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Scientists claim to have developed 'cure for blindness'; Protein implant gave people who couldn't see 20:20 vision. By, Gwyn Wright & Daniel Smith Aug 11, 2022 726
Chloe Ferry shares photos of 'butchered' face after fox eye surgery leaves scars and 'dints'; Chloe Ferry has shared the after effects of having 'fox eye surgery' and being left with scarring and 'dints' on her face. By, Zoe Delaney & Aaron Morris Aug 5, 2022 847
Chloe Ferry shares butchered face after fox eye surgery left gaping holes in her skin; Chloe Ferry almost broke down in tears as she detailed the 'absolute hell' she's experienced since having 'fox eye surgery'. The star revealed scarring and 'dints' on her face to her fans, seven months on from having the controversial procedure. By, Zoe Delaney Aug 5, 2022 900
Over 200 Benefit As APC Chieftain Floats Free Eye Surgery In Ekiti. Jul 29, 2022 281
ITV This Morning's Phillip Schofield gives fans update on 'debilitating' eye condition after undergoing surgery to remove 'floaters'; This Morning host Phillip Schofield revealed his operation to remove floaters from his vision has been a "life-changing" experience. By, Ayaan Ali Jul 16, 2022 391
Patients Eagerness for 2nd Eye External Dacryocystorhinostomy after the Satisfactory Surgery of 1st Eye in Tertiary Care Hospital of Islamabad Suburbs. Afia Matloob, Waseem Akhtar and Erum Yousafzai Jun 30, 2022 2458
Patient now completely blind after removal of wrong eye during surgery. Jun 22, 2022 170
Lions Club organises free eye surgery. Jun 18, 2022 178
Katie Piper bravely shares details of acid attack as she undergoes more eye surgery; Katie Piper suffered horrific injuries to her face and body in the attack in 2008 -including being blinded in one eye -and has undergone more than 400 surgeries. By, Emma Wilson Jun 17, 2022 452
Myopia: Mechanisms and Strategies to Slow Down Its Progression. Russo, Andrea; Boldini, Alessandro; Romano, Davide; Mazza, Giuseppina; Bignotti, Stefano; Morescalch Jun 14, 2022 18541
Qatar, Inuwa Foundation Bankroll Eye Surgery, Distribute Medicated Glasses to 486 in Jigawa. Jun 14, 2022 158
Corza Medical Acquires Barron Precision Instruments to Expand Portfolio of Ophthalmic Surgery Products. Jun 9, 2022 151
Patients with cataracts forced to wait for a year to get NHS surgery during Covid; Cataracts -the world's leading cause of blindness -see the small transparent disc develop cloudy patches that become bigger causing blurry, misty vision and eventually blindness. By, Martin Bagot Jun 3, 2022 771
Egyptian Parliamentarian suggests raising awareness on cornea donation, introducing eye bank. Egypt Today staff Jun 1, 2022 479
Comparison of Scheimpflug Derived Biomechanical and Tomographical Indices to Detect Corneal Ectasia - A Cross Sectional Study. Fazla Younis and Omar Zafar May 31, 2022 2615
Comparison of Laser Iridotomy and Lensectomy Outcomes for Acute Primary Angle Closure. Iijima, Kei; Kamiya, Kazutaka; Iida, Yoshihiko; Shoji, Nobuyuki May 30, 2022 2993
The royal who once sported a very glamorous eyepatch and matched it with her outfits; Princess Michael of Kent sported the look in 2015 following eye surgery. By, Rebecca Russell May 23, 2022 640
Sunvera Group Forms New Partnership with William S. Goldstein, MD PC Laser Eye Care Center. May 18, 2022 351
Miracle drug to end need for cataract eye surgery. martin bagot May 17, 2022 197
'I'll never get surgery for 'lazy eye' -I feel sorry for those who make cruel comments'; A woman with a 'lazy eye' has learned to love herself and embrace her differences, despite cruel comments from trolls, and says she never wants surgery to correct her 'turn'. By, Layla Nicholson & Julia Banim May 17, 2022 457
Drug treatment could put an end to surgery for cataracts; There was a 'remarkable improvement' in eyes treated with a special compound. By, Nina Massey, PA & Richard Blackledge May 16, 2022 293
Drug treatment could put an end to surgery for cataracts; There was a 'remarkable improvement' in eyes treated with a special compound. By, Nina Massey, PA & Richard Blackledge May 16, 2022 293
'Free your eyes' charity fund brings sight to patients. May 16, 2022 364
Drug treatment could put an end to surgery for cataracts; There was a 'remarkable improvement' in eyes treated with a special compound. By, Nina Massey, PA & Richard Blackledge May 16, 2022 293
Brits could have cataracts treated with miracle drug rather than going under the knife; New research in the UK has been hailed as a "significant step" towards treating the condition, which is the world's leading cause of blindness, with drugs rather than invasive surgery. By, Martin Bagot May 16, 2022 441
London eye clinic blasted after surgery room 'not cleaned for 10 days'; A watchdog gave the private clinic a dire rating after an inspection earlier this year. By, Hannah Neary May 10, 2022 478
Eyenovia presents at American Sociey of Cataract and Refractive Surgery meeting. Apr 19, 2022 198
Ocuphire Pharma appoints Pepose as CMA, announces upcoming presentations. Apr 19, 2022 180
Biakoye MP sponsors free eye surgery for constituents. Apr 18, 2022 165
High-Resolution Ex-Vivo Imaging of Retina with a Laptop-Based Portable Endoscope. Ge, Yanni; Jin, Kai; Wang, Yao; Xu, Yufeng; Lu, Haitong; Ye, Juan Apr 11, 2022 3808
Application of Intraoperative Optical Coherence Tomography Technology in Anterior Segment Surgery. Han, Sang Beom; Liu, Yu-Chi; Mohamed-Noriega, Karim; Mehta, Jodhbir S. Apr 8, 2022 5884
Alanna's back to school 3mths on from horror attack; Doctors happy with progress after surgery on injured eye. EXCLUSIVE BY EMMA MCMENAMY Apr 3, 2022 799
A Prospective Comparative Study between Implantable Phakic Intraocular Contact Lens and Implantable Collamer Lens in Treatment of Myopia in Adults. Rateb, Mahmoud; Gad, Ahmed A.M.; Tohamy, Dalia; Elmohamady, Mohamed Nagy Clinical report Mar 28, 2022 3169
People in stitches at dad wearing cone to make dog feel 'less lonely'; After having surgery on his eye, TikTok-famous dog, Good Boy Ollie, cuddled up on the sofa with his caring dad, who wore a matching pet cone so Ollie wouldn't be the odd one out. By, Nia Dalton Mar 28, 2022 412
Woman left looking like she has 'horns' after paying for cosmetic surgery; A woman said she was left filled with regret after paying for 'fox eye' cosmetic surgery, and after sharing an image of her new look online others said it looked like she had horns. By, John Bett Mar 3, 2022 497
Temporal Inverted Internal Limiting Membrane Flap Technique for the Treatment of Macular Holes. Toklu, Yasin; Yorgun, Mucella Arikan; Tanriverdi, Burak; Icoz, Mehmet Report Mar 1, 2022 3623
Comparison of Visual Outcomes and Quality of Life in Patients with High Myopic Cataract after Implantation of AT LISA Tri 839MP and LS-313 MF30 Intraocular Lenses. Shen, Jiying; Zhang, Limei; Ni, Shuang; Cai, Lei; Guo, Haike; Yang, Jin Feb 28, 2022 5408
Postoperative Visual Outcome: Sling procedure with prolene sutures in children with simple congenital ptosis. Nida Shamim, Nausheen Hayat and Alyscia Cheema Feb 28, 2022 1754
Autofluorescence Imaging in the Long-Term Follow-Up of Scleral Buckling Surgery for Retinal Detachment. Salvanos, Panagiotis; Björnsson, Helgi D.; Vitelli, Valeria; Bragadό ttir, Ragnheiður; Moe, Mor Clinical report Feb 27, 2022 6247
Korle-Bu Conducts 6 Cornea Transplant Surgeries. Feb 11, 2022 591
Bulacan Medical Center to open Ophthalmology, Visual Sciences department. Feb 11, 2022 190
1,509 benefit from ISE free eye surgery in Nasarawa. Feb 5, 2022 451
Corneal Endothelial Cell Loss in Glaucoma and Glaucoma Surgery and the Utility of Management with Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty (DMEK). Vallabh, Neeru A; Kennedy, Stephnie; Vinciguerra, Riccardo; McLean, Keri; Levis, Hannah; Borroni, Da Jan 30, 2022 13170
Impact of Material and Lens Design on Repositioning Surgery of Toric Intraocular Lenses: A Single-Arm Meta-Analysis. Wu, Jing; Yang, Changping; Yin, Yan; Liu, Linlin; Wang, Hui Jan 27, 2022 4666
Corrigendum to "Six-Year Outcomes of 25-Gauge Chandelier Illumination-Assisted Scleral Buckling". Li, Hui; Zhang, Conghui; Wei, Jiayi; Keyal, Khusbu; Wang, Fang Correction notice Jan 6, 2022 202
Validation of the Arabic version of the quality of life impact of refractive correction questionnaire. Kholoud. Bokhary Jan 1, 2022 3870
Applications of epithelial thickness mapping in corneal refractive surgery. Dan. Reinstein Jan 1, 2022 6581
Long-term outcomes and causes of intrastromal corneal ring segment explantation in a tertiary eye hospital. Hussain. Al-Habboubi Report Jan 1, 2022 4169
Visual Outcome after Vitrectomy with Subretinal tPA Injection to Treat Submacular Hemorrhage Secondary to Age-Related Macular Degeneration or Macroaneurysm. Ali Said, Yasmin; Dewilde, Evelien; Stalmans, Peter Dec 30, 2021 4300
Comparison of Patient Outcomes following Implantation of Trifocal and Extended Depth of Focus Intraocular Lenses: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Guo, Yining; Wang, Yinhao; Hao, Ran; Jiang, Xiaodan; Liu, Ziyuan; Li, Xuemin Clinical report Dec 29, 2021 7786
Effect of Implantable Collamer Lens on Anterior Segment Measurement and Intraocular Lens Power Calculation Based on IOLMaster 700 and Sirius. Chen, Xiaoyong; Zhang, Di; Liu, Ziyuan; Liu, Yinan; Cai, Hongyuan; Wu, Qianru; Zhang, Yu Dec 21, 2021 4639
Mum couldn't paint for three decades but after op she now sketches for the stars; Single mum Shany Hagan didn't want to risk surgery on her cataracts in case she went blind -but within weeks of op her she picked up her paintbrushes again after 30 years. By, Matthew Barbour Dec 18, 2021 1090
Reversal of Myopic Correction for Patients Intolerant to LASIK. Gab-Alla, Amr A. Dec 15, 2021 5291
Comparison of Efficacy of Premedication between Dexmedetomidine and Midazolam Intranasal for the Prevention of Emergence Delirium in Children Undergoing Ophthalmic Surgery. Ramlan, Andi Ade Wijaya; Mahri, Irwan; Firdaus, Riyadh; Sugiarto, Ardhie Report Dec 1, 2021 3415
Outcomes of 27gauge pars plana vitrectomy for a variety of posterior segment diseases. Awan, Muhammad Amer; Shaheen, Fiza; Janjua, Kholood Report Nov 30, 2021 3421
Evaluation of a Novel Zonular Tension Restoring Accommodating Silicone IOL Design: Pilocarpine and Cyclopentolate-Induced Effect 20 Months after Implantation. Hirnschall, Nino; Henson, Raoul Paolo D.; Vicencio, Jay Marianito S.; Angeles, Andrew L; Findl, Oliv Clinical report Nov 29, 2021 4508
Montecito Medical Acquires Medical Building in Western Massachusetts. Nov 22, 2021 234
APPLICATION OF AUTOLOGOUS SERUM EYE DROPS AFTER PTERYGIUM SURGERY. Hassan Sajjad Rathore, Ahsan Mukhtar, Shahzad Saeed, Umar Ijaz, Mamoona Javaid and Iqra Ghaus Oct 31, 2021 2410
McSurgery: An Indian hospital restoring eyesight to millions. Oct 14, 2021 752
Ocular Therapeutix announces FDA approval of Dextenza sNDA. Oct 11, 2021 187
Corneal and Epithelial Thickness Mapping: Comparison of Enhanced Spectral-Domain- and Spectral-Domain-Optical Coherence Tomography. Georgeon, Cristina; Marciano, Ilanite; Cuyaubère, Roxane; Sandali, Otman; Bouheraoua, Nacim; Borderi Oct 5, 2021 3241
Six-Year Outcomes of 25-Gauge Chandelier Illumination-Assisted Scleral Buckling. Li, Hui; Zhang, Conghui; Wei, Jiayi; Keyal, Khusbu; Wang, Fang Report Oct 4, 2021 3439
Man could lose sight in eye after unprovoked homophobic attack in city's Gay Village; Matt Brooks, 52, was punched in the face when he visited a bar after the end of his work shift on Thursday. He needed emergency surgery on a fractured eye socket to relieve pressure on his eyeball. By, Ben Perrin & Chiara Fiorillo Oct 3, 2021 578
Man fears he could go blind after suspected homophobic attack in city's Gay Village; Matt Brooks was punched in the face with such force he needed emergency surgery on a fractured eye socket. By, Ben Turner-LE & Ben Perrin Oct 3, 2021 744
PH eye doctor wins international award. Sep 3, 2021 393
Severe Optic Disc Cupping Following the Methanol Toxicity in a 20-Year-old Man: A Case Report. Hassanpoor, Narges; Niyousha, Mohamadreza Sep 1, 2021 1799
Provident Healthcare Partners serves as advisor to Texan Eye in its partnership with Comprehensive Eyecare Partners. Aug 26, 2021 176
Provident Healthcare Partners serves as advisor to Texan Eye in its partnership with Comprehensive Eyecare Partners. Aug 26, 2021 178
Liverpool Boss Jurgen Klopp Undergoes Surgery To Fix Eye Sight. Aug 23, 2021 247
Nail removed from eye in rare surgery. Aug 17, 2021 519
Errol Spence Jr. undergoes eye surgery. Aug 12, 2021 206
Errol Spence says 'be back in no time' after emergency eye surgery. Aug 12, 2021 257
Ancillary tests in practice. Shah, Prashant; Shah, Yashita Aug 1, 2021 657
Harrow Health enters into marketing and supply agreement with Sintetica SA. Jul 29, 2021 207
Harrow Health acquires patented ophthalmic surgical drug candidate from Sintetic. Jul 27, 2021 269
21 public, private hospitals registered for organ transplants. Jul 15, 2021 234
21 hospitals registered for organ transplants. Jul 15, 2021 251
Donor Cornea Use in Scleral Surface Reconstruction. Burcu, Ayse; Yalniz-Akkaya, Zuleyha; Ozdemir, Evin Singar; Ozbek-Uzman, Selma Jul 1, 2021 4378
Dying dad's fight to see loved ones again before end; I CAN'T EVEN MAKE OUT MY WIFE OR MY CHILDREN'S FACES'... 53-YEAR-OLD LEFT PARTIALLY SIGHTED BY CANCER TREATMENT. REEM AHMED Jun 23, 2021 1344
Three things I learned. Jun 16, 2021 559
Flying high after eye surgery; AIRCRAFT ENGINEER LEE CAN NOW TAKE UP DREAM JOB OPPORTUNITY. Jun 3, 2021 388
Woman 'unable to bear sunlight' after laser eye surgery at Yorkshire hospital awarded settlement; A woman whose laser eye surgery at a Hull hospital left her "unable to bear sunlight" has been awarded damages from the NHS Trust. Victoria Finan Jun 2, 2021 261
Woman's forced to wear sunglasses to watch TV after botched laser eye surgery; Joanne Hartley, 53, has been awarded damages after laser surgery left her with a large open hole in her eye which has left her unable to stand sunlight. By, Charlotte Nisbet & Sam Elliott-Gibbs Jun 1, 2021 523
Evaluation of Ophthalmic Surgical Injuries Presenting to an Ophthalmology Emergency Department. Yuzbasioglu, Sema; Yorgun, Mucella Arikan; Yuzbasioglu, Yucel Jun 1, 2021 2950
FIGHTING ON THE FRONTLINES: THROUGH THE YEARS FOR THE RARE DISEASES COMMUNITY: I was introduced into the world of rare diseases on October 11, 1986. My daughter was born with a large Port Wine Birthmark on her face and diagnosed with Sturge-Weber syndrome (SWS). She had her first eye surgery when she was one week old due to glaucoma, and her first seizure at one year old. Ball, Karen L. Jun 1, 2021 1220
Najib still recuperating from last week's eye surgery, 1MDB trial postponed today too. May 25, 2021 793
CAN HELLO; BOXING BILLY JOE OUT FOR A LONG TIME Saunders fights to save his career as he has surgery on his eye socket after Alvarez blow. DAVID ANDERSON Boxing correspondent @MirrorAnderson May 10, 2021 515
Can o HELL; BOXING BILLY JOE OUT FOR A LONG TIME Saunders fights to save his career as he has surgery on his eye socket after Alvarez blow. DAVID ANDERSON Boxing correspondent @MirrorAnderson May 10, 2021 514
K-pop group Monsta X's Shownu suffers complications from eye surgery. May 3, 2021 534
Penguin Munch sees the benefit of eye surgery. JOSH PENNINGTON @CheshireLive Apr 29, 2021 599
105 Benefit Free Cataracts Surgery. Apr 15, 2021 838
105 Benefit from MOH, NSEC Free Cataracts Surgery. Apr 15, 2021 837
Serious eye services failings prompt review; Patient suffered loss of vision while another had wrong lens inserted. JONATHAN HUMPHRIES ECHO reporter @JHUMPHRIESECHO Apr 11, 2021 611
Congressman Dan Crenshaw Announces He Will Be 'Effectively Blind' For a Month After Eye Surgery. Apr 10, 2021 329
Lagos Lawmaker To Sponsor Eye Surgery For Constituents. Mar 15, 2021 321
Vitrectomy Due to Vitreous Hemorrhage and Tractional Retinal Detachment Secondary to Eales' Disease. Ersoz, M. Giray; Hocaoglu, Mumin; Muslubas, Isil Bahar Sayman; Arf, Serra; Karacorlu, Murat Mar 1, 2021 3287
Free eye cure and surgery camp held in Khairpur. Feb 25, 2021 167
Ectoine in the Treatment of Irritations and Inflammations of the Eye Surface. Bilstein, Andreas; Heinrich, Anja; Rybachuk, Anna; Mösges, Ralph Report Feb 10, 2021 9377
Saudi Arabia Guidelines for diabetic macular edema: A consensus of the Saudi Retina Group. AlQahtani, Abdullah S.; Hazzazi, Mohammad A.; Waheeb, Saad A.; Semidey, Valmore A.; Elgendy, Hussein Report Feb 1, 2021 11502
The role of simulators in improving vitreoretinal surgery training - A systematic review. Ahmed, Taha Muneer; Siddiqui, Abdul Rehman Report Jan 31, 2021 2989
Ophthalmology Deptt KTH successfully conducts 21 bowman layer transplantation surgeries. Jan 30, 2021 308
Ophthalmology Deptt KTH successfully conducts 21 bowman layer transplantation surgeries. Jan 30, 2021 308
Francis so thankful for eye surgery. EXCLUSIVE BY JILLY BEATTIE Jan 19, 2021 294
Marginal Resection of Ocular Squamous Cell Carcinoma in a Hereford Cattle. Akbas, Gul Ciray; Curukoglu, Ali; Ulukan, Gokhan; Ozgencil, Fatma Eser Jan 1, 2021 1780
Evaluation of Diplopia Secondary to Seton Implantation Surgery: Ahmed Glaucoma Valve and Diplopia. Taskoparan, Sariye; Ocak, Osman Bulut; Cakmak, Semih; Pasaoglu, Isil Basgil; Gokyigit, Birsen; Solma Jan 1, 2021 3195
Ectoine in the Treatment of Irritations and Inflammations of the Eye Surface. Bilstein, Andreas; Heinrich, Anja; Rybachuk, Anna; Mösges, Ralph Report Jan 1, 2021 9377
Intraocular Suture Looping Technique for Flapless Four-Point Refixation of Dislocated Intraocular Lenses. Hu, Xin; Zhao, Bo; Jin, Haiying Jan 1, 2021 2815
Long-Term Effect of Silicone Oil Tamponade for Postoperative and Posttraumatic Bacterial Endophthalmitis. Kang, Yong Koo; Shin, Jae Pil; Park, Han Sang Jan 1, 2021 4942
Silicone Oil Adhesion to Hydrophobic Acrylic Intraocular Lenses: A Comparative Laboratory Study of a New versus an Established Hydrophobic Acrylic Intraocular Lens Material. Auffarth, Gerd U.; Fang, Hui; Wang, Qiang; Hengerer, Fritz; Khoramnia, Ramin; Son, Hyeck-Soo; Schick Jan 1, 2021 2901
Comparison of Simulated and True Keratometry Measurements Using Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography and Dual Scheimpflug-Placido Imaging. Urias, Elizabeth A.; Polychronopoulou, Efstathia; Pandit, Rahul T. Jan 1, 2021 3044
Supporting IOL'S in a Deficient Capsular Environment: The Tale of No “Tails”. Boccuzzi, Domenico; Purva, Date; Orfeo, Vincenzo; Napolitano, Pasquale; Mularoni, Alessandro; Imburg Jan 1, 2021 4629
Femtosecond Laser in Anterior Segment Surgery. Han, Sang Beom; Mehta, Jodhbir S.; Liu, Yu-Chi; Noriega, Karim Mohamed Jan 1, 2021 588
Retinal Displacement: Providing New Insights for Retinal Detachment Surgery. Houle, Olivier; You, Eunice; Hébert, Mélanie; Jin, Shicheng; Qi, Susan Ruyu; Dirani, Ali Jan 1, 2021 5879
Complications Leading to Keratoplasty among Contact Lens Users and LASIK Patients: A 10-Year Cross-Sectional Analysis. Rush, Sloan W.; Bulla, Blaze; Rush, Ryan B. Jan 1, 2021 3567
Changes in Corneal Parameters after DMEK Surgery: A Swept-Source Imaging Analysis at 12-Month Follow-Up Time. Machalinska, Anna; Kuligowska, Agnieszka; Kaleta, Karolina; Kusmierz-Wojtasik, Monika; Safranow, Krz Jan 1, 2021 6585
XEN Glaucoma Implant for the Management of Operated Uncontrolled Glaucoma: Results and Complications during a Long-Term Follow-Up. Lewczuk, Katarzyna; Konopinska, Joanna; Jablonska, Joanna; Rudowicz, Jacek; Laszewicz, Patrycja; Mar Jan 1, 2021 5262
Metamorphopsia and Morphological Changes in the Macula after Scleral Buckling Surgery for Macula-Off Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment. Xu, Sisi; Wang, Ling; Kong, Kangjie; Li, Gang; Ni, Yingqin Clinical report Jan 1, 2021 4500
The Role of OCT Angiography in the Assessment of Epiretinal Macular Membrane. Bacherini, Daniela; Dragotto, Francesco; Caporossi, Tomaso; Lenzetti, Chiara; Finocchio, Lucia; Sava Jan 1, 2021 5489
Scleral Buckling with Viscoelastics or Gas Injection for Bulging Retinal Detachments: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Yi, Quan-Yong; Li, Wen-Die; Gui, Qian; Wang, Sang-Sang; Chen, Li-Shuang; Mao, Jing-Hai; Gong, Yan Jan 1, 2021 4333
Weight of Different Intraocular Lenses: Evaluation of Toricity, Focality, Design, and Material. López-Vázquez, Ángel; Contreras, Inés; Martin-Prieto, Sergio; López-Castro, Ángel Jan 1, 2021 3119
Efficacy and Safety of Vitrectomy without Using Perfluorocarbon Liquids and Drainage Retinotomy Associated with Postoperative Positioning Based on Residual Subretinal Fluid for Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment. Chelazzi, Paolo; Azzolini, Claudia; Bellina, Claudia; Cappelli, Francesca; Del Genovese, Ilaria; Car Jan 1, 2021 5353
Cleveland Clinic performs UAE's first artificial cornea transplant. Dec 28, 2020 545
Outcomes of Vitrectomy Combined with Scleral Buckling for Eyes with Early Recurrence of Simple Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment Previously Treated by Pars Plana Vitrectomy. Tatsumi, Tomoaki; Baba, Takayuki; Iwase, Takehito; Nizawa, Tomohiro; Miura, Gen; Yokouchi, Hirotaka; Dec 17, 2020 4056
Study of the Visual Outcome and Complication of Femtosecond Lasik. Handi, Anand Shekhar; Achar, Prashanthkumar Narayan; Beary, Mohammad Sameerudeen Moosa Report Dec 7, 2020 3175
Intrascleral Suture Anchoring: A Flapless/Grooveless Four-Point Intraocular Lens Fixation Technique. Hu, Xin; Zhao, Bo; Jin, Haiying Dec 1, 2020 3450
Operation saved TV star from living 'in world of darkness'. MARK SMITH Health correspondent Nov 30, 2020 643
Op saved TV star from living 'in world of darkness'. MARK SMITH Nov 30, 2020 636
Modified Four-Point Scleral Suture Fixation Technique for Repositioning a Dislocated Intraocular Lens in the Absence of Capsule Support. Wu, Kaicheng; Fang, Wangyi; Zong, Yuan; Yu, Jian; Xu, Canqing; Jiang, Chunhui; Tan, Ye Nov 19, 2020 4003
Charitable hospitals providing excellent eye treatment, surgery facilities: President Alvi. Nov 18, 2020 202
Little Lucy has sight saved by pioneering eye surgery. AMY SHARPE and JAMES RODGER Nov 18, 2020 443
Microcatheter-Assisted Circumferential Trabeculotomy versus Conventional Trabeculotomy for the Treatment of Childhood Glaucoma: A Meta-analysis. Ling, Ling; Ji, Kaibao; Li, Ping; Hu, Zhe; Xing, Yiqiao; Yu, Yifeng; Zhou, Wentian Report Nov 4, 2020 3854
Bleb Morphology Using Anterior-Segment Optical Coherence Tomography after Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Surgery with Tenon Capsule Resection. Wagdy, Faried M. Clinical report Oct 23, 2020 6176
Our View: Investigations must probe if cost-cutting behind eye infections. Oct 21, 2020 416
Lives of cataract op patients out of danger, prognosis for eyesight uncertain. Oct 21, 2020 168
Our View: Investigations must probe if cost-cutting behind eye infections. CM: Our View Oct 21, 2020 430
Lives of cataract op patients out of danger, prognosis for eyesight uncertain. George Psyllides Oct 21, 2020 179
Eight eye patients infected during surgery face losing most of their sight. Gina Agapiou Oct 19, 2020 410
Eight eye patients infected during surgery face losing most of their sight. Oct 19, 2020 397
Optical Express sued by more than 80 customers over "agonising" eye surgery; EXCLUSIVE: Optical Express has been taken to a High Court after a customer complained lens replacement surgery resulted in headaches, double vision and intolerance to light, with more than 80 additional clients experiencing similar problems. By, Dan Warburton Oct 17, 2020 296
The Effect of Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty on Intraocular Pressure in Patients with Dexamethasone Intravitreal Implant-Induced Elevated Intraocular Pressure. Bennedjai, Amin; Theillac, Vincent; Akesbi, Jad; Adam, Raphaël; Rodallec, Thibaut; Keilani, Chafik; Oct 13, 2020 3401
Clinical Profile of Iridocorneal Endothelial Syndrome at a Tertiary Care Eye Centre. Narayanan, Bibhuti; Balakrishnan, Narayanan; Praveena, V.; Vishnu, S. Clinical report Oct 12, 2020 3084
HMC opens new laser vision correction unit. Oct 5, 2020 593
Anatomical and Visual Outcomes after LASIK Performed in Myopic Eyes with the WaveLight® Refractive Suite (Alcon® Laboratories Inc., USA). Salah-Mabed, Imene; Moran, Sarah; Perez, Emmanuelle; Debellemanière, Guillaume; Gatinel, Damien Oct 5, 2020 8197
Correlation Analysis of Refractive and Visual Quality after Wavefront-Optimized Laser In Situ Keratomileusis for 50% and 100% Angle Kappa Compensation. Ru, Xin-Yu; Li, Zheng-Ri; Li, Cheng-Lin; Cui, Hong; Deng, Wen-Qing; Lin, Shu-Hua; Jia, Yu-Jie Oct 5, 2020 4460
HMC opens new laser vision correction unit. Oct 4, 2020 558
Anomalous separation of the medial rectus muscle, abnormal separation into superior and inferior compartment, and surgical management. Alkharashi, Maan Clinical report Oct 1, 2020 1523
Haemorrhagic occlusive retinal vasculitis caused by intravitreal vancomycin. Muid, Javeira; Awan, Muhammad Amer Clinical report Sep 30, 2020 1692
Israeli Startup's Synthetic Cornea could Restore Sight to Millions Worldwide. Sep 22, 2020 212
Intraoperative Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging in Corneal Surgery: A Literature Review and Proposal of Novel Applications. Eguchi, Hiroshi; Hotta, Fumika; Kusaka, Shunji; Shimomura, Yoshikazu Sep 11, 2020 6678
The Role of Endogenous Proteins on the Emulsification of Silicone Oils Used in Vitreoretinal Surgery. Nepita, Irene; Repetto, Rodolfo; Pralits, Jan O.; Romano, Mario R.; Ravera, Francesca; Santini, Eva; Report Aug 31, 2020 5494
Efficacy and Safety of Primary Glaucoma Device Implantation Surgery in Exfoliative Glaucoma: A Retrospective Consecutive Case Series. Park, Sang Yoong; Jin, Sang Wook Aug 31, 2020 4222
Surgical Management for Refractory Bleb Dysesthesia. Dyrda, Agnieszka; Anton, Alfonso; Figueroa-Vercellino, Juan Pablo; Pazos, Marta Aug 31, 2020 5369
Observe 20-20-20 rule to avoid dry eye. Aug 19, 2020 742
Who's Who: Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Muammar, advisory council chair of the 4th Health Cluster in the Central Region. Arab News Aug 16, 2020 264
Frequency of retinal re-detachment after removal of silicone oil Tamponade in cases of proliferative vitreoretinopathy. Zaheer, Waqas; Iqbal, Kashif; Usman, Maria Report Aug 14, 2020 2454
Outcomes after 23G trans-conjunctival parsplana vitrectomy and suturing of sclerotomy using 10/0 Nylon in patients with diabetic retinopathy in private hospital of Sargodha. Zaheer, Bilal; Zaheer, Waqas Report Aug 14, 2020 1577
Tube Length Adjustment and Tube Trimming Technique in Refractory Glaucoma. Soebijantoro, Iwan; Noor, Nina Asrini Jul 31, 2020 2679
A Comprehensive Strategy for Laser Corneal Refractive Surgery during the COVID-19 Epidemic in a Tertiary Teaching Hospital in Wenzhou, China. Zhang, Jia; Aslanides, Ioannis M.; Selimis, Vasileios; Lu, Nan-Ji; Liu, Wei-Jie; Jiang, Hong-Xiao; Z Jul 31, 2020 3998
Observation of Gonio Structures during Microhook Ab Interno Trabeculotomy Using a Novel Digital Microscope with Integrated Intraoperative Optical Coherence Tomography. Ishida, Akiko; Sugihara, Kazunobu; Shirakami, Tomoki; Tsutsui, Aika; Manabe, Kaoru; Tanito, Masaki Jul 31, 2020 2813
Israel to Perform First Synthetic Cornea Transplant, Returning Sight to Blind. Jul 16, 2020 459
Gajog Investment sponsors eye surgery for three children. Jul 12, 2020 320
Outer retina reconstruction following inverted internal limiting membrane flap technique for large macular holes. Okonkwo, Ogugua Report Jul 1, 2020 4214
Effect of Laryngeal Mask Air Way Insertion versus Endotracheal Intubation over Hemodynamic Responses in Pediatrics Patient Who Underwent Ophthalmic Surgery at Menelik II Hospital, Addis Ababa: A Prospective Observational Study Design. Obsa, Mohammed Suleiman; Sholla, Azeb Lencha; Baraki, Betelhem Girma; Welde, Getahun Dendir; Gelgelu Clinical report Jun 30, 2020 3968
Tenon Capsule Grafting versus Autologous Scleral Graft in Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Surgery. Wagdy, Faried M. Clinical report Jun 30, 2020 4529
Comparison between the Express Implant and Transscleral Diode Laser in Neovascular Glaucoma. Wagdy, Faried Mohammed; Zaky, Adel Galal Jun 30, 2020 4399
Nailfold Capillary Hemorrhages: Microvascular Risk Factors for Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma. Pfahler, Nicholas M.; Barry, Jordan L.; Bielskus, Indre E.; Kakouri, Agni; Giovingo, Michael C.; Vol Jun 30, 2020 8992
The doctor is in: Love your eyes. Jun 25, 2020 542
Aldeyra receives Orphan Medicinal Product Designation from EC for ADX-2191. Jun 15, 2020 248
Mobile app helps tackle dryness of the eye. Jun 12, 2020 330
SURGICAL ASPECT OF BLEPHAROSPASM TREATMENT: A CASE REPORT/KIRURSKI ASPEKTI LIJECENJA BLEFAROSPAZMA: PRIKAZ SLUCAJA. Dinjar, Kristijan; Zubcic, Vedran; Kopic, Andrijana; Kopic, Vlatko; Popic, Bruno; Holik, Dubravka Clinical report Jun 1, 2020 2015
Changes in Corneal Volume at Different Areas and Its Correlation with Corneal Biomechanics after SMILE and FS-LASIK Surgery. Wei, Pinghui; Cheng, George P.M.; Zhang, Jiamei; Ng, Alex L.K.; Chan, Tommy C.Y.; Jhanji, Vishal; Wa May 31, 2020 4881
EyePoint presents data showcasing DEXYCU at ASCRS 2020. May 18, 2020 614
A Lifesaving and Healing Decision. May 1, 2020 627
Macular Hole: From Diagnosis to Therapy. Azzolini, Claudio Apr 30, 2020 1250
The Modulation of Laser Refractive Surgery on Sensory Eye Dominance of Anisometropia. Liu, Hongting; Chen, Qi; Lan, Fangfang; Luo, Yan; Lin, Enwei; Luo, Wuqiang; Kong, Ming; Wang, Jiangx Apr 30, 2020 5085
The Effect of Capsulotomy Shape on Intraocular Light-Scattering after Nd:YAG Laser Capsulotomy. Li, Jun; Yu, Zhe; Song, Hui Apr 30, 2020 6026
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Prevalence of laser refractive surgery among ophthalmologists in Saudi Arabia. Nasser. Alsabaani Survey Apr 1, 2020 2002
An audit of 3-snip procedures performed at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan. Baig, Rashid; Aslam, Benish; Ahmed, Khabir Report Mar 31, 2020 1247
Effect of Timing on Visual Outcomes in Fovea-Involving Retinal Detachments Verified by SD-OCT. Angermann, Reinhard; Bechrakis, Nikolaos E.; Rauchegger, Teresa; Casazza, Marina; Nowosielski, Yvonn Mar 31, 2020 3127
LRBT reaches another milestone. Mar 8, 2020 249
LRBT reaches another milestone. Mar 7, 2020 249
Amniotic Membrane as a Main Component in Treatments Supporting Healing and Patch Grafts in Corneal Melting and Perforations. Krysik, Katarzyna; Dobrowolski, Dariusz; Wylegala, Edward; Lyssek-Boron, Anita Mar 1, 2020 4980
Comparison of Different IOL Types in the Flanged IOL Fixation Technique. Miura, Yusaku; Harada, Yosuke; Kiuchi, Yoshiaki Mar 1, 2020 3708
Mitochondrial Dysfunctions May Be One of the Major Causative Factors Underlying Detrimental Effects of Benzalkonium Chloride. Rogov, Anton G.; Goleva, Tatyana N.; Sukhanova, Evgeniya I.; Epremyan, Khoren K.; Trendeleva, Tatian Mar 1, 2020 9583
Blind County Durham man is first in the UK to have pioneering eye surgery on the NHS; Jake Ternent, 23, hopes the new treatment will help rescue his eyesight after growing up with virtually no vision. Kieran Murray Feb 4, 2020 612
Blind man could see again after becoming first to have pioneering NHS surgery; Jake Ternent, 23, from Ludworth in County Durham, is the first patient to undergo groundbreaking eye surgery on the NHS. He was diagnosed with leber congenital amaurosis (LCA) when he was three months old. By, Kieran Murray Feb 4, 2020 593
Eye Surgery Law Survives Lawsuit Fighting Its Spot On the Ballot. Feb 3, 2020 289
Patients to receive innovative corneal surgery through NHS. Powell, Selina Feb 1, 2020 226
Ojas Eye Hospital uses Zeiss Artevo 800 for fast and reliable eye surgery. ANI Jan 15, 2020 526
Emirati patient regains eyesight with cornea transplant in Dubai. Suchitra Bajpai Chaudhary, Senior Reporter Jan 3, 2020 858
Normal Anatomy and Anomalies of the Rectus Extraocular Muscles in Human: A Review of the Recent Data and Findings. Haladaj, Robert Jan 1, 2020 7381
Long-Term Destiny of Corneal Endothelial Cells in Anterior Chamber Intraocular Lens-Implanted Eyes. Tang, Yating; Xu, Jie; Chen, Jiahui; Lu, Yi Jan 1, 2020 3603
Influence of Angle [kappa] and Higher-Order Aberrations on Visual Quality Employing Two Diffractive Trifocal IOLs. Velasco-Barona, Cecilio; Corredor-Ortega, Claudia; Mendez-Leon, Alejandra; Casillas-Chavarin, Nadia Clinical report Dec 31, 2019 5079
Retinal re-detachments after removal of silicone oil: Frequency and timings in a retrospective clinical study. Mohammad Idrees Adhi and Nisar Siyal Clinical report Dec 31, 2019 3601
Refractive Surgery Devices And Equipment Market CAGR Shows Signs of Growth By 2020 / Radiant Insights,Inc. Dec 19, 2019 885
Global Refractive Surgery Devices and Equipment Market Report 2020. Report Dec 12, 2019 752
Opportunities in Global Ophthalmic Surgery Markets, 2019 & Beyond. Dec 5, 2019 197
Cornea transplant to be included in NHIF package. Nov 24, 2019 476
Wilmington Eye Announces Plans for New Ambulatory Surgery Facility in Wilmington. Nov 17, 2019 464
Spotlight on MORCHER; high-quality implants for cataract and refractive surgery. Nov 11, 2019 399
Corneal Surgery Devices Market 2019 Global Analysis, Size, Trends, Share, Industry Outlook, Revenue, Investments, Competitive Landscape, And Regional Forecast To 2023. Industry overview Nov 1, 2019 954
Fewer Opioids After Eye Surgery Don't Mean More Post-Op Pain. Nov 1, 2019 338
Pain Control Adequate With Fewer Opioids After Corneal Surgery; After assessment of postoperative opioid use, patients receive fewer opioid tablets but pain is controlled. Clinical report Nov 1, 2019 262
Contralateral Posterior Chamber Phakic Intraocular Lens Implantation as Rehabilitation of Refractive Lens Exchange with a Monofocal Intraocular Lens in a Young, Nonpresbyopic, Bilateral Highly-Myopic Patient. Balparda, Kepa; Vanegas-Ramirez, Claudia Marcela; Segura-Munoz, Laura; Gomez-Londono, Manuela Oct 31, 2019 3552
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Clinical Features of Primary and Systemic Metastatic Intraocular Lymphomas in Spanish Patients. Lloren, Victor; Fuster, Carla; Alba-Linero, Carmen; Moll-Udina, Aina; Serrano, Alba; Sole, Manel; de Disease/Disorder overview Oct 31, 2019 5734
Amar Jagdesh Malani Social Forum holds free eye surgery camp. RT Correspondent Oct 20, 2019 177
Unilorin Students' Union Donates N495,000 To 400 Level Student For Eye Surgery. Oct 14, 2019 354
Glaucoma Surgery Market by Devices, Size, Share, Growth, Trend,Demand Overview, Industry Growth Rate, Company Profile, Share Analysis 2023. Company overview Oct 14, 2019 1037
Ops will let me see grandkids grow up; DONOR SAVED SIGHT Life-changing transplant stopped David going blind. VIVIENNE AITKEN Health Editor Oct 11, 2019 331
Four more human corneas transplanted in Spencer Eye Hospital. Oct 10, 2019 183
Video atlas of Anterior Segment Repair and Reconstruction: Managing Challenges in Cornea, Glaucoma, and Lens Surgery (online access included). Brief article Oct 1, 2019 119
Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery--part 1. Malde, Shruti; Ratnarajan, Gokulan; Barata, Andre Oct 1, 2019 3022
Comparison of Vitrectomy Alone Versus Vitrectomy Plus Encircling Buckle for Primary Inferior Retinal Detachment. Ejaz Ahmed Javed Sep 30, 2019 3102
Opioid Prescriptions for Eye Surgery Patients Surge. Report Sep 19, 2019 432
Contact Lens Market: Development of Silicone Hydrogel Material Instills Confidence among Stakeholder. Sep 16, 2019 667
Vision For Life's surgeon to surgically implant the first and only trifocal lens in the US. Sep 2, 2019 255
Vision For Life's surgeon to surgically implant the first and only trifocal lens in the US. Sep 2, 2019 251
Effect of Nd:YAG Laser Capsulotomy on Refraction and Anterior Segment Parameters in Patients with Posterior Capsular Opacification. Sirakaya, Ender; Agadayi, Alperen; Kucuk, Bekir; Hepokur, Mustafa Clinical report Sep 1, 2019 3714
Clinical Results in Patients with Combined Penetrating Keratoplasty and Vitreoretinal Surgery Using Landers Wide-field Temporary Keratoprosthesis. Mayali, Huseyin; Kayikcioglu, Ozcan; Altinisik, Muhammed; Bicak, Faruk; Kurt, Emin Sep 1, 2019 4335
Japan performs world's first cornea transplant with iPS cells. Aug 30, 2019 427
Operating Lens Systems Market with Current Trends Analysis, 2018-2026. Aug 28, 2019 887
Operating Lens Systems Market Segments and Key Trends 2018-2026. Aug 27, 2019 902
The perfect pupil: After 10 diagnosed with eye cancer, cornea transplants and being Lynsey trains to be an optician; Patient sees bright future in new career inspired by treatment. Aug 18, 2019 897
The silver tide: With glaucoma and AMD cases set to rise in line with an ageing population, OT seeks insight on the latest treatments. Aug 1, 2019 1876
FYI on ICLs: surgical options for the extreme Rx: This article considers the indications, assessment, surgical procedure and follow-up of patients undergoing phakic intraocular lens implantation for the management of high refractive error. Vida, Ryan S. Aug 1, 2019 2719
Reporting the Undiagnosed Cases of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Viruses among Patients Undergoing Elective Eye Surgery in a Specialized Eye Hospital in Egypt. Dahab, Ahmed A.; Youssef, Maha Mohamed; Eid, Hany Mohamed; Elsadi, Khaled W. Jul 31, 2019 2224
Ocular Therapeutix Assigned Permanent and Specific J-Code (J1096) for Dextenza 0.4mg by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Jul 29, 2019 419
70 People Benefit From Free Eye Surgery In Nasarawa State. Jul 23, 2019 322
Ocular Therapeutix Launches Dextenza 0.4 mg for Ophthalmic Use in the United States. Jul 8, 2019 585
Ocular Therapeutix Launches Dextenza 0.4 mg for Ophthalmic Use in the United States. Jul 8, 2019 552
Operating Lens Systems Market Growth Overview and Predictions on Size, Share and Trend Through 2026. Jul 2, 2019 748
Operating Lens Systems Market Study Reveals Growth Factors and Competitive Outlook for Future. Jul 2, 2019 733
Evaluation of Corneal Higher-Order Aberrations by Scheimpflug-Placido Topography in Patients with Different Refractive Errors: A Retrospective Observational Study. Anbar, Mohamed; Mostafa, Engy Mohamed; Elhawary, Ashraf Mostafa; Awny, Islam; Farouk, Mahmoud Mohame Report Jun 30, 2019 3863
Ocular Therapeutix Gains FDA Approval of Supplemental New Drug Application for Dextenza (0.4 Dexamethasone Intracanalicular Insert for Ophthalmic Use) for the Treatment of Ocular Inflammation Following Ophthalmic Surgery. Jun 27, 2019 370
Ocular Therapeutix announces FDA approval of sNDA for Dextanza. Jun 21, 2019 124
Eye donation allowed me to become a doctor. Jun 18, 2019 708
Eye donation allowed me to become a doctor. Jun 18, 2019 691
The Vitreoretinal Surgery Devices Market is expected to expand at a 6.0% CAGR in terms of value over. Jun 6, 2019 1742
A Study on Pattern of Retinal Detachment in Patients with Choroidal Coloboma and Its Outcome after Surgery at a Tertiary Eye Hospital in Nepal. Suwal, Barsha; Paudyal, Govinda; Thapa, Raba; Bajimaya, Sanyam; Sharma, Sanjita; Pradhan, Eli May 31, 2019 2979
What you need to know about Lasik eye surgery. May 22, 2019 1335
Innovation vs. Industry Thinking. Karrh, Jim May 20, 2019 645
Mel B loses vision in right eye after botched surgery. May 19, 2019 307
President inaugurates first-ever eye bank in Pakistan. May 9, 2019 270
First-ever eye bank inaugurated. May 9, 2019 520
85 percent eye diseases curable without surgery. May 6, 2019 237
85 percent eye diseases curable without surgery. May 4, 2019 249
85 % eye diseases curable without surgery: Hamid Javaid. May 4, 2019 379
TV's Carol is recovering after laser eye surgery; ALL WENT PERFECTLY' PRESENTER SAYS ON TWITTER AFTER OPERATION. May 1, 2019 319
Visual Outcome of Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty during the Learning Curve in Initial Fifty Cases. Singh, Sanjay K.; Sitaula, Sanjeeta Apr 30, 2019 5009
Clinical Evaluation of LASEK for High Myopia Correction between the Triple-A Profile and the Zyoptix Tissue Saving Profile. Li, Min; Shi, Yuehui; Sun, Lina; Liu, Lin; Qu, Chen; Zou, Jun Correction notice Apr 30, 2019 3988
Alcon acquires PowerVision. Apr 15, 2019 366
Ocular Therapeutix Receives FDA Acceptance of Supplemental New Drug Submission for Dextenza for the Treatment of Ocular Inflammation Following Ophthalmic Surgery. Apr 4, 2019 260
Operating Lens Systems Market Opportunities and Forecast Assessment, 2018-2026. Apr 2, 2019 873
Ocular Therapeutix announces FDA acceptance of supplemental NDA for DEXTENZA. Apr 2, 2019 227
Long-term Clinical Results of Vitrectomy and Scleral Buckling in Treatment of Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment. Schmidt, I.; Plange, N.; Rossler, G.; Schellhase, H.; Koutsonas, A.; Walter, P.; Mazinani, B. Mar 31, 2019 5850
Glue that repairs cuts in the eye developed by scientists. Mar 22, 2019 624
Julia thanks Erich for company during 'minor eye surgery'. Mar 4, 2019 205
CPSP to introduce two new fellowship programs in cataract and refractive surgery. Feb 18, 2019 545
CPSP to introduce two new fellowship programs in cataract and refractive surgery. Feb 18, 2019 381
Spencer Hospital re-launching eye cornea transplantation. Feb 11, 2019 309
Spencer Eye Hospital launching cornea grafting, Phaco surgery. Feb 9, 2019 309
Woman's Eyeball Looks Like Sliced Pizza: Here's Why [PHOTO]. Jan 29, 2019 544
Transplanting stem cells from donors 'eyes could cure blindness' -study. Jan 29, 2019 718
Tegaderm eliminates corneal abrasions in robotic surgery. Otto, M. Alexander Jan 1, 2019 614
Detroit Meteorologist Commits Suicide. Dec 14, 2018 652
LET rehabilitates eye-sight of 345 people. Dec 13, 2018 117
Global Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy Market Scenario Focusing on Improvements Shaping Industry Gro. Dec 12, 2018 567
Dad takes own life after laser eye surgery left him in unbearable pain for 20 years; The pain in Paul Fitzpatrick's eyes was such that in the months leading up to his death he would keep his eye closed most of the time. Dec 1, 2018 468
Carl Zeiss Meditec to Acquire IanTECH to Expand Cataract Surgery Offering. Nov 1, 2018 193
Global Amniotic Membranes Industry Outlook and Growth Forecast for the Period 2018-2028. Report Oct 31, 2018 739
Carl Zeiss Meditec to Acquire IanTECH to Expand Cataract Surgery Offering. Oct 25, 2018 190
Carl Zeiss Meditec to Acquire IanTECH to Expand Cataract Surgery Offering. Oct 25, 2018 191
Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy Market is Anticipated to Register 4.00% CAGR through 2028. Oct 25, 2018 530
Samsung sponsors cataract eye surgery for 102 Nigerian patients. Oct 24, 2018 373
Foundation begins free eye surgery for 1,000 people in Gombe. Oct 4, 2018 313
Peshawar teaching hospital to establish eye bank. Sep 18, 2018 602
Evaluation of Anterior Segment Parameters in Pseudoexfoliative Glaucoma, Primary Angle-Closure Glaucoma, and Healthy Eyes. Aksoy, Nilgun Ozkan; Cakir, Burcin; Dogan, Emine; Alagoz, Gursoy Sep 1, 2018 3449
The advice you need to read before committing to laser eye surgery; Before you take the plunge, here's how to ensure you choose one of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK. Aug 10, 2018 980
US FDA Accepts Ocular Therapeutix NDA Resubmission for Dextenza. Aug 2, 2018 396
Clinical Analysis of 1593 Patients with Infectious Endophthalmitis: A 12-Year Study at a Tertiary Referral Center in Western China. Yang, Xu-Bo; Liu, Yuan-Yuan; Huang, Zhi-Xuan; Mao, Yu; Zhao, Li; Xu, Zhu-Ping Report Jul 20, 2018 4611
Ocular Therapeutix Resubmits Dexenza NDA to US FDA. Jul 5, 2018 197
LIVING WITH DRY EYE: Mary Pearson tells OT that just keeping her eyes open was a trial when her dry eye was at its worst. Pearson, Mary Jul 1, 2018 519
Surgical options for vision correction. Vaswani, Sundeep; Bhatt, Jay; Roberts, Vicky; O'Donnell, Clare Jul 1, 2018 3210
World's first trial of robotic eye surgery gives doctors 'much more precision' and helps remove tremors; Six patients successfully had membranes from the back of their eyes removed in robot-assisted surgery in Oxford. Jun 22, 2018 373
The wrong hip replaced and surgery on incorrect eye - just two of the major medical mistakes recorded by the Welsh NHS; The number of 'never events' - or severe negligence incidents - have been revealed. Jun 17, 2018 570
Permission to hospitals for cornea transplant to benefit patients. Jun 13, 2018 723
Queen had eye surgery last month - and wore sunglasses at public events for weeks afterwards; The Queen has continued to attend her commitments since the surgery, and has been spotted at a number of events wearing sunglasses. Jun 8, 2018 154
First-ever 3D-printed human corneas created by scientists. May 31, 2018 377

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