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Suppliers of power plant equipment in Indonesia.

There are only a few companies that have developed electricity technology (vendors) in large scale in the world, but they are generally global companies.

Equipment for power plants in Indonesia are supplied by world vendors from Europe, the United States and Japan. Lately many Chinese companies won tenders to supply equipment for power plants especially for those under PLN's crash program to build coal-fired power plants with a total capacity of 10,000 megawatts to be completed in 2010. The crash program is launched to cope with power shortage that has often affected the process of production of the manufacturing industries in the country

Among the large suppliers of power plant eqipment operating in the country include Asea Brown Boveri, Ltd (ABB), and Siemens from Europe, General Electric from the United States and Mitsubishi and Hitachi from Japan. Among those from China are DongFang Electric, Harbin Electric, China National Technical Export--Import Company (CNTIC), Huadian, and China National Electric Equipment Corporation (CNEEC).

Vendors from Europe have superiority in technology especially in gas turbine technology. Chinese vendors generally have superiority in technology to build coal fired power plants as Chinese power is generated mainly by coal fired power plants.

Chinese vendors, therefore, dominated development of the coal fired power plants under the crash program

Asea Brown Boveri, Ltd (ABB)

ABB operates in electric power, electric power system, automation and industrial robot business. Its products of power plants include generators, power transmission and distribution equipment such as circuit breaker, surge arrester, capacitor, switch gear with medium voltage of (1-50 kV) and high voltage (5 800 kVa), cable, etc.

ABB in Indonesia supplies mainly electrical equipment rather than mechanical equipment like boilers.

Some of the projects of ABB in Indonesia include the 135 MW Sengkang combined cycle power plant (PLTGU), 2x610 MW coal fired power plant (PLTU) of Paiton 2, the 6x130MW PLTGU of Tanjung Priok and the 2x200MW PLTGU of Tanjung Priok and connection of high voltage 500 KV East Java Yogyakarta --Bandung.


Siemens produces boilers and power transmission and distribution equipment. Its electric power projects in the country include the 6x150M gas fired power plant (PLTG) of Muara Tawar in Bekasi, West Java. The project was valued at US $ 248 million.

Siemens also supplies electrical equipment for industries needing electric power such as LNG plants. One of its projects in LNG industry is procurement of turbine and 65 MW generator.

Siemens operates and is responsible for the maintenance of two power plants in Java -PLTU of Paiton 2 and PLTU of Muara Tawar.

Siemens is involved more in development of technology for gas fired power plants.

General Electric

The products of General Electric have been widely used in electric systems in the world. Around 40 power plants in Indonesia use General Electric products of power generating equipment.

General Electric produces mechanical system such as boilers, gas turbines and combined cycle, steam turbines, generators, transformers and capacitors.

Gas turbines and combined cycle products of General Electric could generate from 26 to 800 MW of power divided into several classes including F with capacity of 256 MW-787 MW, Medium with a capacity of 126MW-391 MW, Small Heavy Duty with a caapcity of 5MW-124 MW.

Steam turbine products of GE consist of several types such as Reheat with a capacity of 83MW-425 MW, Non Reheat with a capacity of 250 MW, steam turbine using fossil fuel with a capacity of up to 900 MW, steam turbine using nucelar energy with a capacity of of up to 1,500 MW, Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) with a capacity of 14MW-420 MW.

General Electric also produces generators with air cooling system with a maximum capacity of 191 MVA, hydrogen coolers with a maximum capacity of 514 MVA and with liquid cooler with a maximum capacity of 1,600 MVA.

General Electric produces several types of capacitors and transformers for transmission and distribution equipment having high voltage capacitors with a capacity of 25-1,000 kVAR and 2.4-25 kV.

Its products of transformer include power transformers with low voltage of 230 kV and high voltage of up to 550 kV, distribution transformer with a voltage of up epoxy coating and voltage regulator.


Hitachi produces various mechanical systems from boilers to generating system and power transmission and distribution equipment.

Hitachi cooperates with Babcock to produce boilers. Its types of boilers include ones using subcritical and supercritical fuels of oil, gas and coal. Until now around 200 units of power boiler products of Hitachi have been used in various projects in the world with a total capacity of 60,000 MW.

The types of generators produced by Hitachi include 2 pole and 4 pole generators with a capacity of 250-1.540 MVA. Its cooling system is air cooler, hydrogen cooler and, water cooler.

Power generating systems that could be built by Hitachi include fossil fueled power plants, cogeneration combined cycle power plant with single and multi shaft; hydroelectric plants (PLTA); geothermal power plants (PLTP) and nuclear power plants (PLTN).

Hitachi also produces mechanical equipment system and equipment for water, gas and steam turbines. Water turbines include Francis turbine, bulb turbone, etc. Gas turbine has an output of 25MW.

The projects built by Hitachi in Indonesia are still fewer than those of other players like General Electric and ABB.

Among electric power projects using Hitachi technology abroad is that of ESKOM, an electricity company in South Africa using 6 boilers for a power plant in Midupi in that country. The 2 billion euro project includes design, installation and start up boilers in a steam powered electric station with a capacity of 800 MW to be operational in 2011.

Other projects are procurement of 3 gas turbines for geothermal power plant owned by Shanghai Eurofo in Shangxi, China. The power plant will have a capacity of 120 MW and it is to be operational in 2009.


Marubeni is a producer of manufacturing machines and electric power equipment especially mechanical systems such as boilers and turbines. Marubeni has built several electric power projects in Indonesia in cooperation with producers of generators and electric power equipment. Among the projects are PLTGU of Tanjung Priok which has a capacity of 1,180 MW, PLTGU of Muara Tawar with a capacity of 1,095 MW, and procurement of boilers for seven units of PLTU of Suralaya which has a capacity of 3,400 MW.

In 2004, Marubeni received an order from PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) to produce boilers and turbines for the 3rd and 4th units of PLTGU of Tarahan, Lampung, each with a capacity of 100 MW. The project was valued at 22.8 billion Yens.

Chinese vendors

Vendors from China have long experience in the development of coal fired power plant in their country. Chinese vendors dominate development of coal fired power plants under PLN's crash program with a total capacity of 10,000 MW.

Among the electric power projects of Chinese vendors already operational is the PLTU of Cilacap with a capacity of 2 x 300 MW designed by Chengda Engineering Corporation of China in 2003. The project was valued at US$ 510 million.

Chengda Engineering Corporation of China operates in the construction of factories, and manufacturing facilities like petrochemical, chemical fertilizer, soda powder and chlor alkali industries and construction of power plant but not producing electric power equipment.

Among projects using equipment form China are PLTU of Indramayu having a capacity of 3 x 300 MW with vendors Beijing Beizhong Steam Turbine Generator Co, Ltd and Babcox Wilcox Beijing Company.

The project built in partnership with PT. PLN is valued at US$ 863 million. Construction will start in 2009 to be completed in 2010.

Vendor Dongfang Electric will build two coal fired power plants including PLTU of Pacitan with a capacity of 2 x 315 MW. The PLN's project is estimated to cost US $ 393 million and it is to be completed in 2010.

The second project to be built by Dongfang is PLTU 3 of Teluk Naga in Banten with a capacity of 3 x 300 MW valued at US$ 602 million. This project is also owned by PLN.

In May, 2008, Dongfang won a contract valued at US$178 million to build 134 units of power plants using wind energy for China Energy Conservation Investment Corp.

Dongfang will also build PLTU of Bangko Tengah, which will have a capacity of 4 x 600 MW. PLTU of Bangko Tengah is an independent power producer (IPP) project not included in the crash program.

Another project handled by the Chinese company include one unit of PLTU of Suralaya with a capacity of 625 MW. The equipment will be produced by China National Technical Export--Import Company (CNTIC). The project is estimated to cost US $ 429 million. Its construction began in 2007.

Vendor Harbin Power has been awarded contracts to build transmission systems for PT. PLN's PLTU Paiton 2 which has a capacity of 600 MW. This project is estimated to cost US$ 466 million.

Shanghai Electric has two IPP power plants and a contract to build a PLN's power plant. The two IPP projects are PLTU of Kuala Tanjung having a capacity of 2 x 125 MW and PLTU of Parit Baru with a capacity of 2 x 67 MW. Construction of the two IPP power plants began in 2007 and to be completed in 2010.

The PLN"s project is PLTU 2 of Pelabuhan Ratu, which has a capacity of 3 x 300 MW. This project is estimated to cost US $ 624 million.

Another vendor from China has an IPP project--PLTU of Labuhan Angin which will have a capacity of 2 x 115 MW. Construction of the project began in 2007 and it is to be completed in 2010.
Vendors of power generating equipment

Vendors Project, Types of
 location Capacity equipment

General PLTU 1
Electric Paiton (East

ABB Sengkang 135 MW gas-fired
 (South combined-
 Sulawesi) cycle power

 PLTU 2 2 x 610 coal-fired
 Paiton (East MW, unit boilers
 Java) 56

 East Java-- 309 km Connection
 Yogyakarta-- with 500 kV

 T. Priok 6 x 130

 T. Priok 2 x 200

Mitsubishi Muara 700 MW, gas-fired gas
 Karang Unit I, turbine
 (Jakarta) II, III combined-
 cycle (GTCC)

 Darajat III 110 MW Steam
 (West Java) turbine

Siemens Muara 6 x 150
 Tawar MW
 (B asi,
 West Java)

Being PLTU 3 x 330 Steam
Beizhong Indamayu MW turbine
Generator Co,
Ltd, Babcox

Dongfang PLTU 2 x 315 Steam
Electric Pacitan MW turbine
 (East Java)

 PLTU 3 3 x 300
 Teluk Naga MW

Huadian PLTU 4 x 600 Coal PLTU
Company Bangko MW

China PLTU 625 MW
National Suralaya

Harbin Power PLTU Paiton 600 MW Transmission
 2 system

Shanghai PLTU Kuala 2 x 125 Coal fired
Electric Tanjun MW

 PLTU Parit 2 x 67 MW Coal fired

 PLTU 2 3 x 300
 Pelabuhan MW

China PLTU 2 x 115 Coal fired
National Labuhan MW
Electric Angin

Vendors Project, (US$
 location million) Partner Year

General PLTU 1
Electric Paiton (East

ABB Sengkang 100 PT. Energi
 (South Sengkang 1996
 Sulawesi) (IPP)

 PLTU 2 250 PT. Jawa 1996
 Paiton (East Power

 East Java-- 32 PT. PLN 2002

 T. Priok

 T. Priok

Mitsubishi Muara PT. PLN 2007-
 Karang 2009

 Darajat III ChevronTe 2005
 (West Java) xaco

Siemens Muara 248 2003
 (B asi,
 West Java)

Being PLTU 863 PT. PLN 2009-
Beizhong Indamayu 2010
Generator Co,
Ltd, Babcox

Dongfang PLTU 393 PT. PLN 2010
Electric Pacitan
 (East Java)

 PLTU 3 602 PT. PLN
 Teluk Naga

Huadian PLTU IPP
Company Bangko

China PLTU 429 PT. PLN 2007
National Suralaya

Harbin Power PLTU Paiton 466 PT. PLN 2007-
 2 2010

Shanghai PLTU Kuala IPP 2007 -
Electric Tanjun 2010

 PLTU Parit IPP 2007-
 Baru 2010

 PLTU 2 624 PT. PLN

China PLTU IPP 2007-
National Labuhan 2010
Electric Angin

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