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Support donor docs and nurses [...]; LETTERS.

Support donor docs and nurses RE: Wales leading the way in organ donation, says top doctor, BBC news.

2015/16: 24% increase in patients receiving a transplant in Wales, against only 4% in UK, but the organ donor rate across the UK including Wales rose by 7%. So the new Welsh organ donation law and aggresive advertising have not yet had significant effect on 'organ donation'.

It should be noted that the 24% increase in transplant operations will mainly have occured in England, using organs from across the whole UK I quote from the BCUHB Organ Donation Committee 2014/15: "One ongoing concern, especially with the potential for increased donor numbers following the legislative change, is our lack of Critical Care capacity...In an attempt to mitigate against this, we have arranged for Donation Committee funds to be used to provide extra staff to facilitate donation from a bed area outside Critical Care should it be needed. In reality however, this is difficult to organise and a less than ideal situation".

"A huge challenge for us over the last year has been the lack of an adequate number of Specialist Nurses Organ Donation (SNOD) due to the vacancy caused by a secondment. As another team member is shortly to start grateful for any extra help that NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) can offer us".

The new Chief Medical Officer for Wales, Dr Atherton should concentrate on supporting the doctors and nurses in N.Wales, by insisting there are adequate SNODs and critical care beds, before he tells the world that Wales is leading the way in organ donation.

Michael Joyce, Dolbenmaen

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Sep 2, 2016
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