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Supply support activity construction standard approved.

The new Army construction standard for the multi-class supply support activity (SSA) was approved by the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management on 14 April. Development of the standard resulted from a coordinated effort of the Headquarters, Department of the Army, G-4; the Army Combined Arms Support Command at Fort Lee, Virginia; the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management; and the Army Corps of Engineers.

The standard SSA is a 5-acre facility with 20,640 square feet of covered storage and another 13,125 square feet of outside bulk storage. It will hold approximately 37 deployable containers to support the receiving, turn-in, shipping, distribution, and storage of class II (clothing and individual equipment), IIIP (packaged petroleum, oils, and lubricants), IV (construction and barrier materials), and IX (repair parts) supplies.

The new Army SSA standard will apply to all Army components' military construction SSA projects effective in fiscal year 2012.
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Title Annotation:ALOG NEWS
Publication:Army Logistician
Date:Jul 1, 2009
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