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Survey says ... AICPA survey finds business and industry execs expecting to expand.

Despite the still-shifting sands beneath today's troubled economy, 40 percent of survey respondents are "optimistic" or "very optimistic" about the U.S. economic outlook for the next 12 months. This finding is a marked improvement, up from 25 percent for the first quarter of 2010 and the record-low of five percent for the first quarter of 2009.


The news is even more positive for survey participants' prospects for their own organizations over the next 12 months--45 percent are "optimistic" and six percent are "very optimistic." This is the first time in more than two years that more than half of CPA executives surveyed were optimistic about the economic outlook for their organizations. Additionally, eight percent expect business to "expand a lot," more than 48 percent expect business to "expand a little" and 26 percent expect it to "stay the same" for the next 12 months.

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Publication:California CPA
Date:Sep 1, 2010
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