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Supply of Gases-cylinder.

Tenders are invited for Supply of Gases-cylinder

,Cylinder for Freon 134A Capacity 50 Kg; Valve CGA 660.,Freon Gas R134A (99% pure) (For full capacity of cylinder at Sr. no 1, pressure range 0to 5 Kg/cm

square),Cylinder for SF6 capacity 10-20 Kg

,SF6 Gas (99% pure) for full capacity of Cylinder mentioned at Sr. No. 3,Cylinder for ISO-Butane gas Capacity 24.5Kg; Valve CGA S 510.

6. Iso-Butane Gas (For full capacity of cylinder at Sr. No 5, 2.5 grade, 99.9% Pure)


Tender documents : T23911431.pdf

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Sep 17, 2014
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