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Survey Reveals Holiday Dirty Little Secrets.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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When thinking about the winter holiday season, thoughts of beautifully packaged gifts, glittering holiday decorations and lively family gatherings may come to mind--but the annual Coinstar Holiday Survey among 2,000 adults exposes some surprising secrets surrounding the holidays.

"The holiday season is much anticipated by many Americans and is often a joyful time as families get together for meals, gift exchanges and other annual traditions," said Sandi Stoller, director of marketing at Coinstar. "This year's Coinstar Holiday Survey goes beyond the typical holiday topics uncovering some interesting secrets that may strike a chord with consumers celebrating the season."

Top Holiday Survey Findings

* One in four (26%) treat gift giving as a sport,admitting to being competitive when it comes to giving presents to family and friends

* 19% say they feel guilty about regifting, but the majority (65%) do it anyway

* Nearly half (45%) buy back-up giftsto have on hand to offer unexpected gift givers

* One in five (21%) value time aloneor with friends instead of family during the holidays

* Over one-third (36%) say theyfind it irritatingthat retailers put up holiday decorations and merchandise as early as September or October

Employing Strategies to Reduce Holiday Shopping Stress

One in five (19%) of survey respondents say they get stressed out just thinking about holiday shopping; many report spending and gifting strategies that may help reduce the stress. Nearly one-quarter (24%) say they will spend less this year than last, and a majority (65%) plan to regift to help stretch holiday budgets. More than half (53%) are planning on cashing in spare change, equaling about $78, to help pay for holiday gifts, decorations or other holiday expenses.

cited include don't like spending the money, feelings of obligation and co-workers not following the rules.

Most Consumers Create a Holiday Budget

The Coinstar Holiday Survey shows that consumers are maintaining their holiday budgeting and spending patterns. About two-thirds (68%) of the 2018 respondents say they have a holiday giftbuying budget, compared to 65% responding this way in 2017.

Spending remains consistent as well with about half of respondents saying they plan to spend between $100 and $400 on holiday gifts; 46% in 2018 versus 45% in 2017. The most popular gifts cited to give this year include gift cards (58%) and personal items (56%) such as clothing or jewelry.

SOURCE:Coinstar, 1800 114th Avenue SE, Bellevue, WA 98004

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Author:Whitaker, Anne
Publication:Research Alert Daily
Date:Oct 16, 2018
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