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Surfactant Supplier: DIRECTORY.

Here is a look at the latest offerings from select surfactant manufacturers. For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directly.

AGC Chemicals

Exton, PA, USA

Phone: 800-424-7833

Fax: 610-423-4305



Product name: Surfion S-232

Attributes/comments: Surflon S-232 is an amphoteric fluorosurfactant used in water-based paint, emulsion penetrant, cleaners and waxes applications. Surflon has a low surface tension, and when added to other substances, even in small amounts, it can significantly improve wetting and penetration properties, where hydrocarbon or silicone surfactants may fail.

Product name: Surflon S-233

Attributes/comments: Surflon S-233 is an amphoteric fluorosurfactant used in floor polish applications. Under strong alkaline conditions, Surflon S-233 can significantly reduce the surface tension of the solution. When added to other substances Surflon can impart good wettability, permeability and leveling characteristics at low dosage rates, which can reduce usage costs.


Wilmington, DE, USA

Phone: 877-546-2782


Product name: Strodex PK-85NV

Attributes/comments: Strodex PK-85NV is the newest addition to Strodex line of performance-enhancing phosphate ester surfactants from Ashland. Typically added at < 0.5% (w/w), this neutralized (K-salt) APEO- free, coester can deliver improved gloss with enhanced paint stability and color properties while contributing virtually Zero-VOC to water-based paints and coatings.

Product name: Dextrol OC-6OEP

Attributes/comments: Dextrol OC-60EP is a very low CMC, new anionic surfactant. When used in polymerization of latex resin, it has been shown to preclude water sensitivity issues, especially compared alternative anionics such as sulfates and sulfonates. In addition, application testing in a pure acrylic, 60 PVC model paint system, the emulsion produced with EP-series surfactants demonstrated higher gloss, enhanced flow & leveling and ultimately better resistance to dirt pickup.


Wesel, Germany

Phone: +49 2816700

Fax: +49 281 65735



Product name: BYK-3456

Attributes/comments: Using BYK3456 can greatly reduce the static and dynamic surface tension, which results in significant improvement in substrate wetting and leveling. BYK-3456 also enables difficult substrates such as wood, which has porous and uneven surfaces, to be wetted.


New Castle, DE, USA

Phone: 732-417-0800 or 810-278-0089



Product name: ECO Tween Range

Attributes/comments: The ECO Tween Range is 100% renewable and 100% bio-based and will perform identically to petro-based options. All ECO Range products will be registered to the USDA BioPreferred Program and will be made with renewable energy in the USA. Products containing palm oil derivatives are RSPO Supply Chain Certified via Mass Balance.

Product name: ECO Brij Range

Attributes/comments: The ECO Brij Range is 100% renewable and 100% bio-based and will perform identically to petro-based options. All ECO Range products will be registered to the USDA BioPreferred Program and will be made with renewable energy in the USA. Products containing palm oil derivatives are RSPO Supply Chain Certified via Mass Balance.

Ethox Chemicals

Greenville, SC, USA

Phone: 864-277-1620

Fax: 864-277-8981



Product name: E-Sperse 1200 series

Attributes/comments: Lowers viscosity in the pigment dispersion and maintained over time. Improved shelf life of the pigment dispersion. Better color acceptance of pigment dispersion when mixed in a white base paint. Improved compatibility of pigment dispersion with acrylic and styrene acrylic white based paints.


Richmond, VA & Allentown, PA, USA

Phone: 804-727-0700

Fax: 804-727-0845



Product name: SURFYNOL 107 L

Attributes/comments: SURFYNOL 107 L is a liquid, non-ionic wetting agent and molecular defoamer based on high-performance Gemini surfactant chemistry. As a result, it offers a range surface active performance benefits and is particularly suitable for use in aqueous systems. SURFYNOL 107 L provides efficient dynamic surface tension reduction and wetting benefits in both low speed and dynamic applications. It also provides defect-free defoaming and deaerating benefits. SURFYNOL 107 L contains no APEs, silicones, silicas, or fluorosurfactants and is suitable for the most crater-sensitive low- to zero-VOC coatings and inks formulations.

Product name: DYNOL 960 / 980

Attributes/comments: The DYNOL 900-series surfactants are superwetting surfactants based on unique siloxane chemistries. Offering superior equilibrium and dynamic surface tension reduction, DYNOL 960 and 980 play a critical role in achieving high-quality coatings under certain application techniques such as air-assisted or airless spray applied coatings and inkjet inks. DYNOL 960 provides exceptional performance in waterborne plastic coatings and inks, while DYNOL 980 provides great performance in waterborne wood coatings and overprint varnishes. They also provide good flow and leveling under diverse application conditions.

Siltech Corporation

Toronto, Canada

Phone: 416-424-4567



Product name: Silube 316 emulsifier

Attributes/comments: Mild, broad HLB invert emulsifier.

Product name: Silsurf I108

Attributes/comments: Although a standard Silicone polyether at first glance, the high degree of functionalization makes this material much more effective at emulsification and surface tension reduction.

Troy Corporation

Florham Park, NJ, USA

Phone: 973-443-4200



Product name: Troysol ZLAC

Attributes/comments: Troysol ZLAC is a "green," multifunctional, silicone-free additive that improves substrate wetting, flow & leveling, adhesion, gloss, and color uniformity in aqueous coatings and adhesives. Engineered for environmentally compliant products, Troysol ZLAC is zero VOC, HAPs-free, and APE-free. The highly effective additive offers enhanced control of coating surface properties and the elimination of surface defects, such as crawling and cratering. Troysol ZLAC can help formulators achieve enhanced performance in many different applications, and offers performance at low use levels for minimized cost-in-use.

Product name: Troykyd D767

Attributes/comments: Troykyd D767 is a mineral oil-free, silicone-free defoamer that provides outstanding air release in aqueous systems such as admixtures, polymers, adhesives, inks, and natural rubber. The defoaming additive is effective at low concentrations, often below 0.1%, and over a wide range of pH and temperature. Troykyd D767 offers excellent system compatibility, which makes the new defoamer especially effective in low viscosity systems. This compatibility also makes Troykyd D767 an excellent choice for gloss coating systems.
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