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Survey: Low pay leads to turnover.

Byline: Journal Record Staff

OKLAHOMA CITY Low pay is one of the top reasons that job seekers will turn down job offers and why employees will leave a job, according to a new survey of businesses from Oklahoma City-based Express Employment Professionals.

In the survey, 26 percent of businesses said that low pay is among the things that "stop applicants from accepting a job at your company. That was second only to not being the perfect fit.

Similarly, 28 percent cited low pay when asked about what causes an employee to leave a job. That was third behind lack of advancement and not being a good cultural fit.

Because jobs are more plentiful and employers have to compete over wages, employees may get multiple job offers or interview requests at once and simply not show up or "ghost" the ones that are less appealing or pay less.

"I have worked in human resources for 20 years, and have seen a huge increase in ghosting in the last couple of years," Lisa Straughan, an Express franchise owner in Longview, Washington. "With so many opportunities, (job seekers) at times accept multiple offers, and there is no accountability if they don't show."

In Mobile, Alabama, Express franchise owner Chris Ashcraft said that businesses are far more willing to negotiate over pay than in past years and low pay is a huge factor when someone declines a job offer. As for actual bidding wars, he said those are most common in administrative positions and commercial driver's license jobs.

Some job seekers will turn down jobs with what they consider low pay even when they don't have another offer.

"I like to say some money is better than no money, but most of the time they still won't accept a low-paying position," Ashcraft said. "They're waiting for a better opportunity."

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Publication:Journal Record (Oklahoma City, OK)
Date:Feb 28, 2019
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