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Supply of Dummy cable.

Tenders are invited for Supply of Dummy cable - Diam,16mm (70m mini), RN No:-1738, TOOL CS 33

2.Water pump (30 bars), RN No:-1838, TOOL CS 116

3.Charging box ELAC 56565 for sensor SEB 5900 / 70ohm or equivalent, RN No:-56565, TOOL CS 21

4.Echo simulator HXOS IV (HF only), RN No:-69901048, TOOL CS 34

5.EDI-DSTS-4 Echo simulator (LF only) + BAL-550 + dummy load, RN No:- 565651045, TOOL CS 35

6.ESD-Kit (Electrostatic Sensitive Device kit), RN No:-00 500 0038, TOOL CS 37

7.TCC simulator regarding LS & EV tunings, RN No:-11OU100C2276, TOOL CS 103

8.Passive mode dummy antenna and associated load (50 ohm), RN No:-1831b, TOOL CS 76

9.Laptop with connection set and LANSUS firmware, RN No:-1836b, TOOL CS 54

10.Ball valve watertight bell, RN No:-1838a, TOOL_CS_18*****

Tender documents : T23969508.pdf

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Sep 20, 2014
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