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Supreme Leader Stresses US Failure against Islamic Revolution.

Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei stressed that the US and Zionists have always failed in their plots against the Islamic Revolution thanks to the efforts made by the Iranian nation and its youths, and said the US can never defeat Iran.

Addressing a large number of Iranian school and university students here in Tehran on Wednesday, Ayatollah Khamenei pointed to the analyses offered by materialist intellectuals in which they considered the Iranian nation's victory over the US as "impossible", and stated that despite all these wrong materialistic analyses, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always gained victory and the US has always been forced to back down.

Speaking on the threshold of November 4th which marks the takeover of the former US embassy in Tehran, the Leader said whenever enemies hatched a plot, the Islamic Republic of Iran defused it and defeated the US.

"The same will be true in the future, too," he stated.

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has always reiterated that the Iranian people's strong will and resistance has contributed a major role in defusing the US-Israeli plots against the country.

November 4th marks three important events in Iranian history: the takeover of the former US embassy in Tehran by Muslim students following the Imam's line in 1979 and the exile of the late Founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini by the deposed Shah in 1964.

The declaration of the day as the Students Day, however, is overridingly in remembrance of several students martyred in 1978 while taking part in a protest against the Shah.

Since the 1979 takeover of the US embassy in Tehran, Iranians have been celebrating the occasion every year by holding rallies on the anniversary and marking it as the National Day against the 'Global Arrogance'.

In 1979, Iranian university students took over the building to thwart Washington's plots against the Islamic Revolution that was only a few months old at the time.

Inside the embassy, the students found shredded documents which proved their convictions.

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Publication:FARS News Agency
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Date:Nov 2, 2011
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