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Supply of Raw Materials.

Tenders are invited for Supply of Raw Materials: Ammonium Nitrate Melt / Uncoated.,4961520 Kg; Mono Methyl Amine gas., 350000 kg;GI Wire 25.5 SWG.,250000 kg;Sodium Nitrate.,445700kg; Polyfilm (diff. varieties)...,97360 kg;Stong nitric Acid(72.8%),950000 kg;PVC Compound-Wire Coating,150000 kg;PIBSA(MOlesan),51000 Kg;Alumin. Alloy Rod 8 mm,50000 kg; Sorbiton Mono Oleate,112200 kg;Pvc Compound-DF Blue,120000 kg;Penta Erythritol,75000 Kg;Concentrated Nitric Acid(98%),375000 kg;Acetone,85000 kg; Guar Gum 5500 CPS,16640 Kg,Aluminium Flake Powder,36780 kg;Brass Strip-63/37,14000 kg; Micro Crystalline Wax,45900 kg; Paraffin Wax,63750 Kg;Sodium Per Chlorate,49200 kg;Paraffin oil,51000 kg;Pp Yarn 950 D,32000 Kg; HDPE-Lay flat(diff.varieties),27120 kg;Alumin.Du Powder,18450 kg; Glass Micro Balloon,3400 kg;Guar Gum 4000 CPS,4480 kg;lead Nitrate,12500 kg; PVC Compound master batch(Orange),5250 kg; Sodium Azide,2500 kg; Sulphur,60000 kg;Al.Granules, 7800 kg;Pure Salt,188000 kg;Zirconium Metal powder,90 kg;T.G.Urea,66000 kg, Resin,5100 kg;Potable Water,15000000 kg,lead tube-10*16*820 mm,4500 kg;Trichloro Ethylene,12000 kg,Potassium pyro Antimonate(PPA),1156 kg;Alumin.Alloy Rod 9 mm,3500 kg,BOPP film 7 mm width,4100 kg;Thio Urea,5100 kg,BOPP Film 16 mm width,3500 kg,Sod.Chloride (Common Salt),300000 kg;Soya Lecithin,10200 kg;Di Penta Erythritol,1600 kg;Tin Stick(((.98%),300 Kgand BOPP film 10 mm width,2750 kg

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Apr 17, 2013
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