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Survey: U.S. travel to Cuba keeps growing.

The number of U.S. travelers to Cuba keeps edging up, likely reaching a historical high of 600,000 in 2013, a survey among people in South Florida commissioned by the Miami-based Havana Consulting Group suggests.

In 2012, according to the consulting firm, 574,000 U.S. citizens and residents traveled to Cuba. As of mid-December 2013, 569,000 U.S. passengers had traveled to Cuba.

According to the survey, 67.4 percent of those interviewed travel to the island. Of those, 87 percent travel once a year; 6.2 percent travel at least once every quarter, suggesting a substantial number who travel on business. The median stay in Cuba is between five and seven days.

Of the travelers, more than one-third--36.3 per-cent--visit tourist resorts; 54.9 percent of the beach visitors go to Varadero. More than 80 percent of the beach visitors said they stay in hotels. As to transportation, one-third rent cars, and 17.87 percent hire government-owned taxis.

The study estimates that Cuban Americans visiting the island spend between $660 million and $665 million annually there.

2012 573,986 total U.S.-Cuba travelers
 475,936 Cuban Americans
 98,050 other U.S. citizens and residents
2013 (Jan-mid-Dec.) 569,232 total
 471,994 Cuban Americans
 97,238 others

87% travel at least once a year to Cuba
3.1% travel quarterly
1.8% travel every other month
1.3% travel monthly
Median stay in Cuba: Five to seven days
36.3% of all U.S. travelers visit beach resorts in Cuba
54.9% of those go to Varadero,
21.8% to Guardalavaca, 13.4% to
Cayo Santa Manfa Cuban American travelers spend up
to $665 million a year in Cuba
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Date:Jan 1, 2014
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