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Supplier's service speeds production.

Keeping a precision grinding company like Samco Inc, Anaheim, CA, supplied with abrasives for its production requires a strong commitment to service.

Samco precision-grinds sheetmetal plate steel used in products such as elevator doors, metal countertops, and aerospace products.

Besides supplying precision-finished sheet and plate to end users, the company also finishes plate steel bought by distributors or end users who want it converted for their own purposes.

"With a distributor," says Samco president Robert Ferencik, "we'll get someone who buys the sheet from a mill at a certain gage cell, and has us grind it down to lower sizes. Or we'll get an aerospace end user, like NASA, that wants three sheets of 304-L and ends up buying a 5000lb lot on a minimum run. So now they're stuck with the overage, and we'll convert it to other sizes."

With such a diversity of customers, Samco has found that Carborundum Abrasives, Niagara Falls, NY, can provide the service-short turnaround times ranging from one-half day to one full day-to help keep production on track.

"Abrasives is both a price- and service-sensitive business, with service being more important to me," explains Mr Ferencik. Samco uses both lab results from Carborundum's applications engineering department, and its own experience to determine what type of belt to use on its Hill-Acme grinders for a particular alloy.

Belt backings and coatings that are used are determined by the kind of alloy being ground. Samco uses belts coated with zirconia, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and other new ceramic coatings. Belt backings are either polyester or waterproof cloth.

Carborundum's warehouse in southern California stocks finished belts, allowing overnight delivery. The belts are 12" to 52" wide by 126" long. The firm's local service can manufacture emergency orders in three working days if the item is not stocked. Carborundum also keeps track of the belts by providing a quarterly usage update, to add more convenience for Samco.

For more information from Carborundum Abrasives, Niagara Falls, NY, circle 371.
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Date:Dec 1, 1991
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