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Survey: K-12, higher Ed grammar disconnect. (Curriculum pdate: the latest developments in math, science, language arts and social studies).

More than four in 10 college freshmen must take a remedial writing course, according to recent studies. Creators of the ACT Assessment college entrance exam may have uncovered one reason why.

Results from ACT's recent National Curriculum Survey show that college instructors believe grammar and usage skills are most important for entering college students. Ironically, these are considered to be the least important by high school English teachers; just 69 percent reported teaching them.

"High school teachers understand that grammar and usage skills are important, but they devote more attention to teaching [other writing] skills," says Cynthia Schmeiser, ACT's vice president for development. She recommends that grammar and usage skills be continually reinforced throughout K-12.

RANKED BY: College High School
 Instructors Teachers

Grammar and Usage 1 6
Sentence Structure 2 2
Writing Strategy 3 1
Organization 4 3
Punctuation 5 5
Style 6 4

Note: One is most important, 6 is least important
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Title Annotation:college instructors place higher emphasis on grammar skills
Author:Ezarik, Melissa
Publication:District Administration
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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