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Superstar Beckham Gets Into Minor Car Mishap.

The Daily Mail UK reported that Superstar David Beckham had a minor car accident Friday.

Beckham was heading out of the garage in his Beverly Hills home when the car mishap occured. He was driving his black Range Rover Sport and accidentally hit a white Acura 4x4 driven by a woman when he pulled out of his driveway. His 14-year-old son Brooklyn was reportedly sitting at the front seat.

He instantly drove the car back inside his driveway. Then he came out to talk to the authorities. There was no harm reported on both parties. Fortunately, the accident was only a fender-bender, but the damages on both cars were noticeable.

"I heard this loud noise and I thought, it was certainly a car accident," a source said.

"We drove up to the road to find out what happened because it sounded so serious," he added. "When we got to the place where the accident happened, we found out that it was Beckham," he noted.

"The front fender was already on the ground, and it was pretty bad, it was making a scratching sound on the asphalt road," the source claimed.

The Daily Mail UK has the pictures of Beckham's fender-bender ( here .

The retired 38-year-old footballer bought the car in 2010 for less a hundred thousand dollars. This wouldn't be the first time that Beckham got into a car accident. In 2011, he got into a vehicular accident in Los Angeles. He was also with his son Brooklyn when it happened. Luckily, the two were left unharmed after the accident. They were both wearing seatbelts.

Accidents happen. No matter how defensive and careful a driver is. It was certainly a good thing that Beckham and Brooklyn were not seriously hurt.
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Date:Oct 27, 2013
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