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Survey shows increase physical-IT security convergence.

A survey revealing how some organizations are integrating physical security measures, such as video surveillance and access control, with traditional IT security systems has been released by Morristown, NJ-based Honeywell Intl.

According to the study, significant barriers still exist that prevent organizations from converging their systems. Most respondents indicated increased interaction between their security and IT functions. Sixty-three (63) percent said their security and IT organizations "had a formal coordination mechanism." Ten (10) percent stated that the two functions run as one entity within their organizations, and 52 percent noted that their security functions had a formal working relationship with their audit and compliance functions.

The majority of respondents (nearly 73 percent) believe that vulnerabilities in either physical or IT security can lead to a breach in the other system. When asked whether having physical security systems on IT backbones is a security risk, the answers were split: 59 percent said no while 42 percent said yes. Thirty-three (33) percent of respondents said they envision convergence happening within their organizations in the next 2 to 5 years while another 33 percent said convergence will never happen due to barriers like turf control, complexity and skills needed to handle multiple disciplines, budget conflicts, compatibility across groups, lack of technical platforms, and expanding privacy laws.

More than 50 chief information officers, chief security officers, and chief information and security officers of United States-based global companies with revenues from $1 billion to more than $100 billion participated in the survey.

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Title Annotation:NEWSWORTHY
Author:Aker, Jenna M.
Date:May 1, 2008
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