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Survey assesses Air Force community well-being.

Air Force Reserve Command officials are encouraging members of the AFRC team to take part in the 2011 Air Force Community Assessment.

Invitations to take the assessment were scheduled to be sent out Jan. 25 to 40,000 randomly selected Reservists and 10,000 spouses of Reservists. In addition, all appropriated fund civilians are being asked to participate in the survey.

A notification letter along with a link to the web-based survey was sent to the work e-mail address of each service member selected to participate. Spouses received a postcard in the mail with the web link. The survey, which will be available through March 25 and is completely anonymous, should take participants 30-45 minutes to complete.

Topics covered in the survey include personal and family adjustment, individual and family adaptation, community well-being, deployment, resiliency, posttraumatic stress,and help-seeking stigma.

The assessment is designed to assist chaplains and people working in installation-level Airman and family readiness centers, family advocacy programs, health and wellness centers, mental health clinics, and child and youth programs to better meet the needs of service members and their families.

"This important survey provides a means to ensure that community interventions are timely, focused and data-driven," said Lt. Gen. (Dr.) Charles Green, Air Force surgeon general. "In its 20-year history, the Community Assessment has been instrumental in determining the strengths and needs of Air Force communities and tailoring programs at the installation, major command and Air Force levels."

Data collected from the survey will be analyzed and briefed to wing and Air Force leaders. The information will help make community-wide program planning and resource allocation decisions, which ultimately enhance the quality of life, readiness and retention of Air Force personnel.

Previous survey results are credited with expanding financial counseling programs to members and their families, developing a user-friendly support network for Air Force single parents, and setting up marriage-support seminars for junior enlisted members and their families. (Staff reports)
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Date:Feb 1, 2011
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