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Surveillance technology at Washington/Dulles. (the Americas).

Under an agreement with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA), the team of ARINC Inc and Rannoch Corporation is implementing surface surveillance in the non-movement area at Dulles Airport. The project integrates aircraft surface position information from Rannoch's AirScene surface surveillance system with ARINC's Data Link Delivery of Expected Taxi Clearances (DDTC) airport operations management tool. The addition of the surveillance information to the DDTC display will provide users with real-time positive identification, including flight ID, and position of aircraft operating in the ramp area. In co-operation with MWAA, the FAA Air Traffic Control Tower, NATCA, and United Airlines, surveillance information from the system will be provided to MWAA Ramp and FAA tower ground control positions. The information will be used to improve overall situational awareness and the efficient flow of traffic into and out of the ramp areas.

ARINC's DDTC product has been operational at Dulles since January 2001 and includes the use of data link technology to send and receive ramp pushback requests and clearances between ramp personnel and United Airlines' pilots, leaving voice frequencies more available for time critical communications.
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Comment:Surveillance technology at Washington/Dulles. (the Americas).
Publication:Airports International
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Date:May 1, 2002
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