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Surprise for Simpler.

When Burleson High School students in Texas learned that their English teacher, Kyle Simpler, had not had a birthday cake in an entire decade, they took action. The students surprised Simpler by throwing him a surprise birthday party and presenting him with a beautiful birthday cake.

"I was floored," Simpler told Inside Edition. "It was totally a surprise, let me tell you that."

The students captured a video of the surprise, which went viral after being shared on Twitter.

According to Inside Edition, Simpler's students collected money to purchase gifts for their teacher, as well as the cake, which featured Felix the Cat.

The party was organized by student Karlie Moran, who stated that she was compelled to do something nice for her teacher after she learned that Simpler had not had a birthday cake in 10 years. "I work at the grocery store, and went to the bakery on my breaks," said Moran. "I told them Mr. Simpler really likes cats and they made something cool."

Simpler explained that his family does not tend to make a big deal about birthdays, but his students' surprise was "memorable to say the least."

And for the students, seeing their teacher both happy and surprised was worth all their efforts. "When I saw his reaction, I was like, 'yes!' It was perfect," Moran recalls. "He's always been one of my favorite teachers."

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Title Annotation:THE GOODNESS OF AMERICA; Kyle Simpler
Author:Clabough, Raven
Publication:The New American
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Date:Mar 21, 2016
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