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Survey results show value of on-pack promotion.

Survey Results Show Value of On-Pack Promotion

On-pack promotions influenced buying behaviour for one quarter of all consumers' purchases, according to the Promotions Survey 1989 commissioned by Denny Bros Printing Ltd, who supply on-pack promotion and information leaflets.

Shoppers were interviewed when leaving supermarkets throughout England, Scotland and Wales by Marketing Sciences. This company surveyed 449 respondents who collectively purchased 737 products carrying on-pack promotions.

Grocery shoppers were then asked how on-pack promotions affected their decisions to buy promoted products. According to the survey, on-pack promotions influenced 56 percent of promoted purchases that were not specifically planned before entering the store. Furthermore, one in five unplanned purchases of promoted goods were made solely because of the promotions.

These results are not particularly surprising, judging from the increasing use of on-pack promotions. Many companies are discovering how effective on-pack promotions can be for increasing sales regionally or in specific supermarket chains.

The beverage industry is a good example of successful promotions. Of all the drinks carrying promotions, 18 percent were purchased solely because of the promotion; a total of 36 percent of purchases were influenced by the promotion to some degree.

The survey also found that consumers liked the promotions they encountered while shopping. In fact, in the survey only 6 percent expressed a dislike of promotions. Customers often preferred extra fill or product promotions, followed by price reductions, money-off, cash-back and competitions.

Effective point-of-sale tactics will include more on-pack promotions as display space and shelf space become more valuable. On-pack promotions can be an effective method of maintaining brand image.

Through coupons, competitions, price reductions and free gifts, marketeers are struggling to gain the attention of impulsive shoppers. Denny Bros have responded with an ever increasing range of Fix-a-Form products to carry any type of promotion on nearly any shape or size of box, bottle or packet. These items are folded and perforated leaflets on self-adhesive labels carried on reels that can be applied automatically. They offer unlimited space for promotions, recipes, product use or directions, or any other message to consumers.

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Title Annotation:how promotions placed on food packages influence consumer buying in supermarkets
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Oct 1, 1989
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