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Supplier describes Northern Abcor as 'ethical.' (Northern Abcor Process Equipment and Controls)

When Northern Abcor was established in 1977 it had one supplier providing two product lines. Today the company is affiliated with more than 30 suppliers located across the country and in the United States. These suppliers provide Northern Abcor with a vast array of industrial products, equipment and systems.

What do suppliers look for in a distributor?

According to two internationally based industrial equipment suppliers, Bailey Canada and Spirax Sarco, location, industry reputation, clientele, market share and expertise are vital.

Industrial suppliers operate in a highly competitive market. Ensuring that their products are well promoted and marketed to the appropriate industry people are vital to their success.

Bailey Canada is one of Northern Abcor's longest-standing supplier. Based in Ohio, the company was founded 76 years ago and has offices in every major centre in the world. It is a leading manufacturer of field instruments such as pressure and temperature transmitters and plant processing systems.

According to Bailey Canada spokesman Julian Belotti, the company's products are applicable wherever there is a "process."

For example, a cookie factory would use Bailey's products whenever ingredients are measured or mixed and temperatures controlled. Bailey Canada's products are utilized by a variety of industries ranging from food and beverage to the primary resource sector of mining and forestry).

Northern Abcor became Bailey Canada's sole distributor for Northern Ontario in 1983.

According to Belotti, Northern Abcor went through "a very stringent process to be selected." He says there were plenty of candidates, but Northern Abcor was selected because its product base was limited, it was well-known within the industry and the company had a sound reputation.

Belotti describes Northern Abcor as an "ethical company that does a good job." He adds that Northern Abcor and Bailey Canada operate on similar working principles and ethics.

Belotti admits that the nine-year partnership has gone through some ups and downs. However, they are still together and he looks forward to a long association.

One of Northern Abcor's newer suppliers is Spirax Sarco, also an international supplier of industrial materials. It is based in the United Kingdom and has been in operation for more than 80 years.

After conducting an extensive review of Northern Abcor, Spirax Sarco signed what is considered today to be a milestone agreement whereby Northern Abcor is virtually the exclusive distributor for Northern Ontario.

According to Joe Favero, the Ontario sales manager for Spirax Sarco, other wholesalers have access to the company's products, but Northern Abcor has an "override" on all sales, creating an incentive for them to have products specified at the engineering level.

Why did Spirax Sarco decide to go with Northern Abcor?

As was the case with Bailey Canada, Spirax Sarco had a number of candidates to choose from, but Northern Abcor offered good area coverage and an excellent reputation.

In addition, Northern Abcor was able to increase its market share despite the recession.

Like Bailey Canada, Spirax Sarco's products can be found wherever there is a "process" involved. The company's products include steamtraps, strainers, temperature and pressure controls, condensate recovery, humidification, ancillary ball valves, check valves, pumps and separators.

A majority of Northern Abcor's suppliers are located in the manufacturing belts of Canada - southern Ontario, western British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec, as well as in the United States.

These include:

Elasto-Valve Rubber Products of Sudbury Flow Control Components of British Columbia Bailey Canada of Burlington, Ont. Spirax Sarco of Concord, Ont. Xebec Inc. of Laval, Que. Thermo Electric of Brampton, Ont. Wika Instruments Canada Ltd. of Edmonton, Albta. IMO Industries of Mississauga, Ont. Ascolectric Ltd. of Brantford, Ont. Greyline Instruments of Cornwall, Ont. Northern Liquid Solid Controls of Victoria, B.C. Bray Valve & Controls of Mississauga, Ont. Valmatic Controls Inc. of Mississauga, Ont. Nibco of Indianapolis, Indiana Cashco Canada Inc. of Oakville, Ont. Proquip Ltd. of Oakville, Ont. Robbins & Myers Canada Ltd. of Brantford, Ont. Toyo Pumps of Burnaby, B.C. Arthur S. Leitch of Midland, Ont. Stauff Corporation of Waldwick, N.J. Statiflo Inc. of Woodbridge, Ont.
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