay; Arikan, Huseyin; Komesli, Zeynep; Seyrek, Berfin; Demirtas, Coskun Aug 1, 2020 3549
Association between Chronic Pain and Diabetes/Prediabetes: A Population-Based Cross-Sectional Survey in Saudi Arabia. Aldossari, Khaled K.; Shubair, Mamdouh M.; Zahrani, Jamaan Al-; Alduraywish, Abdulrahman A.; AlAhmar Survey Jul 31, 2020 4085
The Association between Emergency Department Super-Utilizer Status and Willingness to Participate in Research. Young, Henry W., II; Martin, Emmett T.; Kwiatkowski, Evan; Tyndall, J. Adrian; Cottler, Linda B. Clinical report Jul 31, 2020 3947
Data Analytics in Mental Healthcare. Ul haq, Ayesha Kamran; Khattak, Amira; Jamil, Noreen; Naeem, M. Asif; Mirza, Farhaan Report Jul 31, 2020 6734
Owners can help disease research; EQUINE. JIM MILLAR Jul 13, 2020 168
Prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea in female patients with fibromyalgia. Mutlu, Pinar; Zateri, Coskun; Zohra, Ali; Ozerdogan, Ozgur; Mirici, Arzu N. Jul 1, 2020 4007
Survey: 26% of parents hesitant about influenza vaccine. Remaly, Jake Jul 1, 2020 736
Assessment of Knowledge and Attitude of Tuberculosis Patients in Direct Observation Therapy Program towards Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study. Kusheno, Firew Tadesse; Nguse, Teklehaimanot Mezgebe; Gebretekle, Gebremedhin Beedemariam Jun 30, 2020 7372
Comparing the Characteristics of Cigarette Smoking and e-Cigarette and IQOS Use among Adolescents in Taiwan. Lee, Yue-Chune; Chang, Li-Chuan; Hsu, Chieh; Chen, Pei-Ching Jun 30, 2020 7599
Availability and Utilization of WHO Lifesaving Medicines for Children under Five in Public Health Facilities of the Jimma Zone, South West Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Survey. Tujo, Tidenek Mulugeta; Gurmu, Tadesse Gudeta Survey Jun 30, 2020 7489
Validation of Parkinson's Disease-Related Questionnaires in South Africa. Nelson, Gill; Ndlovu, Ntombizodwa; Christofides, Nicola; Hlungwani, Tintswalo M.; Faust, Irene; Race Jun 30, 2020 5617
Research on Relationships among Different Disease Types of Cement Concrete Pavement Based on Structural Equation Model. Chen, Qiqi; Wang, Guanhu Jun 30, 2020 9133
Evaluation of Selection of Various Treatment Modalities Chosen by Subjects for Replacing Single Missing Tooth--A Questionnaire Survey in Western Maharashtra Population. Jadhav, Amit Bajirao; Sanyal, Pronob Kumar; Thorat, Priyanka Bharat; Pawashe, Karuna Gajanan Jun 29, 2020 2666
BioCryst presents findings from hereditary angioedema patient surveys. Jun 7, 2020 252
Patient social risk factors and continuity of care for Medicare beneficiaries. Johnston, Kenton J.; Mittler, Jessica; Hockenberry, Jason M. Report Jun 1, 2020 9143
NIH-supported research survey to examine impact of COVID-19 on rare disease community. Jun 1, 2020 246
Most epidermolysis bullosa patients turn to topical antimicrobials. Splete, Heidi Jun 1, 2020 423
The Turkish version of the childhood bladder and bowel dysfunction questionnaire (CBBDQ): Cross-cultural adaptation, reliability and construct validity. Aydin, Gamze; van Engelenburg - van Lonkhuyzen, Marieke L.; Baktir, Seda; Mutlu, Ebru Kaya; Mutlu, C Jun 1, 2020 4872
Prevalence and Risk Factors Associated with Anemia among Women of Childbearing Age in Rwanda. Habyarimana, Faustin; Zewotir, Temesgen; Ramroop, Shaun Jun 1, 2020 7072
Prevalence of complementary and alternative medicine use in brain tumor patients at King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Atteiah, Abdulgadir; Marouf, Azmi; Alhazmi, Rayan; Alghamdi, Albaraa; Almalki, Khalid; Albugamy, Fai Survey Jun 1, 2020 4930
Reliability and Validity of the Turkish Version of Arthritis Research UK Musculoskeletal Health Questionnaire. Akkubak, Yasemin; Kulunkoglu, Bahar Anaforoglu Jun 1, 2020 4489
The Turkish version of the childhood bladder and bowel dysfunction questionnaire (CBBDQ): Cross-cultural adaptation, reliability and construct validity. Aydin, Gamze; van Engelenburg-van Lonkhuyzen, Marieke L.; Baktir, Seda; Mutlu, Ebru Kaya; Mutlu, Can Jun 1, 2020 4840
Reliability and Validity of Nurses' Experiences of Infection Prevention and Control Questionnaire. Aktas, Eda; Ozcelik, Cagri Covener; Ocakci, Ayse Ferda Jun 1, 2020 2853
Validity and Reliability of the Thai Version of the Short Mood and Feelings Questionnaire. Lerthattasilp, T.; Tapanadechopone, P.; Butrdeewong, P. Jun 1, 2020 2494
Perioperative Antibiotic Prophylaxis: Knowledge and Attitudes among Resident Physicians in Italy. Pelullo, Concetta Paola; Pepe, Angela; Napolitano, Francesco; Coppola, Nicola; Di Giuseppe, Gabriell Author abstract Jun 1, 2020 6724
Development of a Tailored, Complex Intervention for Clinical Reflection and Communication about Suspected Urinary Tract Infections in Nursing Home Residents. Arnold, Sif H.; Olesen, Julie A.; Jensen, Jette N.; Bjerrum, Lars; Holm, Anne; Kousgaard, Marius B. Report Jun 1, 2020 8843
Laser Acupuncture Alleviates Symptoms and Improves Quality of Life in Women with Overactive Bladder: A Double-Blind, Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial. Chang, Yu-Wei; Lo, Tsia-Shu; Chang, Hsin-Ning; Shiao, Yi-Hsien; Yeh, Yuan- Chieh May 31, 2020 6629
Assessment of Exposure to Sexually Explicit Materials and Substance Abuse among High-School Adolescents in North Shewa Zone: Application of Logistic Regression Analysis. Woldeamanuel, Berhanu Teshome; Anteneh, Leul Mekonnen; Yohannes, Yordanos Berihun; Aga, Merga Abdiss May 31, 2020 9664
Pre- and Postoperative Health Status of Patients with Nonfunctioning and Secretory Pituitary Adenomas and an Analysis of Related Factors. Zhang, Yi; Guo, Xiaopeng; Wang, Lijun; Guo, Jinzhu; Zhao, Haiyan; Sun, Shuang; Sun, Yanxia; Xu, Dong May 31, 2020 7115
Prevalence and Knowledge of Hepatitis B Virus Infection among Pregnant Women in the Ningo-Prampram District, Ghana. Kwadzokpui, Precious Kwablah; Akorsu, Elliot Elikplim; Abaka-Yawson, Albert; Quarshie, Solomon Sosu; Medical condition overview May 31, 2020 6519
Association between Poor Ergophthalmologic Practices and Computer Vision Syndrome among University Administrative Staff in Ghana. Boadi-Kusi, Samuel Bert; Abu, Sampson Listowell; Acheampong, George Oppong; Adueming, Peter Osei-Wus Survey May 31, 2020 5618
Lightship Market Research Confirms Patients' Interest in Direct-to-Patient Trial offering Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic. May 29, 2020 483
Akcea, Ionis announce publication of long-term data of TEGSEDI. May 28, 2020 588
Hydroxychloroquine linked to higher risk of death in coronavirus patients - Study. Clinical report May 27, 2020 410
Survival and HIV-Free Survival Among Children Aged [less than or equal to]3 Years--Eight Sub-Saharan African Countries, 2015-2017. Jonnalagadda, Sasi; Yuengling, Katharine; Abrams, Elaine; Stupp, Paul; Voetsch, Andrew; Patel, Monit May 15, 2020 4635
Zika Virus Circulation in Mali. Diarra, Issa; Nurtop, Elif; Sangare, Abdoul Karim; Sagara, Issaka; Pastorino, Boris; Sacko, Souleyma May 1, 2020 5145
Spillover: Most of the world's recent pandemics originated from animals; researchers are deploying disease modelling and animal surveys to identify new hotspots. Disease/Disorder overview May 1, 2020 765
Health-related quality of life in elderly patients with bronchiectasis. Niksarlioglu, Elif Yelda; Yigitbas, Burcu; Camsari, Gungor; Kosar, Filiz May 1, 2020 4104
Consensus on the Clinical Approach to Moderate-to-Severe Atopic Dermatitis in Spain: A Delphi Survey. Sastre, Joaquin; Baldrich, Esther Serra; Hita, Jose Carlos Armario; Herraez, L.; Jauregui, Ignacio; Apr 30, 2020 8855
Survey Shows 68% of Americans Now More Interested in Clinical Trial Participation as COVID-19 News Continues to Boost Awareness of Medical Research. Apr 24, 2020 383
Diagnostic capabilities of the WHOQOL-100 Questionnaire in Life's Quality assessment for patients with coronary heart disease and atrial fibrillation. Snezhitskiy, V.A.; Surmach, M. Yu; Boyko, S.L. Apr 15, 2020 3628
Recovery from hemorrhoids and anal fissure without surgery. Sisik, Abdullah; Basak, Fatih; Hasbahceci, Mustafa; Acar, Aylin; Kilic, Ali; Ozel, Yahya; Bas, Gurha Apr 1, 2020 4199
Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome, Japan, 2013-2017. Kobayashi, Yusuke; Kato, Hirofumi; Yamagishi, Takuya; Shimada, Tomoe; Matsui, Tamano; Yoshikawa, Tom Apr 1, 2020 5419
Assessment of Family Satisfaction in Anesthesiology and Reanimation Intensive Care Unit. Ekici, Arzu Akdagli; Akinci, Seda Banu; Pamuk, Almila Gulsun; Kilicaslan, Banu; Kav, Ezgi Su Aslan Apr 1, 2020 4660
Recovery from hemorrhoids and anal fissure without surgery. Sisik, Abdullah; Basak, Fatih; Hasbahceci, Mustafa; Acar, Aylin; Kilic, Ali; Ozel, Yahya; Bas, Gurha Apr 1, 2020 4321
Knowledge regarding Zika Virus Infection among Healthcare Providers in an Academic Tertiary Care Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional Survey Study. Alessa, Mohammed; Alzahrani, Mohammed; Alshehri, Abdulmajeed; Aljrboa, Amjad; Bustami, Rami; Almango Survey Mar 31, 2020 3657
Self-Reported Complications after Tonsillectomy: Comparison of Responders and Nonresponders to a Mailed Questionnaire. Haye, Rolf; Dosen, Liv Kari; Gay, Caryl; TarAngen, Magnus; Shiryaeva, Olga Mar 31, 2020 5087
Prevalence and Risk Factors Associated with Type 2 Diabetes in Elderly Patients Aged 45-80 Years at Kanungu District. Asiimwe, Debrah; Mauti, Godfrey O.; Kiconco, Ritah Clinical report Mar 31, 2020 2941
Prevalence of Diabetes and Prediabetes among Children Aged 11-14 Years Old in Vietnam. Phan, Duong H.; Do, Vuong V.; Khuong, Long Q.; Nguyen, Hung T.; Minh, Hoang V. Mar 31, 2020 6225
Sociodemographic and Lifestyle Factors Associated with Adherence to Mediterranean Diet in Representative Adult Population in Casablanca City, Morocco: A Cross-Sectional Study. Mohtadi, Karima; Msaad, Rajaa; Benalioua, Najwa; Jafri, Ali; Meftah, Hasnaa; Elkardi, Younes; Lebraz Mar 31, 2020 7226
Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Validation of the Simplified Chinese Version of the Lower Extremity Functional Scale. Zhang, Chuanxin; Liu, Yaqun; Yuan, Shuai; Yang, Tianbo; Gao, Yuan; Zhu, Chao; Ding, Zheru Mar 31, 2020 5388
Association of Cost and Medical Service Satisfaction with Korean and Conventional Medicine Use before and after Surgery in Postsurgical Patients: A Questionnaire Survey of Korean Patients with Postsurgical Pain Visiting Korean Medicine Hospitals. Lee, Ki-Beom; Lee, Yoon Jae; Kim, Me-riong; Shin, Kyung-Min; Ha, In-Hyuk Survey Mar 31, 2020 10336
Attitude of Asian Parkinson Patients towards Clinical Research and Tissue Donation. Khan, Shazma; Foo, Joel Y.J.; Chia, Nicole S.Y.; Agustin, Sherwin J.U.; Neo, Shermyn X.M.; Tay, Kay- Clinical report Mar 31, 2020 4478
Study to gauge social impact of infection. Mar 22, 2020 190
Treatment Adherence Levels and Factors Affecting Adherence in Patients Receiving Osteoporosis Treatment. Kilit, Turkan Pasali; Onbasi, Kevser; Ozyigit, Filiz Survey Mar 1, 2020 4087
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The Main Determinants for Suicidal Ideation in a Romanian Cohort of Multiple Sclerosis Patients. Romaniuc, Andreea; Balasa, Rodica; Stirbu, Nicoleta; Maier, Smaranda; Andone, Sebastian; Bajko, Zolt Mar 1, 2020 7562
Analysis of Sasang Constitutional Medicine as an Optimal Preventive Care Strategy for Hemophilia Patients. Lee, Mi Kyung; Hwang, Minwoo; Oh, Hyunjoo; Kim, Kyoung Soo Mar 1, 2020 3630
Oral-Health Related Quality of Life of Patients on Chemotheray. Pavithran, Sheela; Sreeleksmi, M.V.; Sreelekshmi, R. Report Mar 1, 2020 6432
Correlation Study of Demographic Variables and its Association with Blood Pressure Control. Rahman, Farhana; Muthaiah, Nagasundaram; Prasanth, Krishna; Kumaramanickavel, Govindasamy Report Mar 1, 2020 1628
ARVs to thank for sharp decline in new HIV infections - study. Feb 20, 2020 608
Direct to cystoscopy: A prospective quality assessment of patient preferences. Assmus, Mark A.; Mclarty, Ryan; Senthilselvan, Ambikaipakan; De, Shubha K. Clinical report Jan 25, 2020 2446
Half of us believe science will cure cancer; Future hope to end disease. CIARA PHELAN Jan 13, 2020 319
Brain diseases influence speaking ability, study shows. ANI Jan 12, 2020 906
Study reveals 95% satisfaction rate with Mohs surgery. ANI Clinical report Jan 11, 2020 582
Prevalence and predictors of cannabis use among men receiving androgen-deprivation therapy for advanced prostate cancer. Mousa, Ahmad; Petrovic, Michele; Fleshner, Neil E. Jan 1, 2020 4067
Investigating the Effect of Prompt Treatment on Malaria Prevalence in Children Aged below Five Years in Zambia: A Nested Case-Control Study in a Cross-Sectional Survey. Nawa, Mukumbuta Survey Jan 1, 2020 5674
Treatment Adherence in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients from Argentina: A Multicenter Study. Lasa, Juan; Correa, Gustavo; Fuxman, Claudia; Garbi, Laura; Linares, Maria Eugenia; Lubrano, Pablo; Jan 1, 2020 5605
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Resilience and coping strategies of undergraduate medical students at the University of the Free State. van der Merwe, Lynette J.; Botha, Anja; Joubert, Gina Jan 1, 2020 6404
RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN ACADEMIC SUCCESS AND HEALTH AND ILLNESS IN COLLEGE STUDENTS. Hebert, Edward; Henry, Brian; Duplan, Corinne; Naquin, Millie; Wood, Ralph Jan 1, 2020 7875
Risk Factors Associated with Under-Five Stunting, Wasting, and Underweight Based on Ethiopian Demographic Health Survey Datasets in Tigray Region, Ethiopia. Woldeamanuel, Berhanu Teshome; Tesfaye, Tigist Tigabie Dec 31, 2019 8353
Are Corneal Patients Accepting the Transplantation? The Cases of University of Gondar, Tertiary Eye Care and Training Center, Ethiopia. Jemberu, Yordanos Tsehai; Woldie, Yared Assefa; Mulugeta, Wossen; Alemu, Destaye Shiferaw; Bantie, G Dec 31, 2019 3549
Social Risk Assessment and Management for Major Construction Projects in China Based on Fuzzy Integrated Analysis. Miao, Junxia; Huang, Dechun; He, Zhengqi Dec 31, 2019 13052
Investigation of Interaction between Vitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorphisms and Environmental Factors in Early Childhood Caries in Chinese Children. Qin, Xiurong; Shao, Linqin; Zhang, Lixia; Ma, Long; Xiong, Shijiang Dec 31, 2019 7297
Global Ophthalmology Disorders Drug Industry Analysis 2019, Market Growth, Trends, Opportunities Forecast To 2024. Dec 17, 2019 1372
HIMSS and Forrester Announce Partnership to Determine How Healthcare's Digital Transformation Impacts Provider and Patient Experience. Dec 17, 2019 594
Eisai Satisfies All-Case Surveillance Condition for Approval of Anti-Cancer Agent Lenvima in Treatment of Thyroid Cancer. Dec 9, 2019 1144
Consumers Doing Rx Research Online. Dec 9, 2019 377
An Evaluation of Factors Affecting Patient's Decision Making Regarding Dental Prosthetic Treatment. Nayana, Paul; Dhakshaini, M.R.; Raghavendra, Swamy K.N.; Sowmya, S; Ravi, M.B. Survey Dec 9, 2019 3279
MedPharm to Conduct Clinical Trial Treating Dementia and Alzheimers with Cannabis. Dec 6, 2019 253
MedPharm to Conduct Clinical Trial Treating Dementia and Alzheimers with Cannabis. Dec 6, 2019 255
The Wellness Incentive and Navigation intervention improved health-related quality of life among Medicaid enrollees: A randomized pragmatic clinical trial. Guo, Yi; Vogel, Walter Bruce; Muller, Keith E.; Ba, Dena Stoner; Ms., Tianyao Huo; Shenkman, Elizabe Dec 1, 2019 6517
A 12-month, Open Label, Multicenter Pilot Study Evaluating Fingolimod Treatment in terms of Patient Satisfaction in Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Patients - FINE Trial. Demir, Gulsen Akman; Turkoglu, Recai; Saip, Sabahattin; Yuceyar, Nur; Efendi, Husnu; Turan, Omer Far Dec 1, 2019 4331
Differences Between General Neurologists and Multiple Sclerosis Specialists in the Management of Multiple Sclerosis Patients: A National Survey. Kurtunci, Murat; Tuncer, Asli; Uygunoglu, Ugur; Caliskan, Zeynep; Paksoy, Aysenur Kokenli; Efendi, H Medical condition overview Dec 1, 2019 3260
Relationship between sociodemographic factors and depression symptoms and level of diabetes acceptance. Cyunczyk, A.; Misiak, B.; Lewko, K.; Dziekonska, M.; Lewko, J. Dec 1, 2019 4063
A Comprehensive Survey of Genomic Alterations in Gastric Cancer Reveals Recurrent Neoantigens as Potential Therapeutic Targets. Chen, Chao; Zhou, Qiming; Wu, Riping; Li, Bo; Chen, Qiang; Zhang, Xiuqing; Shi, Chunmei Nov 30, 2019 5336
Diabetes Mellitus among Adult Tuberculosis Patients Attending Tuberculosis Clinics in Eastern Ethiopia. Tenaye, Lucy; Mengiste, Bizatu; Baraki, Negga; Mulu, Ermiyas Survey Nov 30, 2019 4778
Fresenius Kabi starts United for Clinical Nutrition initiative in Europe with first-of-its-kind clinical study assessing critically ill patients in 11 European countries. Clinical report Nov 18, 2019 617
Dry Eye- Study of Prevalence, Associated Risk Factors and Frequency of Symptoms in Meerut District. Attri, S.; Dwivedi, J.; Mithal, S.; Gupta, A.; Singh, L.K. Clinical report Nov 11, 2019 3051
Pathology awareness in patients and patient's relatives applying to a pathology laboratory. Findik, Siddika; Cihan, Fatma G. Nov 1, 2019 6614
A New Technical Mode in Mammography: Self-Compression Improves Satisfaction. Ulus, Sila; Kovan, Ozge; Arslan, Aydan; Elpen, Pinar; Aribal, Erkin Oct 1, 2019 3221
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Prevalence of Systemic Arterial Hypertension Diagnosed, Undiagnosed, and Uncontrolled in Elderly Population: SABE Study. Oliveira, Isabela Martins; de Oliveira Duarte, Yeda Aparecida; Zanetta, Dirce Maria Trevisan Clinical report Sep 30, 2019 9072
Patient Attitudes toward Gestational Weight Gain and Exercise during Pregnancy. Lott, M.L.; Power, M.L.; Reed, E.G.; Schulkin, J.; Mackeen, A.D. Report Sep 30, 2019 6304
Corporate Reputation of Pharma in 2018 from the USA Patient Perspective, 2019 Study. Sep 20, 2019 966
Corporate Reputation of Pharma in 2018 from UK Patient Perspective, 2019 Study. Sep 20, 2019 1327
12.6 Million in U.S. Could Benefit From Tx to Prevent Active TB; Revised NHANES-based estimate for prevalence of latent TB infection excludes those who report prior tx. Sep 18, 2019 257
The best rated GP surgeries in Coventry and Warwickshire - find out how yours ranks; The table is based on the latest findings from the GP Patient Survey - a huge ongoing poll involving more than a million people a year. Sep 3, 2019 640
Prevalence, Risk Factors and Assessment of Depressive Symptoms in Patients With Systemic Sclerosis. March, Christine; Huscher, Dorte; Preis, Emelina; Makowka, Alexander; Hoeppner, Jakob; Buttgereit, F Clinical report Sep 1, 2019 5122
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Sharing notes with patients improves medication comprehension. Gallegos, Alicia Sep 1, 2019 420
Dark Chocolate Could Alter Mood & Depression Symptoms. Sep 1, 2019 472
Vulnerability to HIV among older men who have sex with men users of dating apps in Brazil. Queiroz, Artur Acelino Francisco L.N.; de Sousa, Alvaro Francisco Lopes; Brignol, Sandra; Araujo, Te Sep 1, 2019 7023
The Interaction Level of Emergency Department Patients with Their Family Physicians and Their Expectations from Primary Health Care: A Survey Study. Idil, Hasan; Eyler, Yesim; Kilic, Turgay Yilmaz; Bayzin, Inci Akgun; Ulgudur, Cansu; Yesilaras, Mura Sep 1, 2019 3405
Quality of Life before and after Sleeve Gastrectomy in Lebanese Population. Alkassis, Marwan; Haddad, Fady Gh; Gharios, Joseph; Noun, Roger; Chakhtoura, Ghassan Aug 31, 2019 4494
Illness Insurance Market Is Booming Worldwide/ Prudential, Aegon, Allianz. Aug 20, 2019 1005
More U.K. Pharmacies Giving Patients Pill Organizers; Previous study showed sudden increased adherence with switch to an organizer may cause patient harm. Aug 16, 2019 288
'Swinging' and Illicit Drugs Often Go Together, Study Finds. Aug 13, 2019 795
Dark chocolate reduces depression, finds study. Aug 10, 2019 419
Kemri seeks help to get title deed for Mwea facility. Aug 10, 2019 446
Antibiotic Use by Older Women Linked to Heart Disease and Stroke. Aug 1, 2019 314
Association of Medicare's Bundled Payments for Care Improvement initiative with patient-reported outcomes. Trombley, Matthew J.; McClellan, Sean R.; Kahvecioglu, Daver C.; Gu, Qian; Hassol, Andrea; Creel, Al Aug 1, 2019 10164
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Asthma Negatively Impacts Work Productivity Worldwide; Findings based on international survey of patients using long-term maintenance medication. Aug 1, 2019 246
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Current Status of Pearl Millet Downy Mildew Prevalence across Agroecological Zones of Senegal. Zoclanclounon, Yedomon Ange Bovys; Kanfany, Ghislain; Kane, Aboubacry; Fonceka, Daniel; Ehemba, Geor Jul 31, 2019 3029
Alignment of library services with the research lifecycle. Ragon, Bart Clinical report Jul 1, 2019 8484
Awareness of spina bifida among family of 1affected child. A cross sectional questionnaire. Othman, Sharifah A.; AlOjan, Abdulrazaq; AlShammari, Mohammed; Ammar, Ahmed Jul 1, 2019 3388
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Development and Validity of a Questionnaire on Dyslipidemia Dietary Knowledge. Liang, Na; Zhao, Qiuli; He, Yuhua; Li, Jingshu; Yang, Li Jun 30, 2019 5976
The My-T study: Patient satisfaction and preference comparing topical and nasal testosterone therapies. Lee, Jay; Brock, Gerald; Barkin, Jack; Bryson, Nathan; Gronski, Matthew A.; Ormsby, Ross Jun 27, 2019 4766
Testing ground: Pros and cons of participating in clinical trials for MS research. Patz, Aviva Jun 22, 2019 1777
UK trusts vaccines more than Europe. Jun 19, 2019 270
UK trusts vaccines more than Europe. Jun 19, 2019 270
Suicidal tendencies linked to rheumatic, musculoskeletal diseases, claims study. Jun 14, 2019 356
Validity and reliability of the Quality of Life in Reflux and Dyspepsia (QoLRAD) questionnaire in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease for the Turkish population. Hancerlioglu, Sadik; Yildirim, Yasemin; Bor, Serhat Jun 1, 2019 3288
Can We Predict Mortality in Patients with Fournier's Gangrene Using Questionnaires? A Pilot Study with Eighty-seven Patients/Fournier Gangrenine Bagli Olumleri Anketlerle Ongorebilir miyiz? Seksen Yedi Hastayla Yapilan Pilot Bir Calisma. Yalcinkaya, Soner; Yildiz, Ali; Yuksel, Mustafa; Islamoglu, Ekrem; Ates, Nihat; Tokgoz, Husnu; Savas Jun 1, 2019 4789
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Validity and Reliability of the Amharic Version of the World Health Organization's Quality of Life Questionnaire (WHOQOL-BREF) in Patients with Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes in Felege Hiwot Referral Hospital, Ethiopia. Reba, Kidist; Birhane, Bizuayehu Walle; Gutema, Hordofa May 31, 2019 4607
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Healthcare utilisation patterns for respiratory and gastrointestinal syndromes and meningitis in Msunduzi municipality, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa, 2013. McAnerney, J.M.; Cohen, C.; Cohen, A.L.; Tempia, S.; Walaza, S.; Wong, K.K.; Im, J.; Marks, F.; Dawo Report May 1, 2019 6444
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Psychosocial Mediators between Socioeconomic Status and Dietary Restrictions among Patients Receiving Hemodialysis in Japan. Sugisawa, Hidehiro; Shinoda, Toshio; Shimizu, Yumiko; Kumagai, Tamaki; Sugisaki, Hiroaki Survey Apr 30, 2019 7487
Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in Rural Areas of Vietnam: A Selected-Randomized Study. Pham, Dung Thi; Nguyen, Hung Trong; Van Tran, Anh Thi; Tran, Thu Khanh; Phan, Duong Huong; Ninh, Nhu Report Apr 1, 2019 4677
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How Do Patients with Chronic Diseases Make Usage Decisions regarding Mobile Health Monitoring Service? Meng, Fanbo; Zhang, Xiaofei; Guo, Xitong; Lai, Kee-hung; Zhao, Xinli Mar 31, 2019 5317
Validation of a Digital Support App to Assess Inflammatory Disease Activity and Mental Health Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs): A Pilot Investigation. Tow, Kelly E.; Rogge, Claudia; Lee, Thomas; Caputi, Peter; Knowles, Simon R. Mar 31, 2019 5389
AWARENESS OF ULCERATIVE LESIONS AMONG EASTERN ODISHA POPULATION. Champatyray, Sreepreeti; Das, Saurjya Ranjan; Mohanty, Ipsita; Patro, Jagannath; Rahman, Juber Report Mar 11, 2019 2023
Estimation of patient perception on hygiene standards in a tertiary care hospital, West Bengal: A questionnaire-based study. Adhikari, Anjan; Indu, Rania; Ray, Moumita; Bhattacharya, Sangita; Bhattacharya, Jayeeta; Basu, Tris Report Mar 1, 2019 2617
Survey: Reproductive counseling is often MIA in IBD. Dotinga, Randy Mar 1, 2019 590
Relationship of alcohol consumption and mental disorders common with the quality of life of patients in primary health care. dos Santos, Marcos Vinicius Ferreira; Campos, Monica Rodrigues; Fortes, Sandra Lucia Correia Lima Mar 1, 2019 8434
ADAPTATION AND VALIDATION OF THE CAMBRIDGE PULMONARY HYPERTENSION OUTCOME REVIEW (CAMPHOR) FOR CROATIA. Hecimovic, Ana; Heaney, Alice; McKenna, Stephen P.; Basara, Latinka; Jakopovic, Marko; Dugac, Andrea Mar 1, 2019 4811
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Evaluation of 22 Primary Gastrointestinal Lymphoma Patients. Yildirim, Nilgun; Turkeli, Mehmet; Akdemir, Mehmet Naci; Simsek, Melih; Tekin, Salim Basol Feb 1, 2019 3300
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Association of cheek-biting and depression. Fatima, Rabeya; Abid, Khadijah; Baig, Nabeel Naeem; Ahsan, Syeda Batool Report Jan 31, 2019 2321
Validity and reliability of the measure yourself medical outcome profile 2 (MYMOP2) questionnaire among Turkish patients having anorectal disorders. Ersoy, Ozdal; Temel, Yasemin Ecem; Alptekin, Hasan Kerem Report Jan 1, 2019 3300
Correlates of sedentary behaviour among adolescents and adults with hazardous, harmful or dependent drinking in South Africa. Peltzer, Karl; Phaswana-Mafuya, Nancy; Pengpi, Supa Survey Jan 1, 2019 4810
Validity and reliability of the measure yourself medical outcome profile 2 (MYMOP2) questionnaire among Turkish patients having anorectal disorders. Ersoy, Ozdal; Temel, Yasemin Ecem; Alptekin, Hasan Kerem Jan 1, 2019 3273
Reliability and Validity of Turkish Version of Short Form of the Social Role Participation Questionnaire in Patients With Ankylosing Spondylitis. Akyol, Yesim; Ulus, Yasemin; Terzi, Yuksel; Bilgici, Ayhan; Kuru, Omer Dec 1, 2018 5795
Uncontrolled Blood Pressure in Patients with Hypertension and Associated Factors: The Role of Low Health Literacy. Selcuk, Kevser Tari; Mercan, Yeliz; Aydin, Tuba Clinical report Dec 1, 2018 4336
Minnesota Workplace Injury Rate Fell to an All-Time Low in 2017. Nov 20, 2018 544
2011 to 2015 Saw Decline in Health Care-Associated Infections; Risk for having a health care-associated infection was 16 percent lower in 2015 than 2011. Nov 1, 2018 264
Knowledge, attitudes, and practice behavior of dental hygienists regarding the impact of systemic diseases on oral health. Faden, Asmaa A.; Alsalhani, Anas B.; Idrees, Majdy M.; Alshehri, Mohammed A.; Nassani, Mohammad Z.; Survey Nov 1, 2018 6197
Studies Need Volunteers. Clinical report Oct 22, 2018 625
The Development of a Conceptual Framework and Preliminary Item Bank for Childbirth-Specific Patient-Reported Outcome Measures. Korst, Lisa M.; Fridman, Moshe; Saeb, Samia; Greene, Naomi; Fink, Arlene; Gregory, Kimberly D. Oct 1, 2018 9385
Women still not in heart health trials. Krisberg, Kim Oct 1, 2018 263
Health & Human Services. Clinical report Sep 22, 2018 5033
Algorithm Can Discriminate Cardiovascular Disease Risk; CVDPoRT, based on 12 variables, accurately discriminates risk, is well-calibrated in population. Sep 11, 2018 267
Vital Signs: Prevalence of Key Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors for Million Hearts 2022--United States, 2011-2016. Wall, Hilary K.; Ritchey, Matthew D.; Gillespie, Cathleen; Omura, John D.; Jamal, Ahmed; George, Mar Sep 7, 2018 7583
WCM-Q research probes risk factors linked to diabetes. Sep 2, 2018 403
WCM-Q Research Probes Risk Factors Associated With Diabetes Complications. Sep 2, 2018 530
Level of Satisfaction on Service Quality Dimensions Based on SERVQUAL Model Among Patients Attending 1 Malaysia Clinic in Kota Bharu, Malaysia. Zun, Ahmad Badruridzwanullah; Ibrahim, Mohd Ismail; Hamid, Anees Abdul Report Sep 1, 2018 4209
Impact of Pathologist Involvement in Sarcoma and Rare Tumor Patient Support Groups on Facebook: A Survey of 542 Patients and Family Members. Haller, Jasmine; David, Marjorie Parker; Lee, Nathan E.; Shalin, Sara C.; Gardner, Jerad M. Sep 1, 2018 4657
Implementation of a Structured Rounding Tool for Interprofessional Care Team Rounds to Improve Communication And Collaboration in Patient Care. Adams, Heidi A.; Feudale, Rose Marie Report Sep 1, 2018 3048
Validity and Reliability of the Turkish Version of the Questionnaire for the Assessment of Dysphagia in Multiple Sclerosis. Tenekeci, Elif Gokce; Kara, Belguzar; Cetiz, Ahmet; Demirkaya, Seref; Demir, Numan; Acikel, Cengizha Sep 1, 2018 3999
The top 10 GP surgeries on Teesside as rated by patients - how did yours do? NHS England has released the latest findings of its GP Patient Survey; NHS England has released the latest findings of its GP Patient Survey. Aug 12, 2018 407
How does your diet affect psoriasis? Researchers offer takeaways for improving your overall health when it comes to diet and psoriasis. Reprint Aug 8, 2018 580
Development and Validation of a Short-Form Safety Net Medical Home Scale. Nocon, Robert S.; Gunter, Kathryn E.; Gao, Yue; Lee, Sang Mee; Chin, Marshall H. Aug 1, 2018 6876
The Reliability and Validity of "Dokuz Eylul University Meniere's Disease Disability Scale". Mutlu, Basak; Kirkim, Gunay; Durankaya, Mungan; Selhan, Gurkan; Basokcu, Tahsin Oguz; Guneri, Enis Aug 1, 2018 6876
Reaching Consensus on Outcomes for Successful Cannulation of an Arteriovenous Fistula: Patient and Healthcare Provider Perspectives. Wilson, Barbara; Harwood, Lori Report Jul 1, 2018 7026
Reasons Relating to the Extraction of Permanent Teeth in the Regional Population. Kumar, B. Pavan; Venkatesh, V.; Praveen, P.; Devi, V. Vidya Jul 1, 2018 1713
Physicians' attitude and perception regarding celiac disease: A questionnaire-based study. Jinga, Mariana; Popp, Alina; Balaban, Daniel Vasile; Dima, Alina; Jurcut, Ciprian Jul 1, 2018 6023
Use of Skindex-29 to assess quality of life in patients with port-wine stain. Report Jun 30, 2018 3302
A survey on gastrointestinal adverse drug reactions of Doxorubicin and Cyclophosphamide combination therapy. Clinical report Jun 30, 2018 1917
UCB Study Provides Insights about Women with Chronic Rheumatic Diseases During Pregnancy. Jun 19, 2018 351
Marriage is (literally) good for the heart: study. Clinical report Jun 19, 2018 445
End-of-Life Care Planning in Accountable Care Organizations: Associations with Organizational Characteristics and Capabilities. Ahluwalia, Sangeeta C.; Harris, Benjamin J.; Lewis, Valerie A.; Colla, Carrie H. Survey Jun 1, 2018 6749
Dramatic improvements reported after HS surgery. Dotinga, Randy Jun 1, 2018 456
Validity and Reliability of the Turkish Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire. Akmaz, Hazel Ekin; Uyar, Meltem; Yildirim, Yasemin Kuzeyli; Korhan, Esra Akin Report Jun 1, 2018 6571
Apolipoprotein B or Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol: Is It Time for a Twenty-First-Century Lipid Marker?. Meeusen, Jeffrey W. Jun 1, 2018 808
A study on characteristics of rheumatoid arthritis patients achieving remission in depression with 6 months of bDMARDs treatment. Miwa, Yusuke; Ikari, Yuzo; Hosonuma, Masahiro; Hatano, Mika; Hayashi, Tomoki; Kasama, Tsuyoshi; Sana Jun 1, 2018 2925
Primary meningeal sarcoma in children: a survey from the French Society of Pediatric Oncology (SFCE). Almasoud, Abdullah; Schmitt, Emmanuelle; Grill, Jacques; Frappaz, Didier; Gentet, Jean-Claude; Pall- Report Jun 1, 2018 2843
Nurses' Knowledge, Attitudes and Opinions Towards Clinical Research: A Cross-Sectional Study in a University Hospital. Aksoy, Hacer Bulut; Arici, M. Aylin; Ucku, Reyhan; Gelal, Ayse May 1, 2018 6308
Sociodemographic and environmental analysis for the occurrence of anti-Leptospira antibodies in dogs of Teresina, Piaui, Brazil. Silva, Elis Roselia Dutra de Freitas Siqueira; Castro, Vanessa; Mineiro, Ana Lys Bezerra Barradas; P May 1, 2018 6596
Influence of environmental conditions on the prevalence of systemic hypertension in two riverine communities in the Amazon, Brazil. Mariosa, Duarcides Ferreira; Ferraz, Renato Ribeiro Nogueira; dos Santos- Silva, Edinaldo Nelson May 1, 2018 6860
Awareness of Radiation among Physicians Dealing with Pediatric Patients. Dirik, Mehmet Alp; Sanlidag, Burcin Apr 1, 2018 3222

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