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Supplement promotes U.T. Health.

AUSTIN, Texas -- Genesis Today is introducing Cranberry U.T. Complete, a new superfruit-based supplement designed to support urinary tract health.

Cranberry U.T. Complete features Cran D'Or cranberry extract combined with such botanicals as Ceylon cinnamon, d-mannose, uva ursi leaf, dandelion root and com silk powder, according to the company, which says the ingredients help the product achieve 135 mg of antioxidants from proanthocyanidins (PACs) per serving.

"The benefits of cranberry for urinary tract health have been widely touted, and Genesis Today takes this product up a notch with a leading PAC level," says Jeff Brucker, vice president of marketing at Genesis Today. "Consumers looking for urinary tract support can now get the benefit of cranberry plus a number of other botanicals that boost the PAC level to 135 mg per serving, giving Cranberry U.T. Complete the edge over others on the market."

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Date:Aug 29, 2016
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