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India: Madhya Pradesh man kills mother, shoots video of crime and throws her body in jungle. Jul 29, 2020 557
India: Woman jumps to death after cutting the wrist of her 3-year-old son in Hyderabad. Jul 29, 2020 417
UAE: Temperatures to hit 46A-C, partly cloudy weather forecast across the UAE. Jul 28, 2020 290
India: A Hyderabad techie selling vegetables after losing a multinational job, gets offer letter from the Bollywood actor Sonu Sood. Jul 28, 2020 569
Man shares Dh80.8 million jackpot with his friend over promise made 28 years ago. Jul 27, 2020 365
India: A Tamil Nadu village lived in darkness for over 35 days to help a bird. Jul 26, 2020 415
UAE weather: Warm day with dusty conditions, and partly cloudy skies in Abu Dhabi and Fujairah. Jul 24, 2020 238
An American candy maker is making limited edition 'Shah bars' to honour Indian-origin Center for Disease Control official. Jul 23, 2020 330
India: A farmer in Madhya Pradesh has harvested a diamond weighing 10.69 carats on his land taken on lease from the government. Jul 22, 2020 318
UAE weather: Temperatures to hit 48A-C, chances of rainfall in Al Ain and Fujairah. Jul 21, 2020 203
India: Pregnant woman delivers in an autorickshaw after eight Bengaluru hospitals refused bed; baby dies. Jul 21, 2020 319
India: Reeling under debt, an unemployed man tries to marry off 2 minor daughters to avoid lavish function in Uttar Pradesh. Jul 21, 2020 344
India: A woman and her two young children were found hammered to death in their rented flat in Delhi. Jul 20, 2020 277
India: Woman, 2 young children found hammered to death in Delhi flat. Jul 20, 2020 277
India: Tired rhino sleeps on the road after collapsing in exhaustion from battling flood in Assam, video goes viral. Jul 19, 2020 395
India: A 69- year-old person of determination has been cleaning the Vembanadu lake in Kerala daily, for six years. Jul 19, 2020 399
India: Kerala doctor takes care of baby for a month after parents test COVID-19 positive. Jul 19, 2020 443
UAE weather: Mostly sunny skies with a chance of rainfall in Abu Dhabi, Fujairah. Jul 17, 2020 206
India: Kerala girl alleges harassment by people who helped her get donations for mum's surgery. Jul 16, 2020 438
India: Viral video shows traffic comes to a halt in Madhya Pradesh after a tiger rests in the middle of a flyover. Jul 15, 2020 218
UAE: Temperatures to hit 49A-C, partly cloudy weather forecast in some areas. Jul 14, 2020 206
India: Denied treatment, COVID-19 positive patients seen lying on doorstep of AIIMS hospital in Bihar. Jul 14, 2020 312
India: Chennai policemen arrange Dh25,000 for a five-year-old girl's open-heart surgery. Jul 14, 2020 354
India: Case against Madhya Pradesh journalist for allegedly raping five women. Jul 13, 2020 238
COVID-19: An American citizen moved High Court in India to stay on. Jul 12, 2020 416
India: A video of an Assamese boy who died after suffering from a rare condition called aplastic anaemia has gone viral. Jul 12, 2020 396
UAE: Temperatures to hit 49A-C, partly cloudy weather forecast in some areas. Jul 10, 2020 157
India: Hilarious delivery package address reads 'Mandir ke samne aate hi phone laga lena, mein aa jaunga', meaning 'Call me as soon as you reach the temple and I'll pick up the package'. Jul 9, 2020 234
India: Video of a pregnant woman who was taken to hospital on a handmade stretcher has gone viral. Jul 9, 2020 377
Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput's t-shirt in Dil Bechara Trailer grabs the internet's attention, making them wonder if he was screaming for help! Jul 8, 2020 365
India: Man kills wife, dumps body under bed and sleeps on it for two days. Jul 8, 2020 261
UAE weather: Sunny day ahead, temperatures to hit over 49A-C. Jul 7, 2020 215
India: Mumbai Police's new post on Twitter features only emojis. Jul 7, 2020 286
India: Video of bride working on laptop at her marriage has gone viral. Jul 7, 2020 294
India: A man pleads for help outside hospital as ailing mother lies on floor in Uttar Pradesh. Jul 6, 2020 345
Price of groom is Dh500,000: Bureaucrat hits wife and throws her out of house over dowry. Jul 6, 2020 286
'Tik-Tik --Made in India': An Indian app to beat Tik Tok ban. Jul 5, 2020 347
Three Indians from Jamia Milia Islamia alumni to become judges for the Oscars. Jul 5, 2020 370
UAE weather: Mostly sunny skies with a chance of rainfall in Abu Dhabi, Fujairah. Jul 3, 2020 188
Have you heard this Chinese version of a song from Shah Rukh Khan's Bollywood movie 'Mohabbatein'? Jul 2, 2020 325
India: Exclusive shop for Covid-19 protective gear opens in Kerala. Jul 2, 2020 260
India: A family cooks marijuana as a vegetable and eats it thinking it was fenugreek. Jul 1, 2020 239
Celestial puzzle: Is it a Dosa or is it the planet Jupiter? Jun 30, 2020 228
India: Get discount at this Kerala tea shop by ordering in Sanskrit language. Jun 30, 2020 322
India: "Jugaad" or hack in sorting fruits by street vendor captivates social media. Jun 29, 2020 229
Women charged with murder after killing her husband in Hyderabad over spat involving another woman. Jun 28, 2020 436
WHO: Reinventing the art of handshake amid COVID-19. Jun 25, 2020 303
Tesla owner Elon Musk and his Baby X's video take the internet by storm. Jun 24, 2020 312
India: Meghalaya cops reimagine John Lennon song 'Imagine' as an anti-drug anthem in viral video. Jun 23, 2020 334
Coronavirus India: Thiruvananthapuram on high alert after Kerala auto driver's route map hints at COVID -19 super spreader. Jun 22, 2020 401
COVID-19: Indian University will offer free education to frontline workers and their children. Jun 18, 2020 328
Facebook closes political ads loophole ahead of US presidential election. Jun 17, 2020 367
COVID-19: 82-year-old, missing for eight days, found dead in hospital toilet in Maharashtra. Jun 11, 2020 296
Twitter praises Indian state of Kerala for free COVID-19 treatment, as actual high costs charged by private hospitals exposed. Jun 10, 2020 430
Coronavirus India: 17-year-old girl commits suicide due to lack of money to buy a smartphone for online classes. Jun 9, 2020 382
Coronavirus India: Delhi family left shell-shocked after body of their father was exchanged with someone with the same name. Jun 9, 2020 384

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