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SurgiLance(tm) Safety Lancet Earns "Perfect Score" for "10 Golden Rules of Safety".

Atlanta, GA, February 01, 2014 --( MediPurpose(tm), a manufacturer and master distributor of medical products, today announced the publication of a new white paper, Safe in Common's "10 Golden Rules of Safety": How Well Does SurgiLance(tm) Safety Lancet Compare?

The white paper outlines sharps safety advocate Safe in Common's guidelines for sharps safety devices and evaluates how well the SurgiLance(tm) safety lancet adheres to them. Further, it provides references to publications that provide additional background and evidence for the claims and arguments made on SurgiLance's behalf for each rule.

"If Safe in Common's 'Top 10 Golden Rules for Safety' can be considered a scorecard for sharps safety devices, the SurgiLance safety lancet arguably earned a perfect score, and this white paper explains why we believe so," said MediPurpose founder and CEO Patrick Yi.

"As a manufacturer and master distributor of two safety needlestick devices-the SurgiLance safety lancet and the babyLance(tm) safety heelstick-MediPurpose closely follows and supports such advocacy," said Yi. "In fact, the original SurgiLance One-Step fingerstick device was introduced in the United States at approximately the same time as the passage of the U.S. Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act in 2000."

Yi also said that both SurgiLance and babyLance have U.S. FDA 510(k) clearances with sharps prevention indications, which permits MediPurpose to legally market them as "safety" devices in the United States.

About SurgiLance(tm) Safety Lancets

SurgiLance safety lancets are single-use fingerstick devices, used for the collection of blood from the fingers of adults and children.

Known for their safety, comfort and ease-of-use, SurgiLance safety lancets do not require arming. Activated by pressure against a finger, they feature sterile needles and blades that are retracted and concealed before and after use.

Available in seven models, each is primarily identified by its incision's average penetration depth:

Model Penetration Depth

SLN100 1.0 mm

SLN170 1.7 mm

SLN200 1.8 mm

SLN240 2.2 mm

SLN300 2.8 mm

SLB200 1.8 mm

SLB250 2.3 mm

To download the white paper, please visit

For more information about SurgiLance safety lancets-including no-cost product sample requests-please visit

About MediPurpose

Founded in 1999, MediPurpose is an innovative medical device company headquartered in Singapore, with offices in the United States and Europe.

Known for its popular babyLance(tm) safety heelstick, SurgiLance(tm) safety lancet and MediPlus(tm) advanced wound care products, MediPurpose has leveraged its success in the medical device industry to become a master medical product distributor that provides unique solutions for both medical product manufacturers and distributors.

MediPurpose's Medical Device Innovation division offers angel funding and developmental expertise for new medical device inventors and innovative medical product companies that seek entrance into new medical device markets.

For more information about MediPurpose's medical products and solutions for inventors, innovators, manufacturers and distributors, please visit

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Date:Feb 1, 2014
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