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Supported Ionic Liquids: Fundamentals and Applications.


Supported Ionic Liquids: Fundamentals and Applications

Edited by Rasmus Fehrmann, Anders Riisager, and Marco Haumann



473 pages




Chemists and chemical engineering look at supported ionic liquids from the perspectives of concepts and building blocks, synthesis and properties, catalytic applications, special applications, and the technical prospect of supported ionic liquid materials. Among specific topics are porous inorganic materials as potential supports for ionic liquids, the characterization and properties of ionic liquid at gas-liquid and solid-liquid interfaces, supported ionic liquid phase materials in hydroformylation catalysis, supported protic ionic liquids in polymer membranes for electrolytes on non-humidified fuel cells, and gas separation using supported ionic liquids.

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Article Type:Book review
Date:Jul 1, 2014
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