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Survey of economic and social developments in the ESCWA region; 2005-2006.


Survey of economic and social developments in the ESCWA region; 2005-2006.

Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia.

United Nations Publications


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In addition to providing the usual overview of trends in (essentially) the Arab world related to oil sector development, output and demand, cost and prices, labor markets, the external sector, and economic policy, this year's United Nations Survey of Economic and Social Developments in the ESCWA Region "outlines a set of economic policy principles aimed at contributing to the design of development strategies in the region that are employment-intensive, pro-poor and based on human rights." The principles reject an over-emphasis on macroeconomic stability and instead situate poverty-reduction strategies as the basis of national development strategies, an emphasis that leads to drawing on the right-to-development approach to policy making. In addition to outlining the principles, the survey reviews a select number of specific policy issues, explores the role of public policies in the region, and discusses social aspects of the right to development.

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Title Annotation:Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
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Date:Aug 1, 2007
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