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Surf's up.

The new municipal pleasure pier in "Surf City"--Huntington Beach, Calif.--can now accommodate a good part of its traffic with a fiberglass-reinforced plastic, solid-surface grating system. The pier replicates the architectural style of the 1914 Huntington Beach concrete pier. However, the end of the pier is now 13 feet higher than before, placing it far above the level of the potentially destructive waves that have plagued the piers of the past.

The grating provides a corrosion-resistant cover that meets highway load requirements, and it also provides a firm footing for beachgoers. An isopolyester resin, based on Amoco's isophthalic acid, is used to manufacture the grating system. This ingredient is reportedly essential to the resin's good strength and its ability to withstand exposure to intense ultraviolet light and the corrosive saline environments of the oceanside site.

The cover has a special silica sand grit finish embedded in an epoxy matrix. The grit provides a skid-resistant surface that aesthetically blends with the concrete of the 1856-foot-long pier. Amoco Chemical Co., 200 East Randolph Dr.--MC4106, Chicago, IL 60601-7125; (312) 856-4729; Fax (312) 856-4151.
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Title Annotation:fiberglass-reinforced plastic solid surface grating system for Huntington Beach, California's municipal pleasure pier
Publication:Plastics Engineering
Date:Jun 1, 1992
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