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Surface-Enhancing Al Coating.

General Magnaplate has issued a technical brochure, Magnaplate HCR, which describes its surface enhancement technology for aluminum and aluminum alloys. The coating enhances aluminum parts by adding increased hardness, maximum corrosion, abrasion, chemical and moisture resistance, mold release, high dielectric strength and low coefficient of friction. The brochure details the uniform coating thicknesses and tolerances of the product, which can be applied to parts of almost any configuration, weight, size or thickness, including close-tolerance parts. Results of a salt spray test are shown, demonstrating how a coating of 0.002 in. withstood 15,000 hr and offered more than 40 times the minimum protection required by military specifications. In addition, a Taber Abrasion table shows weight loss of 10 mg or less after 10,000 cycles.
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Title Annotation:General Magnaplate Corp. brochure describes surface enhancement technology for aluminum and aluminum alloys
Comment:Surface-Enhancing Al Coating.(General Magnaplate Corp. brochure describes surface enhancement technology for aluminum and aluminum alloys)
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Date:Nov 1, 2000
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