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Supermarket solutions: point-of-sale technology.

A number of recent trends affecting the grocery industry can be addressed through the intelligent application of current point-of-sale (POS) technology, including:

* Time strapped consumers

* Competition for shopper loyalty

* Discount challenge

* Growing consumer interest in nutrition

* Internet shopping

IBM has a strong range of products to help retailers combat and take advantage of these trends in the grocery segment. One such solution, the IBM SurePOS Application Client/Server Environment (ACE) for 4690 Operating System (OS), provides the capabilities supermarket retailers need to improve throughput at checkout, increase profitability and maximize reliability.

The IBM SurePOS ACE for 4690 OS combines checkout support, electronic marketing, data maintenance, account management and more accounting processes. It is fast and versatile, performing sub-second price lookups and handling multiple tenders, including Women, Infant and Children (WIC) vouchers, Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) and checks. With Version 2, it now supports dual video displays, so you can run an easy-to-use, touch screen graphic user interface (GUI) for operators and a separate graphical display to keep shoppers engaged, promote special items or enable in-lane advertising through the new SureVision (SV) GUI feature.

In addition, IBM's family of POS terminals and peripherals round out the IBM POS solution offering, adding retail hardened devices to maximize checkout lane availability.

IBM and its partners join forces

IBM partners with a variety of POS companies and POS support providers who deliver solutions that, together with IBM's systems, enable supermarkets to tackle everyday issues. Within the following pages, you will read success stories about independent grocery stores and chains that have benefited from the technology that IBM and its business partners provide.

For example, the Mid-Atlantic region Whole Foods chain is using software from the SAM Group, along with a recent upgrade to advanced levels of IBM Supermarket and 4690, to stabilize its POS applications and all the peripherals that integrate with it.

Furthermore, you will find out about the Lake Region IGA, an independent grocer in Hawley, Pa., and how they accomplished an ideal balance of functionality and support through their use of IBM's ACE and SurePOS 730 systems, coupled with STCR's help desk support. The combination has enabled Lake Region IGA to begin a preferred test program to market directly to the store's local community and offer bonuses to frequent shoppers.

These accomplishments and others will illustrate the technologies your peers have employed and how their operations have benefited. IBM's family of POS software, terminals and peripherals, combined with its partners' added value solutions and support, provide a well-rounded offering that maximizes POS functionality for supermarket industry customers and streamlines the shopping experience for the consumer.

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