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Better supply chain monitoring. McDonald, Caroline Brief article Oct 1, 2016 180
Leading your standardization efforts: how fast? How far? Hernandez, James S. Jul 1, 2016 1131
Tracking logs with RGB images within the wood supply chain: a preliminary study on image acquisition. Charwat-Pessler, J.; Schraml, R.; Entacher, K.; Petutschnigg, A. Jul 1, 2016 5431
Supply chain fraud: a Deloitte survey shows the level of supply chain fraud is unchanged for the third consecutive year. Kennedy, Elizabeth Brief article May 1, 2016 244
ACCE 2015 highlighted interesting shifts in the composites industry: Part II. Malnati, Peggy Feb 1, 2016 1525
Editors' introduction. Holcomb, Mary; Suzuki, Yoshi Editorial Jan 1, 2016 474
This Week: Gregory Modica Founder and owner of Government Supply Services, El Dorado. Interview Dec 14, 2015 565
Alternative fuel infrastructure and customer location impacts on fleet mix and vehicle routing. In, Joonhwan; Bell, John E. Statistical table Sep 22, 2015 9592
Implementing off-peak deliveries in the Greater Toronto Area: costs, benefits, challenges. McPhee, Jessica; Paunonen, Ari; Ramji, Taufiq; Bookbinder, James H. Statistical table Sep 22, 2015 8089
4 ways the Singapore advantage works for Latin American growth. Sep 1, 2015 2568
Call me, maybe? The Seventh Circuit's call in Motorola Mobility. Smith, Jeffrey H. May 1, 2015 15814
WIC fruit and vegetable vouchers: Small farms face barriers in supplying produce. Hardesty, Shermain; Leff, Penny; Baameur, Aziz; Aguiar, Jose Luis; Jimenez, Manuel; Zeltser, Yelena; Report Apr 1, 2015 6215
From supply chain to welding network: a framework of the prospects of networks in welding. Toivanen, J.; Martikainen, J.; Heilmann, P. Report Mar 1, 2015 4954
Integrated human resource supply chain management: a model for organizational excellence. Ravand, Mostafa; Saremi, Razieh Lotfalian Report Feb 1, 2015 6385
Ranking suppliers using QFD/FAHP method. Khalaj, Fatemeh; Denavi, Hassan Dehghan; Sadeghian, Abolfazl Report Jan 15, 2015 7338
The relationship between total quality management and supply chain development of automotive companies listed in Tehran stock exchange. Sheikhy, Ayyub; Hamzeie, Arezo Report Jan 15, 2015 4818
A theory of the nexus supplier: a critical supplier from a network perspective. Yan, Tingting; Choi, Thomas Y.; Kim, Yusoon; Yang, Yang Statistical table Jan 1, 2015 10665
EHR supply chain fusion. Conway, Karen Dec 1, 2014 1041
Supply chain complexity awaits technology solutions. Murphy, Glenn Oct 1, 2014 1042
Supplier selection criteria used to develop dematel. Shakerian, Hamed; DehghanDehnavi, Hasan; Sadrabadi, Alireza Naser Report Oct 1, 2014 4150
The study of effect of integration marketing strategies and product supply lines of the company's overall strategy (case study Iran insurance company of Kermanshah city). Chehre, Maryam; Ghanbari, Mehrdad; Soheyli, Kiumars Report Jun 20, 2014 4238
Political risk and the supply chain. Banham, Russ Jun 1, 2014 1959
On the comparison of supply chain with Sub-Dmus in Dea. Rashidi, Sara Fanati; Barati, Ramin Report May 1, 2014 1651
Facing the music: why the supply chain must take the lead with UDI/GUDID. Free, Jason Viewpoint essay Apr 1, 2014 2057
Absorptive capacity in buyer-supplier relationships: empirical evidence of its mediating role. Saenz, Maria Jesus; Revilla, Elena; Knoppen, Desiree Apr 1, 2014 13775
The interplay of relational governance and formal control in horizontal alliances: a social contract perspective. Wallenburg, Carl Marcus; Schaffler, Thorsten Apr 1, 2014 11704
Organizational implants and logistics service innovation: a relational social capital perspective. Grawe, Scott J.; Autry, Chad W.; Daugherty, Patricia J. Abstract Mar 22, 2014 11388
Impacts of schedule reliability and sailing frequency on the liner shipping and port industry: a study of Daily Maersk. Zhang, Abraham; Lam, Jasmine Siu Lee Abstract Mar 22, 2014 6605
Here comes the sun? Brief article Feb 24, 2014 300
Supply chain management: it's all about the journey, not the destination. Ellram, Lisa M.; Cooper, Martha C. Jan 1, 2014 9472
Armstrong and associates. McDaniels, Nevonne Jan 1, 2014 1754
Respect your supply chain. McDonald, Caroline Brief article Dec 1, 2013 208
The islamic perspective of applicability of the precautionary principle in international trade in GM[O.sub.S]/LM[O.sub.S]. Haseeb Ansari, Abdul; Zainudin, Zaki Report Dec 1, 2013 4483
Integrating technological infrastructure for strengthening agro based SMEs: a case of Jammu based units. Sehgal, Gaurav; Aima, Ashok Dec 1, 2013 4899
Becoming Demand Driven: how to change from push and promote to position and pull. Smith, Debra; Smith, Chad Nov 1, 2013 4183
Special topic forum on innovation in business networks from a supply chain perspective: current status and opportunities for future research. Arlbjorn, Jan Stentoft; Paulraj, Antony Editorial Oct 1, 2013 6541
What's wrong with supply chain metrics? Unless they change, they will remain a roadblock to operational success. Smith, Debra; Smith, Chad Oct 1, 2013 3894
The 3D printed supply chain: stronger, faster, and more flexible. Ray, Jason T. Oct 1, 2013 4284
Supply chain angst. McDonald, Caroline Brief article Oct 1, 2013 173
The quest for competitive advantage in global supply chains: the role of interorganizational learning. Manuj, Ila; Omar, Ayman; Yazdanparast, Atefeh Abstract Sep 22, 2013 11051
Impact of assignment, inventory policies and demand patterns on supply chain performance. Al-Hawari, T.; Ahmed, A.; Khrais, S.; Mumani, A. Report Sep 1, 2013 6856
Supply chain analysis using simulation, Gaussian process modelling and optimisation. Smew, W.; Young, P.; Geraghty, J. Report Sep 1, 2013 6151
Supplier strategies for the recovering industry. Robinet, Michael Sep 1, 2013 754
The relationships between external integration and plant improvement and innovation capabilities: the moderation effect of product clockspeed. Peng, David X.; Verghese, Anto; Shah, Rachna; Schroeder, Roger G. Jul 1, 2013 12917
Cloud computing in support of supply chain information system infrastructure: understanding when to go to the cloud. Wu, Yun; Cegielski, Casey G.; Hazen, Benjamin T.; Hall, Dianne J. Jul 1, 2013 11334
Power asymmetry, adaptation and collaboration in dyadic relationships involving a powerful partner. Nyaga, Gilbert N.; Lynch, Daniel F.; Marshall, Donna; Ambrose, Eamonn Jul 1, 2013 15809
Understanding the supply chain outsourcing cascade: when does procurement follow manufacturing out the door? Brewer, Barry L.; Ashenbaum, Bryan; Carter, Joseph R. Jul 1, 2013 12128
Risk assessment and operational approaches to manage risk in global supply chains. Kumar, Sameer; Boice, Brooke C.; Shepherd, Mark J. Abstract Jun 22, 2013 5740
Building bio-based supply chains: theoretical perspectives on innovative contract design. Endres, Jody M.; Endres, A. Bryan; Stoller, Jeremy J. Jun 22, 2013 9965
Building bio-based supply chains: theoretical perspectives on innovative contract design. Endres, Jody M.; Endres, A. Bryan; Stoller, Jeremy J. Jun 22, 2013 16627
Material transshipment for precast fabrication. Ko, Chien-Ho Report Jun 1, 2013 8712
Change in UK construction: moving toward supply chain collaboration. Meng, Xianhai Jun 1, 2013 7821
A governance approach for BIM management across lifecycle and supply chains using mixed-modes of information delivery. Rezgui, Yacine; Beach, Thomas; Rana, Omer Report Apr 1, 2013 10829
Conflict minerals rule poses compliance challenge: SEC regulation forces deep dive into supply chains. Tysiac, Ken Apr 1, 2013 3082
Dry port development in China: motivations, challenges, and opportunities. Zeng, Oingcheng; Maloni, Michael J.; Paul, Jomon Aliyas; Yang, Zhongzhen Abstract Mar 22, 2013 9920
Supply chain disruptions are inevitable--get READI: resiliency enhancement analysis via deletion and insertion. Harrison, Terry P.; Houm, P.J.; Thomas, Douglas J.; Craighead, Christopher W. Abstract Mar 22, 2013 4409
Unmasking the charade of the global supply contract: a novel theory of corporate liability in human trafficking and forced labor cases. Bang, Naomi Jiyoung Mar 22, 2013 7936
Unmasking the charade of the global supply contract: a novel theory of corporate liability in human trafficking and forced labor cases. Bang, Naomi Jiyoung Mar 22, 2013 18194
Using big data to drive commercial advantage: excellent processes, excellent results. Streibich, Karl-Heinz Feb 1, 2013 878
Creativity, coordination and knowledge co-creation on a global scale--the process perspective. Marjanovic, Olivera; Roztocki, Narcyz Report Jan 1, 2013 7070
Behavioral operations management: a blind spot and a research program. Katsikopoulos, Konstantinos V.; Gigerenzer, Gerd Report Jan 1, 2013 3336
Reducing behavioral constraints to supplier integration: a socio-technical systems perspective. Kull, Thomas J.; Ellis, Scott C.; Narasimhan, Ram Jan 1, 2013 14788
Supplier integration and NPD outcomes: conditional moderation effects of Modular Design Competence. Salvador, Fabrizio; Villena, Veronica H. Report Jan 1, 2013 18054
Special Topic Forum on Resources and Supply Chain Management. Crook, Russell; Esper, Terry Jan 1, 2013 414
Special topic forum on supply Chain management in emerging markets: critical research issues. Flynn, Barbara; Zhao, Xiande; Huang, Xiaowen; Wei, Jiang Jan 1, 2013 384
Bullwhip effect simulation of a supply chain with level constraints. Buchmeister, B.; Palcic, I. Report Jan 1, 2013 5337
Supply chain management of small and medium-sized enterprises. Sorak, M.; Dragic, M. Report Jan 1, 2013 6802
Analysis of a three-stage supply chain with level constraints. Buchmeister, B.; Friscic, D.; Lalic, B.; Palcic, I. Report Dec 1, 2012 6517
China : GRGBanking Attends ICCOS EMEA 2012. Nov 21, 2012 289
Taiwan's auto parts makers tap supply chain of Chinese carmakers. Chuang, Steve Nov 13, 2012 348
Service supply chains: introducing the special topic forum. Sampson, Scott E.; Spring, Martin Report Oct 1, 2012 2820
Service supply management structure in offshore outsourcing. Tate, Wendy L.; Ellram, Lisa M. Report Oct 1, 2012 14705
Customer roles in service supply chains and opportunities for innovation. Sampson, Scott E.; Spring, Martin Report Oct 1, 2012 13453
Service supply chains: a customer perspective. Maull, Roger; Geraldi, Joana; Johnston, Robert Report Oct 1, 2012 9786
VIS reportedly included in Apple's supply chain. Liu, Ken Brief article Sep 28, 2012 269
Netherlands,Thailand : NXP Announces Best Supplier Awards. Sep 21, 2012 402
Italy,United Kingdom : SDV acquires 80% stakes in GETCO. Brief article Sep 17, 2012 117
Decisions of intelligent support for supplier selection/Tiekeju atrankos intelektines paramos sprendimai. Bivainis, Juozas; Dieninis, Jonas; Janseviciute, Daina Report Sep 1, 2012 5863
United Kingdom : GEM LOGISTICS bags three year CARGO RECORDS deal. Brief article Aug 11, 2012 212
AUO penetrates supply chain of Apple. Liu, Philip Jul 6, 2012 350
Addressing supply chain risk: advances have made supply chains and transport networks more efficient, while also changing their risk profile. It's time to review plans 4 and procedures for dealing with a broad range of new contingencies. Wright, Jonathan; Datskovska, Daniella Jul 1, 2012 1464
Global supply chains: other voices. Maltz, Arnold Editorial Jul 1, 2012 2330
The intersection of power, trust and supplier network size: implications for supplier performance. Terpend, Regis; Ashenbaum, Bryan Report Jul 1, 2012 17067
Linking supply chain management superiority to multifaceted firm financial performance. Greer, Bertie M.; Theuri, Peter Report Jul 1, 2012 6570
Complex supply networks create commercial risks. Brief article Jun 1, 2012 294
Shrinking wasteline: Portsmouth firms transform companies' trash into opportunity. Callahan, Kathleen Apr 20, 2012 1212
Indonesian construction supply chains cost structure and factors: a case study of two projects/ Sanaudu struktura ir veiksniai Indonezijos statybu tiekimo grandinese: dvieju projektu atvejo tyrimas. Abduh, Muhamad; Soemardi, Biemo W.; Wirahadikusumah, Reini D. Case study Apr 1, 2012 5732
Purchasing, supply chain management and sustained competitive advantage: the relevance of resource-based theory. Barney, Jay B. Report Apr 1, 2012 2272
A demand-side perspective on supply chain management. Priem, Richard L.; Swink, Morgan Report Apr 1, 2012 4519
Grounding supply chain management in resource - advantage theory: in defense of a resource - based view of the firm. Hunt, Shelby D.; Davis, Donna F. Report Apr 1, 2012 4944
Humanitarian and disaster relief supply chains: a matter of life and death. Day, Jamison M.; Melnyk, Steven A.; Larson, Paul D.; Edward W. Davis; Whybark, D. Clay Report Apr 1, 2012 11713
Operational governance in horizontal cooperations of logistics service providers: performance effects and the moderating role of cooperation complexity. Schmoltzi, Christina; Wallenburg, Carl Marcus Report Apr 1, 2012 13467
Who owns the customer? Disentangling customer loyalty in indirect distribution channels. Eggert, Andreas; Henseler, Jorg; Hollmann, Sabine Report Apr 1, 2012 11292
Global dispersion, global sustainment: a mandate for a global logistics organization? Christianson, C.V. Apr 1, 2012 2620
Multi-objective stochastic simulation-based optimisation applied to supply chain planning. Napalkova, Liana; Merkuryeva, Galina Report Mar 1, 2012 6296
The international perspective. Conference notes Dec 1, 2011 688
HOA's new spice route. Corrick, David L. Dec 1, 2011 928
A simulation metamodelling based neural networks for lot-sizing problem in MTO sector. Hachicha W. Report Dec 1, 2011 5873
Is the supply chain management file drawer empty? Pagell, Mark; Kristal, Mehmet Murat Report Oct 1, 2011 6967
Findings sweet and sour. Kaufmann, Lutz Report Oct 1, 2011 1503
Why there is no "insignificance" for a relevant question. Holweg, Matthias Report Oct 1, 2011 1308
Improving end-to-end working capital management. Arnold, Drew Oct 1, 2011 576
So long, just-in-time inventory: in an interconnected world, companies aim to collect more data on where risks lie, use new tools and put programs in place to better ensure supply-chain resilience. Hintze, John Oct 1, 2011 2455
Not all micro-loans were created equal: the effect of supply chain location on micro-lending. Cooke, Aaron Sep 22, 2011 2427
Accurately reporting supply chain actions for nontraditional maintenance. Blazer, Douglas J.; Parrish, Woodrow A. Sep 22, 2011 4101
Updating Air Force war planning for spares support. Blazer, Douglas J. Sep 22, 2011 6338
Construction material supply chain process analysis and optimization/Procesu analize ir optimizacija statybiniu medziagu tiekimo grandineje. Pan, Nai-Hsin; Lee, Ming-Li; Chen, Sheng-Quan Report Sep 1, 2011 9101
The human angle. Aug 20, 2011 465
AMD's bright outlook likely to boost Taiwan's supply chain. Liu, Ken Brief article Aug 16, 2011 233
How can supply chains be 'fair'? It's doubtful any chain has an equal distribution of bargaining power. Hawkins, Kevin Viewpoint essay Jun 4, 2011 391
Novatek joins Samsung's TV-Chip supply chain. Liu, Ken Brief article Jun 1, 2011 190
New-car sales edge up 0.7% in Taiwan in April. Chuang, Steve May 9, 2011 476
Economics ministry promoting supply chain for smart handheld devices. Liu, Philip May 5, 2011 394
Supply chain security: agency theory and port drayage drivers. Belzer, Michael H.; Swan, Peter F. Report May 1, 2011 10946
Who captures value in global supply chains? The case of Nokia's N95 smartphone. Ali-Yrkko, Jyrki; Rouvinen, Petri; Seppaia, Timo; Yla-Anttila, Pekka May 1, 2011 1254
The best agreements align interests: relationship agreements are based on win-win. Johnston, Donald B. May 1, 2011 791
Taiwan's electronics industry may suffer market downturn earlier on supply chain crisis. Liu, Ken Apr 18, 2011 319
Sony aims to raise notebook PC market share to 10% in Taiwan. Liang, Quincy Brief article Mar 29, 2011 207
Earthquake impacts automotive supply in Japan: HIS iSuppli. Liang, Quincy Mar 28, 2011 307
Maction taps into Geely's navigation software supply chain. Liang, Quincy Brief article Mar 17, 2011 238
Smart-phone suppliers facing threat in disruption of supply chain. Liu, Philip Brief article Mar 15, 2011 274
Massive Japanese earthquake may affect Taiwanese supply chains. Liu, Philip Brief article Mar 12, 2011 305
Taiwanese automakers facing disruption in supply of key parts. Liu, Philip Mar 12, 2011 341
Get smarter with supply chain management: if you really want to cut costs you should be squeezing more efficiencies out of your logistics networks. Roan, Peter Feb 19, 2011 356
Taiwanese handset parts makers benefit from Apple's iphone 5G. Chuang, Steve Brief article Jan 25, 2011 287
China telecom chairman may bring huge business opportunities in upcoming visit. Liu, Philip Brief article Jan 24, 2011 220
The race against drug resistance. Jan 1, 2011 770
Quality management let's make it simpler. Column Jan 1, 2011 738
Supply chain resilience: a simulation study. Carvalho, Helena; Barroso, Ana Paula; Machado, Virginia Helena; Azevedo, Susana Garrido; Machado, Vi Report Jan 1, 2011 1674
Taiwanese solar cell makers join LDK's supply chain. Chuang, Steve Brief article Dec 14, 2010 336
Dubai's trading sector remains robust. Dec 12, 2010 1183
Enterprise distribution optimization comes to life: enterprise distribution optimization is fundamentally about looking at the way DOD conducts distribution operations with new eyes. Busler, Bruce Dec 1, 2010 1442
Driving change in the Indian pharmaceutical supply chain. Lohmeier, Andreas Nov 1, 2010 757
Colombian coffee: challenges and opportunities ahead for the Colombian Coffee Growers' Federation. Valencia, Andres Oct 1, 2010 728
Overcoming new challenges in clinical trials blinding solid dosage forms: new issues in blinding solid dosage forms are emerging as the volume and complexity of clinical trials escalates, challenging supply chain managers to adopt innovative solutions. Myers, Colleen M.; Wagner, Jutta Report Sep 1, 2010 1716
Distribution of pharmaceuticals in the UK: the distribution chain in the pharmaceutical industry is hugely complex; it interacts with both financial markets and government regulation. All governments seek to control priority issues in their own economic areas. These are generally perceived to be taxation, defence and health. Each of these issues is political--not least the provision of healthcare. Cross, Martin Sep 1, 2010 696
Towards more sustainable supply chains: thanks to their huge buying power and market dominance, retail chains and supermarkets have the capacity to drive sustainability initiatives: not just in their own stores, but also throughout their supply chains. Sullivan, Rachel Aug 1, 2010 1163
Aligning metrics to achieve supply chain goals. Mrozinski, Joseph M. Jul 1, 2010 1443
Crafting high-quality reviews: guidelines, examples and feedback. Carter, Craig R.; Ellram, Lisa M. Editorial Jul 1, 2010 2042
Quality measurement in the wood products supply chain. Espinoza, Omar A.; Bond, Brian H.; Kline, Earl May 1, 2010 7033
Taiwan suppliers expect lucrative business from China mobile. Liu, Ken Brief article Apr 13, 2010 252
LED-backlit LCD supply chain struggles to increase production: DisplaySearch V.P. Liang, Quincy Brief article Apr 6, 2010 299
Nisa Scunthorpe DC gets [pounds sterling] 30m facelift after DHL contract win. Brief article Apr 3, 2010 234
An e-logistics system for sea-freight forwarding. Wong, T.N.; Chow, P.S.; Sculli, D. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 5652
'Only 30% of companies worldwide have good logistics systems'. Conference news Mar 29, 2010 548
'Only 30% of companies worldwide have good logistics systems'. Conference news Mar 28, 2010 548
A two-step transshipment model with fuzzy demands and service level constraints. Ben Said, L.; Hmiden, M.; Ghedira, K. Report Mar 1, 2010 5420
Alabama power response to Katrina: managing a severe service supply chain disruption.(Instructor's Note) Skipper, Joseph B.; Hanna, Joe B.; Gibson, Brian J. Case study Feb 1, 2010 2316
Consumer as a part of reverse logistics chain. Rogic, Kristijan; Bajor, Ivona; Rozic, Tomislav Report Jan 1, 2010 1414
Integrated optimization of process innovation in industrial enterprise as an equipment of ensuring an increasing of supplied goods value. Cibulka, Viliam Report Jan 1, 2010 1761
Information system for monitoring traceability in the wine supply chain. Anica-Popa, Ionut Report Jan 1, 2010 1895
Minimizing uncertainty involved in designing the closed-loop supply network for multiple-lifecycle of products. Asif, Farazee M.A.; Nicolescu, Cornel Mihai Report Jan 1, 2010 1652
Relationship between supply chain quality management practices and their effects on organisational performance. Azar, Adel; Kahnali, Reza Ahmadi; Taghavi, Allahvirdi Dec 31, 2009 7464
Thank You for supporting the Forum. Wykle, LTG Ken Conference notes Dec 1, 2009 760
Joint Logistics Integration: DOD's Logistics Roadmap from an Operations Professional Perspective: presented Sept. 21-22, 2009, at the NDTA Forum in Nashville. Holeman, Joni Conference notes Dec 1, 2009 1331
Global recycling supply chains and waste picking in developing countries. Medina, Martin Dec 1, 2009 1711
Live Environment Demonstrating Next Generation Technologies at SITL Dubai 2009. Nov 4, 2009 383
New call to develop GCC supply chain. Oct 27, 2009 419
Shoring up the weakest link: on full risk alert, treasuries are exploring constructive ways to spread available liquidity up and dozen the supply chain to avoid a bad break. Gamble, Richard Oct 1, 2009 3516
Roles and capabilities of the retail supply chain organization. Defee, C. Clifford; Randall, Wesley S.; Gibson, Brian J. Report Sep 22, 2009 7537
Collaboration improves warfighter sustainment: Part II of II: global distribution synchronization. Fletcher, Brian; Hansen, Mike; Gulick, Jeff; Fabry, Kristen; Tombaugh, Phil Sep 1, 2009 1511
People are not commodities. Bedford, Peter Sep 1, 2009 542
Musgrave reopens former Somerfields. Brief article Jul 4, 2009 139
AMC repair parts supply chain. LaFalce, John T. May 1, 2009 3734
Brands at risk. Horkovich, Robert M.; Gliedman, Diana S.; Agarwala, Kanishka May 1, 2009 749
Homeland security vs. cabotage: issues of terrorism or ploys. Jones, Keith C.; Glisson, L. Milton Report Mar 22, 2009 6188
Integrating logistics case studies to show the impact of speed: overview and benefits. Bess, H. David; Marcus, Henry S.; Weiss, Abbott D.; Valdez, Michael E. Report Mar 1, 2009 977
A multi-phase framework for supply chain integration. Ajmera, Abhinav; Cook, Jack Report Jan 1, 2009 5561
Using confidence intervals in supply chain and operations research. Bonett, Douglas G.; Wright, Thomas A. Jan 1, 2009 6199
Supply chain orientation and balanced scorecard performance. Hult, G. Tomas M.; Ketchen, David J., Jr.; Adams, Garry L.; Mena, Jeannette A. Dec 22, 2008 8268
Leaning the DoD supply chain: the DoD activity address code. Barber, Jay; Werneke, Michael; Duffy, Kevin P. Dec 22, 2008 6721
Shaping logistics--just-in-time logistics. Dye, Peter J. Dec 22, 2008 417
The CFO's best friend: purchasing isn't just a supply chain activity--it's a value-adding market activity that can make a significant contribution to profitability. Gerardo, Richard A.; Spanyi, Andrew Cover story Dec 1, 2008 3400
Trust and transparency in the supply chain: in tough economic times, it's important to keep assurance messages clear and trustworthy. Esom, Steven Sep 20, 2008 565
EFFP targets supply chain relationships. Brief article Aug 2, 2008 145
Diversity in business-to-business information exchange: an empirical analysis of manufacturers and their trading partners. Porterfield, Tobin E. Jun 22, 2008 6827
Carbon project will look at entire chain. Brief article May 17, 2008 154
Supply chain risks: are you prepared? Williams, Kathy May 1, 2008 597
State of the DOD-AIT union: XIO Strategies' survey assesses the adoption of technology in the DOD supply chain. Clark, James Apr 1, 2008 1200
The future of integrated supply chain management utilizing performance based logistics. Griffin, Wes Report Apr 1, 2008 5246
Joint Attack Munition Systems (JAMS) Project Office improving support to the warfighter. Beavers, Barry; Ruta, William Report Apr 1, 2008 1953
Transforming logistics. Boone, Christopher H. Brief article Mar 22, 2008 132
Logistics innovation studies. Mar 22, 2008 919
Modifying the supply chain. Parrish, Tony; Blazer, Douglas J. Mar 22, 2008 2167
Joint asset visibility: Why so hard? The way ahead: in the fourth and final article of his series on joint asset visibility, the author looks at some of the problems faced by those trying to provide joint asset visibility and the steps being taken to alleviate those problems. Bates, James C. Jan 1, 2008 2816
Enabling the entrepreneurs: understanding global sourcing and supply chains may be the solution in export markets that are no longer geographic. Aldonas, Grant Jan 1, 2008 1103
Simulation of surge effect in supply chain for demand uncertainty at the end customer. Reddy, B. Chandra Mohana; Reddy, K. Hemachandra; Reddy, C. Nadha Muni; Reddy, K. Vijaya Kumar; Prasa Report Jan 1, 2008 3033
Supply chain evolution: as manufacturing models change, suppliers develop new approaches to customers' supply chain needs. Whitney, Jennifer Jan 1, 2008 2686
Companies monitor supply chain impact. Brief article Nov 24, 2007 185
Logistics supply chains: supply chain management: analyzing industry and Air Force Metrics Global Logistics Support--the GLSC: operational supply chain management. Sep 22, 2007 330
Global logistics support: the GLSC: operational supply chain management. Reusser, David Sep 22, 2007 812
Enhancing product recovery value in closed-loop supply chains with RFID. Visich, John K.; Li, Suhong; Khumawala, Basheer M. Sep 22, 2007 7032
Angry farmers claim inquiry hasn't tackled supermarkets. Brief article Aug 11, 2007 220
How to cut out cost: as the Food Chain Centre prepares to take its final bow, Sam Fortescue assesses how successful it has been in creating a leaner, meaner and more cost-efficient supply chain. Fortescue, Sam Jul 14, 2007 705
Stockage determination made easy. Girardini, Kenneth; Lackey, Arthur W.; Peltz, Eric Jul 1, 2007 3158
Applying lean principles to design effective supply chains: lean management principles can be applied to inventory and supply chain management to reduce inventories and improve system performance. Gibson, David R. Jul 1, 2007 2943
The onus is on us: cash & carry and delivered wholesaler. May 12, 2007 597
Together we can make it work: collaboration is taking off as retailers and suppliers start to work together to develop leaner, meaner and greener, supply chains. Creasey, Simon May 12, 2007 1473
Fair trade scheme for Whole Foods. Brief article Apr 7, 2007 108
How SOX and C-TPAT: impact global supply chain security. McGhee, Mitch; Giermanski, Jim Apr 1, 2007 3986
Supply-chain accounting: following up FM's July/August article on inter-organisational cost management, John Cullen suggests where else financial managers can offer logistical support. Cullen, John Oct 1, 2006 660
Supply base reduction: an empirical study of critical success factors. Ogden, Jeffrey A. Sep 22, 2006 7070
Security and the global supply chain. Sarathy, Ravi Sep 22, 2006 14262
Defense Supply Center Richmond develops supply chain alliances. Starks, Glenn L. Sep 1, 2006 2221
One on one: an interview with Lori Vegso. Schildhouse, Jill Interview Jun 22, 2006 1230
Managing conflict of interest issues in purchasing. Handfield, Robert B.; Baumer, David L. Jun 22, 2006 6631
Supply chain executive monitor for controlling and failure management in supply chains. Laessig, Joerg; Heinrich, Steffen; Duerr, Holger Report Jan 1, 2006 4479
Modeling and analysis of delivery planning in supply chain. Miwa, Kanna Report Jan 1, 2006 4599
The role of internet-based transactions in external collaboration between healthcare trading partners. Kim, Sang Man; Asllani, Arben; Ettkin, Lawrence Jan 1, 2005 3805
Synergetic effects of integration in distribution channels. Samanovic, J.; Samanovic, M. Report Jan 1, 2005 2238
Utilising the surging potential of e-commerce: a case of hour glass supply chain. Ghayur, Adeel Report Dec 22, 2003 6685
The values of safety factor optimization and coordination under random supply and demand. Jian, Liu; Weiming, Yi Jan 1, 2003 5294

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