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Supernatural Living.

Supernatural Living

Larry Kreider and Dennis De Grasse

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc.

P. O. Box 310, Shippensburg, PA 17257-0310

9780768428377 $16.99

Discover, Receive, Experience and Exhibit Your Supernatural Spiritual Gifts

"Supernatural Living" presents comprehensive biblical teaching and hands-on steps for life application. The book includes examples from the scriptures and from actual contemporary life stories of the miraculous healing, as well as miracles of salvation, God's provision, restoration, and renewal. Larry Kreider and Dennis De Grasse have worked together in this effort to compile a wide-ranging biblical study on the nine supernatural spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Kreider and De Grasse have categorized three general groups of spiritual gifts: motivation gifts, gifts of leadership, and supernatural gifts. They classify the three groups of the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit as discernment, demonstration, and declaration gifts.

Dennis and Larry speak of personal occurrences from their own life experiences that point up how we can respond to the prodding and whisper of the Holy Spirit allowing Him to impart His gifts to us. They encourage the reader to take a step beyond their personal safety zones to step out into a life of radical Christianity or supernatural living.

The last section of the book is of vital importance as it deals with the assimilating of these lessons into practice. The authors make it easy for the reader to understand the importance of waiting on God, listening for His Holy Spirit's instruction, relinquishing self to draw on His resources and to allow these guidelines for following the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The book is comprehensive, thoroughly researched and well documented. "Supernatural Living" is and important edition that should be included in the working library of every serious follower of Christ, every pastor, Bible teacher, and lay leader. Destined to become a classic on the teaching of the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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Date:Aug 1, 2009
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