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Superconducting entering nonwovens field? New company is making a charge.

Superconducting Entering Nonwovens Field? New Company Is Making A Charge

Superconductivity, which is being hailed as a vital technology of the future in everything from maglev trains to energy conservation, may shortly find a more down-to-earth use in the nonwovens and fibers industry. Lee Carlson, editor of SUPERCONDUCTOR INDUSTRY, a sister publication of NONWOVENS INDUSTRY, reports in a recent issue that Superconductivity, Inc., a small start-up firm in Madison, WI, has begun marketing a well-received new product that allows production lines to continue operating during short term voltage sags and power failures. In many parts of the country these power interruptions are severe enough and frequent enough to cause the shutdown of papermaking, roll goods manufacturing or fiber production lines.

Called a Superconducting Storage Device (SSD), the system stores electricity in a large superconducting coil and discharges it when it senses a drop in voltage coming from the outside service, not matter what the cause of the disruption. The entire apparatus is self-contained in a trailer and can be easily set up in one or two days. One unit rated at 750 KVA and costing approximately $700,000 has been sold to Georgia Pacific for use at a paper plant in Bellingham, WA. That unit was actually installed on a trial basis, but reportedly worked so well that Georgia Pacific purchased the prototype device.
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Date:Dec 1, 1991
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