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Supplier takes aim at emotional pain.

QUINCY, Mass. -- For all the attention that physical pain gets, retailers might also be mindful of people who are looking for remedies for emotional pain--especially when the days are short and cold.

One response to the widespread problem of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or the "winter blues," is Carex Health Brands' Day-Light Classic Plus. The product was recognized as the "best light therapy lamp" for SAD by The Sweethome, part of The New York Times Co.

The Sweethome's experts extensively researched and examined the Day-Light Classic Plus, a device used in medical facilities, hospitals and research centers across the country, alongside 40 other bright light therapy lamps. Through its research, The Sweethome found the affordably priced Day-Light Classic Plus met all the necessary criteria to be deemed effective for treating SAD.

"We strive to deliver quality, innovative and affordable products that will help consumers live their best lives," said Jeff Swain, vice president of retail marketing at Compass Health Brands, the parent company of Carex.

Each year, shorter, darker, winter days cause nearly 10 million Americans to experience symptoms of depression. As the No. 1 recommended treatment for SAD, bright light therapy lamps such as the Day-Light Classic Plus can help consumers experience relief in 20-minute to 30-minute treatment sessions. Featuring UV-free light and the maximum dose of 10,000 LUX of glare, the product has also been recommended by the Center for Environmental Therapeutics and leading university researchers around the world.

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Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Feb 6, 2017
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