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Support enforcement.

The Department of Justice Canada has legislation in place to support provincial and territorial governments in maintenance enforcement matters. Because maintenance support is a provincial matter, Justice Canada cannot help individuals directly. Parents with questions about a support order should contact the maintenance enforcement program in the province or territory in which they live.

However, Justice Canada has added a section called "Support Enforcement" to their website at sup/enforcement/index.html to help Canadians find information regarding the system of support enforcement. It provides an overview of the system, including sections on such things as the Federal Divorce Act, provincial and territorial laws on the subject and their enforcement programs, support orders that cross provincial or territorial borders, and on international law in this area.

The site also provides information on the Family Law Assistance Services Section (FLAS) of the Department of Justice Canada, which assists provincial and territorial governments with the enforcement of support orders. "The FLAS administers three programs including the Family Orders and Agreements Enforcement Assistance Unit, that

* traces individuals in default of a family provision;

* intercepts federal payments that would otherwise go to individuals who are in default of their family support obligations;

* orders the suspension or denial of federal licences and passports; and

* operates an Automated Information System, linked to 1-800267-7777."
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Date:Apr 1, 2005
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