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Supply Of Blood and Blood Products.

Tenders are invited for Supply Of Blood and Blood Products


The Blood Bank Vendor s Requirements Are To Be As Follows:

A. Trauma Program Commitment.

1. To Stock 200 Units Of Fresh Frozen Plasma (ffp), Which Includes 50 Units Of Ab Ffp At All


2. To Stock 10 Units Of Pooled Cryoprecipitate.

3. To Stock Approximately 200-250 Red Cells (abo/rh Type To Be Determined By Transfusion


4. To Stock 5 Units Of Plateletpheresis At All Times And The Ability To Return Plateletpheresis For

Credit, If Not Used.

5. To Return Red Cells For Credit When Outdated.

6. To Provide Two Routine Deliveries A Day/7 Days A Week, As Needed.

7. To Provide One Hour Stat Delivery 24 Hours A Day/7 Days A Week.

B. Requirements For Medical Patients

1. Provide Rare Antigen Negative Red Cells In A Timely Manner, Including The Ability To

Deglycerolize Red Cells 24 Hours A Day/7 Days A Week.

2. Provide An O Negative, Cmv Negative, Irradiated, T28932779.pdf

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Aug 23, 2015
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