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Supercomputing 2006 Exhibitor Profiles.

TAMPA, Fla. -- Supercomputing 2006 takes place November 11 - 17 at the Tampa Convention Center in Florida. For in-depth information about the conference, visit

Below are profiles from Supercomputing 2006 exhibitors. Business Wire is the official news wire service for Supercomputing 2006. Breaking news releases and photos are available at, Business Wire's trade show, conference, and event news resource.

Company: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Booth/Stand: 1413

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: AMD

Media Contact: Steve Oakes

Investor Relations Contact: Mike Haase and Ruth Cotter

Phone: 512-602-6228



Founded in 1969 and based in Sunnyvale, California, AMD is a leading global provider of innovative, power-efficient silicon-based solutions worldwide. AMD infuses virtualization technology and low-power DDR2 memory in its Next-Generation AMD Opteron processors and is committed to helping customers take advantage of the phenomenal potential in processor capabilities and helping differentiate their offerings through its open standards-based Torrenza program. We don't ask our customers to build their products around our chips, we build our chips around their business. More simply, AMD's customer-centric approach focuses on providing solutions for customer needs and is the foundation of everything done at AMD.

Company: AIST

Booth/Stand: Booth 325

Media Contact: Yuko Oshima

Phone: 81-29-862-6600


The Grid Technology Research Center (GTRC) of AIST is a research center fully engaged in emerging grid technologies in Japan. GTRC/AIST demonstrates our latest research results including: programming middleware, Ninf-G, based on Grid RPCs; various e-Science applications; Grid MPI for the global grid environment; the Gfarm; the service based database integration system, Database Grid; a new business framework for utility computing services, Grid ASP and AIST-SOA; a 10GbE network testbed, GtrcNET; and a global resource management system for a lambda network and grid resources, G-lambda. You will find every single layer of Grid technology here at the GTRC booth.

Company: AMAX Information Technologies

Booth/Stand: 1602

Media Contact: James Huang

Phone: (510) 497-8809



AMAX is an ISO-9001:2000 certified nationwide custom computer manufacturing company. We are also among VarBusiness' 500 largest solution providers, and one of the top CRN 50 Leading System Builders. We deliver solutions to corporate, government, and education customers, plus OEMs in semi-conductor equipment, telecommunications, appliance, entertainment, medical, printing, bio-chemical, banking, and computer industries. Our solutions include high performance clusters, servers, and storage subsystems.

AMAX provides total manufacturing solutions -- from design prototyping to full-volume, build-to-stock / build-to-order system manufacturing, complete logistics management, customer-supplied software loading & reconfiguration, custom packaging, labels & testing, domestic & international drop-shipping, technical and RMA support.

Company: Appro

Booth/Stand: 1634

Media Contact: Maria Mclaughlin

Phone: 408.941.8100



Appro's headquarters is in Milpitas, CA. Appro has an R&D and manufacturing center in Asia and a sales and service office in Houston, Texas. APPRO enables a variety of network computing applications by developing powerful, scalable, and reliable clusters, servers, storage subsystems and high-end workstations for the high-performance computing (HPC), Internet computing and cluster market.

Company: Argonne National Laboratory

Booth/Stand: 1925

Media Contact: Eleanor Taylor

Phone: 630-252-5565



The mission of Argonne National Laboratory's Computing and Life Sciences directorate is to enable groundbreaking scientific and technical accomplishments. The focus is on two areas of critical importance in the 21st century: computing sciences and computational biology. Argonne researchers are developing state-of-the-art technologies that will advance large-scale computing. The Argonne exhibit showcases work in parallel programming tools; distributed Grid technology; numerical software, scalable superclusters; advanced visualization environments; and associated large-scale scientific applications in bioinformatics, hydrodynamics, biofuels, and astrophysics. Emphasizing collaboration, Argonne works with leading scientists and researchers worldwide, creating scientific excellence for a brighter future.

Company: AURORA Vienna

Booth/Stand: 2241

Media Contact: Prof. Dr. Peter Brezany

Phone: +43 1 4277 39425



AURORA is an interdisciplinary Priority Research Program of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) conducted at the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology. It is based upon a highly synergetic collaboration of projects which span a broad range of disciplines and are united by the goal of pushing the state-of-the-art in the field of software for High Performance Computing and Grid Computing. The projects in AURORA can be classified into two main categories: (1) languages, compilers, runtime systems, and software tools; and (2) algorithms and applications.

Company: AVETeC

Booth/Stand: 1847

Media Contact: Melanie Wilt, 937-322-5000 ext. 2042

Investor Relations Contact: Bob Richards

Phone: 937-322-5000 ext. 2035



The Advanced Virtual Engine Test Cell, Inc., (AVETeC) is a not-for-profit public benefit research organization, which aims to facilitate a dramatic reduction in the cost and time it takes to design, develop and test new turbine engines for commercial and military applications. Working together with industry, the Air Force, NASA, and academia, AVETeC is developing a world-class modeling and simulation capability to allow engineers to design, test and modify engines in a virtual setting, perfecting designs to the greatest extent possible before producing an actual prototype, resulting in a faster time-to-solution for drastically reduced cost.

Company: Biomedical Informatics Dept., OSU

Booth/Stand: 1059

Media Contact: Kristin Sanderson

Phone: 614-292-4887



The Department of Biomedical Informatics (BMI) at The Ohio State University Medical Center is a graduate department and research unit. We apply distributed and parallel computing techniques to data retrieval and integration, imaging, simulation, medical informatics, and computational biology, and we develop middleware and optimizations to enable Grid computing in the biological, medical, and physical sciences. BMI's systems software and data management lab specializes in applying advanced computer science methodology to biomedical software development. Our research plays a central role in the development of core biomedical informatics middleware and has resulted in new techniques and middleware development since the early 1990s.

Company: Bull

Booth/Stand: 1651

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: Bull - Paris and Frankfurt

Media Contact: Peter Stavropulos

Investor Relations Contact: Peter Campbell

Phone: 978-294-5654



Bull, Architect of an Open World, designs and develops servers and software for open environments and offers a wide range of services from system integration consulting to outsourcing. Bull helps enterprises optimize their IT systems, infrastructures and applications to achieve improved efficiencies while reducing operating costs. In HPC, Bull has designed Tera 10 -- Ranked the No. 1 Supercomputer in Europe and Number Five Worldwide.

Bull has a strong presence in the public sector, banking, finance, telecommunication and manufacturing sectors, with a distribution network that spreads to over 100 countries world-wide.

Company: Cluster File Systems, Inc.

Booth/Stand: 1850

Media Contact: Mike McClain

Phone: 1-415-515-7961



Cluster File Systems, Inc. (CFS), develops and supports the Lustre[R] File System, a highly scalable, parallel file system for Linux. Lustre is open source software, distributed under the General Public License (GPL) that has permeated the Linux supercomputing community. Lustre powers many of the world's largest high-performance computers, surpassing the scalability limits of its competition and easily serving clusters with thousands of nodes and hundreds of terabytes of data. It also delivers exceptional parallel I/O and metadata throughput. CFS is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, with operations in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.

Company: Cluster Resources, Inc.

Booth/Stand: 739

Media Contact: Amber Webb

Phone: (801) 717-3700



Cluster Resources, Inc.[TM] is a leading provider of workload and resource management software and services for cluster, grid and utility-based computing environments. As the developers of the popular Maui Scheduler and the next generation Moab Cluster Suite[R], Moab Grid Suite[R], and other associated products, Cluster Resources has come to be recognized as a leader in innovation and return on investment. With well over 2,500 clients worldwide, and over a decade of industry experience, Cluster Resources delivers the software products and services that enable an organization to understand, control, and fully optimize their compute resources.

Company: Computational Engineering International

Booth/Stand: 500

Media Contact: Amanda Baley

Investor Relations Contact: Kristine Bourgeois

Phone: 919-363-0883



Computational Engineering International (CEI) develops cutting-edge visualization, meshing and animation software. With CEI's high-end software products, you can expand your simulation process to new extremes. CEI's EnSight visualization software is used to see results that might normally remain in the dark, Harpoon extreme mesher to extend their analysis into new territories, and EnLiten and Reveal, EnVideo and EnVe to share the power of visualization throughout the enterprise. CEI is headquartered in Apex, NC, USA with international sales locations across the world. More information on CEI is available at

Company: Computing in Science & Engineering

Booth/Stand: L6

Media Contact: Jeff Bebee

Phone: 301-209-3005



Computing in Science & Engineering (CiSE) is a bimonthly magazine that enables scientists and engineers to apply high-end software to their research. The magazine bridges the communications gap between researchers and IT professionals. The magazine is peer-reviewed. It provides scientists with programming benchmarks, so that programs written today can be understood and used in future programs. Subscriptions are $45/year for members of the IEEE Computer Society and for members of the 10 physics societies in the American Institute of Physics. Stop by for free back issues, archival CDs, and free pens!

Company: Cornell Theory Center

Booth/Stand: 204

Media Contact: Laura Cima

Phone: 607.254.8757



The Cornell Theory Center (CTC) is Cornell's high-performance computing and interdisciplinary research center located on the Cornell University campus. CTC is focused on providing cyberinfrastructure resources for research and education; these resources include high-performance and data-intensive computing hardware and expertise, visualization, and K-12 outreach. Scientific and engineering projects supported by CTC represent a wide variety of disciplines, including bioinformatics, behavioral and social sciences, computer science, engineering, geosciences, mathematics, physical sciences, and business.

Established in 1984, CTC is widely recognized for pioneering the use of industry-standard hardware and software to create a productive, large-scale, cluster computing environment. CTC's platform expertise includes AIX, Linux, MAC OS X, Windows Server 2003, Windows Compute Cluster Server 2

Company: Cray Inc.

Booth/Stand: 1515

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NASDAQ GM: CRAY

Media Contact: Christy Adkinson

Investor Relations Contact: Vic Chynoweth

Phone: 206-701-2000



As a global leader in supercomputing, Cray provides highly advanced supercomputing systems and world-class services and support to government, industry and academia. Cray technology enables scientists and engineers to achieve remarkable breakthroughs by accelerating performance, improving efficiency and extending the capabilities of their most demanding applications. Cray's Adaptive Supercomputing vision will result in innovative next-generation products that integrate diverse processing technologies into a unified architecture, allowing customers to surpass today's limitations and meeting the market's continued demand for realized performance. Go to for more information.

Company: Crosswalk

Booth/Stand: 247

Media Contact: Jennifer Hadden

Phone: 303-634-2633



Crosswalk[R] delivers an innovative storage architecture that integrates the simplicity of network-attached storage with the performance advantages of parallel file systems to create the first storage grid that can support both high performance computing and enterprise datacenter environments. The iGrid[TM] Intelligent Storage Grid System provides a single shared view of storage, thereby eliminating the complexity associated with managing traditional storage architectures. Performance, access to data and storage capacity can scale in a non-disruptive fashion regardless of the number of applications, servers or storage devices it supports. For more information visit

Company: EGEE - Enabling Grids for E-sciencE

Booth/Stand: 948

Media Contact: Hannelore Hammerle

Phone: +41 22 767 4176



EGEE brings together scientists and engineers from more than 90 institutions in over 30 countries world-wide to provide a seamless Grid infrastructure that is available for scientists 24 hours-a-day. Conceived as a four-year project, the second two-year phase started on 1 April 2006, and is co-funded by the European Commission. Expanding from originally two scientific fields, high energy physics and life sciences, EGEE now integrates applications from scientific fields ranging from geology to computational chemistry. The EGEE production service is constantly growing, currently combining more than 20 000 CPUs and 10PB of storage in more than 200 sites worldwide.

Company: eXludus Technologies Inc.

Booth/Stand: 227

Media Contact: Stephen Perrenod

Investor Relations Contact: Benoit Marchand

Phone: 408-725-7571



eXludus is quickly gaining recognition as the leader in parallel file serving technology for increased efficiency and outstanding ROI of clusters and Grids. Across a range of cluster applications, customers are seeing 48% to over 300% performance enhancement through elimination of I/O wait time and system overhead. Our solution requires no modification to customers' file serving, networking or cluster infrastructures, nor to their applications. It integrates with existing workload managers such as Altair's PBS Pro and Sun's N1 Grid Engine, and can be run in addition to NFS, Panasas, Lustre, Ibrix, or GPFS for even better performance.

Company: Gelato Federation

Booth/Stand: 848

Media Contact: Nan Holda

Phone: 217-265-0947


Web: &

The Gelato Federation is the global technical community dedicated to advancing Linux[R] on the Intel[R] Itanium[R] architecture through collaboration, education, and leadership. Co-founded by HP and seven of the world's leading research institutions, Gelato is working to fulfill this mission by bringing together those developing and using Linux on Itanium to foster Itanium-specific research, focus groups, and collaborative discussions. An open exchange of ideas and solutions is nurtured through the Gelato portal, several interest-specific mailing lists, and regular meetings and conferences. Join us for Gelato ICE: Itanium[R] Conference & Expo on April 15-18, 2007, in San Jose, California.

Company: HECMS

Booth/Stand: 1141

Media Contact: Tim Little

Phone: 866-HPC-2HPC



HECMS works with large and small companies seeking current Market Intelligence for the High Performance Computing Industry. HECMS is able to provide organizations with the latest Market Intelligence by attending tradeshows and collecting data over the duration of the show. In this manner, tens to hundreds of survey responses can be collected in a matter of days - not weeks or months, meaning our data is fresh. Most organizations regularly attend tradeshows but they overlook the gathering and publishing of the Market Intelligence contained within the audience. With HECMS, companies now have a resource they can depend on to gather information and publish fresh Market Intelligence reports.

Company: HighPoint Technologies, Inc.

Booth/Stand: 1042

Phone: 408-942-5800



HighPoint Technologies, providing enterprise level SATA RAID controllers will showcase their newest product called RocketRAID 3220 with support for RAID 6, native Linux support and has an embedded Intel 331 IOP with 128MB of ECC SDRAM. HighPoint will also showcase their entire SATA II product line of enterprise level RAID host adapters. All HighPoint SATA RAID controllers meet the SATA spec 2.5 and offer features such the RAID management utilities for the supported operating systems. HighPoint is also the first SATA RAID controller manufacturer to offer support for Apple Mac OS X platform. HighPoint multi-channel SATA RAID solutions help maximize technology investments with highly available and easily manageable storage solutions for mission-critical storage, server, and application resources.

Company: HLRS Stuttgart

Booth/Stand: 239

Media Contact: Rainer Klank,

Investor Relations Contact: Prof. Michael Resch,

Phone: +49 711 685 87200



The High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) is a federal HPC Center in Germany. Working together with industry, such as T-Systems and Porsche, HLRS has also formed a company to provide access to supercomputers for research and industry, such as a 72 node NEC SX-8 and several Linux Clusters.

At SC2006, HLRS will demonstrate Visualization, High Performance and Grid Computing, show-casing tools developed at HLRS, such as Covise, PACX-MPI & Open MPI, MARMOT and the TeraFlop-Workbench. Examples from industry will include the automotive and aerospace sectors. Scientific research is demonstrated in medicine, biology, chemistry and physics. More information can be found at

Company: Intel Corporation

Booth/Stand: 1523

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: INTC

Media Contact: William Giles

Phone: (919) 678-2858


Web: WWW.Intel.Com

Intel's leadership across a full range of server technologies is continually pushing the limits of performance, affordability and choice for high-performance computing (HPC). Intel is driving innovation at all levels, from processors, chipsets and developer tools to services, support and training. HPC solutions from Intel deliver superior performance and capability with lower energy consumption, reduced costs and improved density for every server in your infrastructure. Intel, the world leader in silicon innovation, develops technologies, products and initiatives to continually advance how people work and live. Additional information about Intel is available at

Company: Krell Institute

Booth/Stand: 450

Media Contact: Kelly Woerdehoff

Phone: 515-956-3696



Since 1997, the Krell Institute has partnered with federal agencies and industry on computational science and high performance computing issues. This includes work force development, communication, education and software development programs.

Krell develops and hosts technical meetings; manages three graduate student fellowship programs; communicates science via publication development; and advances science and technology in the scientific community.

Krell's booth at SC2006 features research by Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellows; a technology program to raise the computational literacy of the nation's students; and Open|SpeedShop - an open source multi-platform performance tool designed for the nation's largest computing architectures.

Company: Level 3 Communications

Booth/Stand: 847

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: LVLT- NASD

Media Contact: Jen Daumler (720-888-3356)

Investor Relations Contact: Valerie Finberg (720-888-2501)

Phone: 720-888-1000


Level 3 is an international communications company. The company operates one of the largest Internet backbones in the world and through its customers, is the primary provider of Internet connectivity for millions of broadband subscribers.

Company: Linux Networx, Inc.

Booth/Stand: Booth 617

Media Contact: Nick Ludlum

Phone: 202-898-2000



For over a decade Linux Networx has delivered Linux Supercomputers that drive new levels of Total Application Throughput. The company's offerings power value in application-tuned price/performance and utilization, system reliability, uptime and Total Cost of Operations.

The company has delivered over 500 supercomputing systems to more than 200 customers around the world. In 2005, the company achieved record growth in orders. Our global customer base includes Boeing, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Audi, Caterpillar, John Deere, Total, Schlumberger, Shell Oil, Los Alamos National Laboratory and more. In 2005 the company won HPCWire Awards for Most Innovative Technology and Best Price/Performance.

Company: Liquid Computing Incorporated

Booth/Stand: 1443

Media Contact: Natalie Sauve

Phone: 613-236-0909 (32)



Liquid Computing Inc., is first to deliver a new class of computer system called LiquidIQ to meet the needs of scalable computing users within Enterprise High Performance Computing and Software as a Service markets. LiquidIQ is the world's first Interconnect Driven Server that delivers a set of managed computing and communications resources. It can be configured with software commands into one or several cluster configurations, shared memory or cache coherent server regions at best life-cycle economics and uncompromising performance, scalability and availability. For more information visit

Company: Microsoft Corp

Booth/Stand: 305

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: Nasdaq: MSFT

Media Contact: Patrick O'Rourke



Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. Technical computing is crucial to the many discoveries that impact our quality of life Co from making safer, more efficient cars and airplanes to addressing global health issues and environmental changes. Microsoft is working with the computing industry to facilitate the next wave of discovery and deliver software that allows scientists and engineers to leverage existing skill sets, increase productivity and focus on science and not IT. Windows Compute Cluster Server combines supercomputing scalability and performance along with ease of use through integration with existing Windows infrastructure and interoperability with existing HPC cluster resources.

Company: MRV Communications, Inc.

Booth/Stand: 212

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: MRVC

Media Contact: David Roderwald

Investor Relations Contact: The Blueshirt Group

Phone: 415.217.7722



MRV provides one of the broadest ranges of Metro Ethernet solutions for Ethernet Service demarcation, aggregation, and IP/MPLS/VPLS service creation. Such a comprehensive portfolio offers the best breed of choices to any FTTX carrier network and delivers true versatility and a standards-based solution, meeting the most demanding network scenarios while offering a virtually unlimited range of network topologies from which to choose.

The MRV Metro Ethernet solution offers a complete broadband FTTX (premises, neighborhood, curb, and business) access and aggregation network with compliance to Metro Ethernet and LAN Ethernet in the first and last mile workflow, respectively.

Company: National Center for Data Mining at UIC

Booth/Stand: 1428

Media Contact: Shirley Connelly

Phone: 312-413-2176



The National Center for Data Mining (NCDM) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) was established in 1998 to serve as a resource for research, standards development, and outreach for high performance and distributed data mining and predictive modeling.

The NCDM is a co-founding member of the Data Mining Group (DMG), which develops the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) and related standards; runs two data mining testbeds (the Teraflow Testbeds I & II), and has an active outreach program.

The Teraflow Testbed is the first international network transporting Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data (SDSS) over a high performance network to astronomers around the world.

The NCDM is supported, in part, by the National Science Foundation and the University of Illinois at Chicago, as well as by other funding agencies and industrial partners.

Company: NetEffect, Inc

Booth/Stand: 1447

Media Contact: Greg Wise

Phone: 512.794.4716



NetEffect is a network connectivity solutions company providing next generation, multi-gigabit iWARP Ethernet products that deliver high throughput for networking, fast access for storage, and low latency for clustering. NetEffect solutions can concurrently support legacy Ethernet infrastructures and the new generation of storage and clustering applications, at 10Gbps speeds.

The NE010 is a low-latency, high-performance 10Gb iWARP Ethernet channel adapter. NetEffect's, NE010 is the first adapter to fully implement the iWARP extensions to Ethernet. The NE010 can simultaneously support networking, storage, and clustering traffic on a unified Ethernet network without compromising performance.

Company: Network Equipment Technologies

Booth/Stand: 308

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NYSE: NWK

Media Contact: Leigh Salvo

Phone: 510-232-8522



Network Equipment Technologies (NET) is a global provider of industry leading multi-service network and voice exchange platforms. The Company's advanced "Any Service over Any Network" architecture enables the delivery of data, voice and video services across diverse transport networks from data centers to tactical installations. A pioneer of the networking industry, NET has been providing network exchange solutions for more than 20 years to a prestigious installed base that includes companies such as Microsoft, Reuters, the U.S. Navy, the Marines, NATO, and General Dynamics. Based on a history of successfully building and supporting government and enterprise networks, NET today is leveraging its expertise and technology portfolio to address the needs emerging in these markets for advanced communications networks.

Company: NICE S.R.L.

Booth/Stand: 1411

Media Contact: Silvia Dallosta

Investor Relations Contact: Giuseppe Ugolotti

Phone: +39 0141 901516



NICE develops the industry-leading EnginFrame grid portal, delivering user-friendly, highly customizable access to grid-enabled applications and infrastructures, without sacrificing flexibility and control for the most advanced computing scenarios. NICE has engineered key usability features in the Grid Portal, to facilitate Grid usage and acceptance in different markets (Industrial Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Oil&Gas, Electronics, Research, etc.). Pre-packages application integrations are available for leading computing codes and ISV.

The EnginFrame Grid portal allows organizations to provide application-oriented computing and data services to end users (via Web browser, WebServices clients or Portlet containers), hiding all the complexity of the underlying grid infrastructure. In the Research/Educational market, the EnginFrame product is widely used as foundation technology for GENIUS

Company: NNSA ASC

Booth/Stand: 1217

Media Contact: Dave Modl

Phone: 505-695-9571


DOE's National Nuclear Security Agency, Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) program is proud to have the world's fastest supercomputer, BlueGene/L and recently announced that it will build Roadrunner, a petaflop-speed computer, in partnership with IBM. This makes ASC a world leader in supercomputing. Visit Booth 1217 to meet leading computer scientists, participate in the booth's 3D stereo demos, join in small-group demonstrations, and hear presentations of great interest to the supercomputing community. ASC research is possible because of the state-of-the-art supercomputers at the National Laboratories. We extend a special invitation to students seeking career opportunities or summer employment.

Company: OpenFPGA, Inc.

Booth/Stand: L8

Media Contact: Eric Stahlberg

Phone: 937/322-0959



Defining Reconfigurable Supercomputing. OpenFPGA Inc. is a non-profit organization established in 2006 to accelerate the adoption and incorporation of FPGA and reconfigurable computing technology in high-performance and enterprise computing applications. A member organization, OpenFPGA open to all individuals interested in shaping the future of reconfigurable computing. Supported by sponsors and membership fees, OpenFPGA has established working groups across the globe spanning academic, government and commercial sectors, focusing on the development of industry wide standards and best practices for improved portability and interoperability in reconfigurable computing.

Company: Prometeus GmbH

Booth/Stand: 930

Media Contact: Christiane Edelmann-Mohr

Phone: +49-6203-9562415



The International Supercomputing Conference is the most important and biggest Supercomputing Conference and Exhibition in Europe. Since its beginning in 1986, ISC has provided a unique platform for connecting the HPC community on a global scale.

The ISC`07 program includes a three-day conference paralleled by a huge exhibition. Various industrial events (Automotive Afternoon, Hot Seat Session, Exhibitor Forum) and scientific sessions (BoF Sessions, Research Poster Session, Scientific Day) and the publication of the 29th Top500 list complement the conference program. The world's leading Supercomputing companies will be featuring high performance computing, networking and storage technologies. ISC07 takes place in Dresden, Germany, June 26-29, 2007.

Company: RAID Inc.

Booth/Stand: 904

Media Contact: Wendy Hamel

Investor Relations Contact: Robert Picardi

Phone: 978-683-6444



Headquartered in Lawrence, MA, RAID Incorporated is a managed storage services provider (MSSP) and designs customized storage systems and solutions. RAID Incorporated's flagship service StorageWatch[R] is the industry's only real-time monitoring and managed storage service which reduces customers total cost of ownership by reducing operational costs associated with maintaining and administering storage systems while increasing data availability. Since 1994, RAID has been devoted to researching and developing leading edge technologies while providing twenty-four hour support services to become one of the industry leaders. RAID specializes in solving compute, application, and disaster recovery needs with a unique platform combining hardware, software, and services.

Company: Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI)

Booth/Stand: 1143

Media Contact: Karen Green

Phone: 919-619-8213 (cell)



RENCI was founded in 2004 as a major collaborative venture of Duke University, North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the state of North Carolina.

RENCI was created to bring together multidisciplinary teams to address complex in science, economic development, education, medicine and public health. The institute brings together computer scientists, applications specialists, discipline scientists, visualization experts, engineers, humanists, social scientists, artists, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, state leaders and educators for collaborations designed to reshape science, the economy, and everyday life. RENCI leverages its expertise and resources in leading edge computing, networking and data technologies to ignite innovation and find solutions to previously intractable problems.

Company: Rittal Corporation

Booth/Stand: 929

Media Contact: Tim McMurdo

Phone: 1-800-477-4000



In today's ever evolving IT industry, Rittal Corporation provides flexible and scalable solutions for your current and future data center demands - from enclosures, cable management, and power to cooling, monitoring and security. A globally recognized leader in enclosure solutions, Rittal is dedicated toward sharing their expertise about the industry's latest best practices and trends. Don't forget to visit Rittal's booth to learn more about their most recent work with high-density cooling and scalable data center solutions.

Let Rittal help protect your most critical environments. For more information, log on to

Company: San Diego Supercomputer Center

Booth/Stand: 1915

Media Contact: Susan Rathbun

Phone: (858) 534-8314



The theme of the San Diego Supercomputer Center's 2006 exhibit is: Data to Discovery. The exhibit will highlight SDSC's role in building a national cyberinfrastructure and the Center's international leadership in providing a scalable environment for data-oriented community efforts. Special in-booth sessions will focus on Observing Systems such as NEON; Petascale Science with examples of scaling applications beyond 10K processors; CI Partnerships such as TeraGrid, GEON, and Cipres; and SDSC's Data to Discovery Leadership with presentations from SDSC's director Fran Berman as well as leaders of SDSC's new data allocations program, data infrastructure, and data software programs. See for full agenda.

Company: Scientific Computing

Booth/Stand: 1600

Media Contact: Matt Lally, Director E-services

Investor Relations Contact: Matt Lally, Director E-services

Phone: 973-920-7132



Scientific Computing invites you to attend the HPC Webcast Series and On-demand Conference.

Scientific Computing's High Performance Computing webcast series and includes six webcasts covering:

* Computer-aided design

* Knowledge management software

* Large scale-up Linux SMP systems

* Trends and technologies in server virtualization

* Multi-core technologies

* Power and thermal management solutions for industry- standard servers

To learn more about these webcasts go to:

And expert lectures and case study panel discussions focusing on:

* The Confluence of Traditional Scientific Disciplines with Heterogeneous Computing

* Data-Driven Science and Cyberinfrastructure

* DC Powering Your Data Center

* High Performance Computing Applications

* High Performance Grid Computing: Case Studies and Applications

* Assessing Cluster Performance

To learn more go to:

Company: SICORP, Inc.

Booth/Stand: 828

Media Contact: Kevin Bovee

Phone: 505.878.9902



SICORP, Inc. provides and supports innovative solutions for high-performance and technical computing and high-availability data centers. Through collaboration with our technology partners, SICORP offers specialized products and consulting services for high-performance parallel file systems, scalable network storage, clustered computing, storage area networks, network attached storage, automated backup and recovery and business continuance planning.

Company: Starbridge Systems

Booth/Stand: 926

Media Contact: Kent Gilson, CEO

Phone: 801-984-4444



Starbridge Systems[R] creates high-performance hardware and development tools for grand challenge computing in life sciences, geophysics, aerospace, signal processing, scientific R&D and other fields of endeavor. Starbridge's powerful tools--Hypercomputers and the Viva development environment and programming language--transform field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) into general-purpose computing systems with unprecedented power and flexibility. Starbridge Hypercomputers provide significant advantages over alternative solutions in speed, flexibility, versatility and efficiency of size, weight and electrical power consumption. The Viva operating environment exploits the inherent advantages of reprogrammable FPGAs, enabling developers to intuitively and efficiently convert and implement their ideas into optimized circuits.

Company: Tech-X Corporation

Booth/Stand: 1149

Media Contact: Ed Kase

Phone: 303-444-2416



At Tech-X Corporation, we address specific research areas in science and engineering, resulting in advanced technology offerings and commercial products that provide a greater understanding of physical processes. Our expertise uniquely combines simulation and modeling, Grid-based and CORBA middleware, and high performance computing to solve the most challenging scientific problems. Drawing on our expertise developed in high energy physics research, Tech-X also offers solutions in materials processing applications such as semiconductor manufacturing and plasma-based deposition processes.

Company: Western Scientific

Booth/Stand: 434

Media Contact: Rebecca Papin, Marketing Assistant

Phone: (858) 565-6699


Web: www.westernscientific.con

Western Scientific is a global provider of HPC solutions, data storage systems, servers and workstations.

Since 1978, we have consistently brought to market an extensive line of application tuned solutions driven by the latest technology with optimal price/performance in mind. Your application is unique, shouldn't your system be? Western Scientific addresses the requirements of the application to achieve maximum performance and efficiency. Contact us for the next step to your first accelerated answer.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 10, 2006
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