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Supply Excellence Awards.


Unit Level MTOE Winner: 118th MP Co, Ft Bragg, NC (FORSCOM) Runner-up: HHC, 206th MI Bn, Ft Gordon, GA (INSCOM) Hon. Mention: B Btry, 1st Bn, 1st ADA, Japan (USARPAC)

Unit Level TDA Winner: 78th Avn Bn, Camp Zama, Japan (USARPAC) Runner-up: HHC, 7th JMTC, Grafenwoehr, Germany (USAREUR) Honorable Mention: HHC, 516th Sig Bde, HI (NETCOM)

Property Book Level MTOE Winner: HHC, 30th Med Bde, Heidelberg, Germany (USAREUR) Runner-up: 17th Fires Bde, Ft Lewis, WA (FORSCOM)

Property Book Level TDA Winner: 21st Cav Bde, Ft Hood, TX (FORSCOM) Runner-up: USAG--Kaiserlautern, Germany (IMCOM) Honorable Mention: Univ of CA, Santa Barbara, Army ROTC (TRADOC)

Parent Level MTOE Winner: 212th Cbt Spt Hospital, Miesau, Germany (USAREUR) Runner-up: 470th MI Bde, Ft Sam Houston, TX (INSCOM)

Parent Level TDA Winner: HHC, 7th JMRC, Hohenfels, Germany (USAREUR)

Supply Support Activity MTOE Winner: 558th Trans Co, Ft Eustis, VA (FORSCOM) Runner-up: HHC, 160th SOAR, Ft Campbell, KY (USASOC) Honorable Mention: E Co, 1st Bn, 1st ADA, Japan (USARPAC)

Supply Support Activity TDA Winner: Avn Ctr Logs Cmd, Ft Rucker, AL (AMC) Runner-up: USAG--Vicenza, Italy (IMCOM) Honorable Mention: USAG--Ft Campbell, KY (IMCOM)


Unit Level MTOE Winner: 548th Trans Co, Trenton, MO Runner-up: HHD, 231st BSBn, Valley City, ND

Unit Level TDA Winner: HQ Det, Barrigada, Guam Runner-up: 55th Civ Spt Team WMD, St Paul, MN

Property Book Level MTOE Winner: HQ 1st Bn, 265th ADA, Daytona, FL Runner-up: HQ 1st BCT, Bloomington, MN Honorable Mention: 58th Troop Cmd, Adelphi, MD

Property Book Level TDA Winner: National Guard Marksmanship Trng Unit, North Little Rock, AR Runner-up: 84th Trp Cmd, Minneapolis, MN Honorable Mention: Joint Forces HQ, Jackson, MS

Parent Level MTOE Winner: HQ 1st Bn, 135th Avn, Whiteman AFB, MO Runner-up: 292d Cbt Spt Bn, Coto Laurel, PR

Parent Level TDA Winner: 83d Trp Cmd, Tallahassee, FL Runner-up: 721st Trp Cmd Bn, Milford, DE

Supply Support Activity Winner: US Prop and Fiscal Office, Camp Douglas, WI Runner-up: US Prop and Fiscal Office, PR Honorable Mention: US Prop and Fiscal Office, Kapolei, HI


Unit Level MTOE Winner: 406th AG HR, Kaiserslautern, Germany Runner-up: 341st MP Co, San Jose, CA

Unit Level TDA Winner: 5th Bn, 80th Regt, Abingdon, MD Runner-up: HHC, 108th Trng Cmd, Charlotte, NC

Property Book Level MTOE Winner: 311th Expeditionary Sustainment Cmd, Los Angeles, CA

Property Book Level TDA Winner: HQ, 158th Inf Bde, Daytona, FL Runner-up: Med Readiness and Trng Cmd, San Antonio, TX Honorable Mention: 94th Cbt Svc Spt, Indianapolis, IN

Parent Level TDA Winner: 4th Bde Cbt Svc Spt, Indianapolis, IN Runner-up: Equip Concentration Site 33, Ft Riley, KS

Supply Support Activity Winner: 889th QM Co, Ogden, UT Runner-up: 238th Component Repair Co, San Antonio, TX Honorable Mention: Det 1, 1011th QM Co, Pittsburg, KS

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Title Annotation:Combined Logistics Excellence Awards 2009
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Date:Sep 1, 2009
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