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Supply of Blood-grouping reagents.

Contract award: supply of blood group determination set, set the necessary reagents for immunohistochemistry, set culture media and consumables for bacteriology, reference strains, supplies and special tests for bacteriology.

Set blood group determination; set necessary reagents for immunohistochemistry; set culture media and consumables for bacteriology; reference strains, supplies and special tests for bacteriology.

Note: Please note that accepted any other equivalent products that meet these minimum requirements.

Lot I: anti-A; anti-B; anti AB; anti-D (Rh);

Lot II: Cytokeratin Predil 34E-E12; Predil cytokeratin AE1 / AE3; Predil cytokeratin 5 & 6; Predil cytokeratin 7; Predil cytokeratin 20; EMA Predil; Ki-67 Predil; Cd 31 Predil; S-100 Predil; HMB-45 Predil; CD 45; Actin, Muscle Specific Predil; Estrogen Receptor Predil; Her 2 / Neu; Chromogranin; Trilogy ready-to-use 1; HRP Polymer Detection Kit HiDef 2 Step; DAB DAB kit 12 ml / 200 ml Buffer; Perox Free Block; IHC Wash Buffer PBS + Tween 20 x 1 liter; Polisilina blades;

Lot III: Mycofast Revolution; Nutrient agar (agar simple); Candifast-identification for. 13 7 yeasts and antifungal susceptibility testing; Thioglycollate medium USP; Antibiogram discs; Blood agar base; Blue agar AABTL; Simmons citrate agar; Columbia blood agar; Drigalski lactose agar; Desoxycholate citrate agar, modified Leifson; Desoxycholate citrate agar, modified Hynes; Eosin Methylene blue agar; Selenite broth base; Yersinia agar; Nutrient broth (single); Nutrient broth; Mannitol salt agar; Mueller Hinton agar; Agar malonate; Sabouraud Dextrose Agar; Mac Conkey agar without salt; Cary Blair agar; Triple sugar iron agar; Anse calibrated 1 microliter; Anse calibrated 10 microliters; Chocolate agar base; CLED Agar; Brilliant Green Agar; Brilliant Green solution 0.1%; Yersinia Supplement; Growth Factor mixture; Selenite supplement; Oxidase reagent; Balls Esculin azide agar; Rapid response Voges Proskauer; Urea indole motility medium; Amies medium with charcoal; Cotton harvest, the wand wood, individually packaged; Supplement Yersinia agar; Plastic Petri plates 90 x 13 mm sterile; Rotavirus card; Adenovirus card; Base MRSA; MRSA Supplement; Schaedler agar; Gram staining kit; Serum schools and lyophilized; Serum coli II lyophilized; Serum coli III lyophilized; Serum salmonella I (AE liquid); Serum salmonella II (F-67 lyophilized); Test Reagent Anti-Shigella; Serum Anti-Shigella Test II (lyophilized) Serum Anti-Shigella Test III (lyophilized) Clostridium toxin A + B as D; E choli Card; Salmonella card; Streptococcal identification kit; Columbia blood agar; Aerobic blood culture, adults; Aerobic blood culture, pediatric; Strep A; Elitex staph;

Lot IV: testing of fermentative enterobacteria; testing of Enterobacteriaceae nefermentative; reference strains E. coli ATCC 25922; Staphylococcus aureus reference strain A

Contractor name : VITROBIOCHEM SRL

Contractor address : Str. Barbu Urleanu nr. 18, sector 5

041441 Bucuresti


Agency : Spitalul Judetean Satu Mare

Str. Prahovei nr. 1

Contact point(s): Biroul Achizitii Publice Contractare

For the attention of: Barlea Anet Maria

440192 Satu Mare


Telephone: +40 261748301

Fax: +40 261727259 / 261727347

E-mail: ,

Internet address(es):

General address of the contracting authority:

Address of the buyer profile:

country :Romania

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Date:Sep 2, 2014
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