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Supplemental Instruction/VSI Annotated Bibliography. Revised.

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This extensive annotated bibliography lists sources related to Supplemental Instruction (SI) and Video-Based Supplemental Instruction (VSI). The SI model of academic assistance helps students in historically difficult classes master content while they develop and integrate learning and study strategies. SI was created at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 1973. It has been named an Exemplary Education Program by the U.S. Department of Education, and faculty and staff from more than 1,000 institutions in 13 countries have received training to implement SI. VSI differs from SI in several respects. Students in VSI enroll in the video section of the difficult course, VSI integrates much of what is best about developmental education directly into the core curriculum. (SLD)

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Author:Arendale, David R., Comp.
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Article Type:Bibliography
Date:Aug 8, 2003
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