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Surprise, surprise!; In Touch.


WHAT have Steve Renouf, Andrew Gee and Allan Langer got in common, other than the fact they have all played Test football for Australia and used to play for Brisbane Broncos?

The answer is simple - they are all going to play for Brisbane again next season.

In Renouf's case it is no surprise, after all he was off-loaded by Wigan, and only left these shores because the two clubs that spoke to him - Widnes and Bradford - would not pay the pounds 170,000 (yes pounds 170,000 a season) he was asking for.

But when it comes to the other two, Warrington fans must be shaken to the core.

Langer and Gee were brought to Wilderspool two seasons ago in a blaze of glory and it was predicted the Wolves would immediately become a top six side At the time, Warrington's then new PR person Gina Coldrick phoned me to complain after I doubted in print these two would be the answer and referred to them as 'ageing.'

And when both 'retired' from Wilderspool during last season this column suggested - without ever being contradicted - that statements issue by the club could make them look foolish if either made comebacks.

At the time Warrington said of Langer: "Warrington Wolves can confirm that Allan Langer has retired from the British game and will return to Australia within the next couple of weeks.

"Due to recurrent lateral inversion injuries to his left ankle, Allan has been advised by the club specialist to prematurely finish his career due to accelerated degenerative osteoarthritis."

And before that they said of Gee: "Andrew Gee faces the rest of the season out due to injury. He is due to fly home to Australia for a shoulder reconstruction at the end of May.

"Head coach, Darryl Van de Velde commented: 'It is a very disappointing injury to Gee, and to happen at this time of the season is just bad luck for him and the team.

Andrew will return to Australia at the end of the month for the operation and we will see how it goes from there.'

"Andrew Gee released the following statement: "I am returning home for a shoulder operation and I will be out for rest of the season. I will assess the situation from there. I have never had a shoulder injury before but that is rugby league for you."


HAPPY DAYS: Allan Langer (left) and Andrew Gee sign for the Wolves in October 1999, watched by chief executive Peter Deakin (back, left) and coach Darryl van de Velde
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Dec 8, 2001
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