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Supporting Water Sector Development project.

Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ)

Country: Tanzania

Lead executing agency: Ministry of Water

Overall term: 2004 to 2016

Project Status - Active

Project Phase: Execution

Context: Tanzania s population is poorly supplied with water and many people do not have adequate sanitation systems. To improve this situation, the Government of Tanzania has laid the foundations for comprehensive reforms by adopting the National Water Policy (NAWAPO) in 2002, the National Water Sector Development Strategy in 2006 and the Water Supply and Sanitation Act and Water Resources Management Act in 2009. It has also set up a national regulatory authority. The reforms are not yet being implemented consistently at all levels, and the necessary capacities and resources still have to be developed.

Objective: Lasting improvements are made to the institutional, legal, regulatory and human resources frameworks in Tanzania s water sector, increasing the population s access to drinking water supplies and sanitation systems. The management of water resources is adapted to meet the challenges of climate change.

Approach: The programme is working in close cooperation with other development partners, providing advice on strategies and organisational development to support water sector reforms introduced by the Government of Tanzania. At the same time, basic training and continuing education are being provided to improve human resources and the effectiveness of sectoral institutions at national, regional and district level. The programme also supports the establishment and restructuring of institutions at various levels and the implementation of new statutory regulations. Development workers and integrated experts provide advice at national level and to regional governments as well as to the administrative authorities responsible for the various water catchment areas. The project is cooperating closely with KfW Development Bank on the 7 Towns Urban Upgrading Programme (7TUUP). The project also supports the implementation of programmes by the African Water Stewardship Initiative (AWSI) in areas such as the rehabilitation of the heavily polluted Mlalakua River in Dar es Salam.

country :Tanzania, United Republic of

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Publication:Mena Report
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Date:Jul 22, 2014
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