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SuperWave reality.

Here I present the elegant reality that is the natural universe. All existence is waves--only waves. This new understanding of waves--what I call SuperWaves--is the single universality that generates the natural universe of motion, order and matter, space, and time. SuperWaves is not a theoretical model or mathematical law about nature, nor is it a hidden reality within nature; it is the simple reality that is nature. (1-4)

1. Motion is SuperWaves

All motions and changes are only waves. To create complex features in an existence that is comprised only of waves, waves must wave. Waves do not move in straight lines; rather, they move only within waves and contain waves, as a continuum of wave motion in wave motion. Constant uniform motion cannot exist. Waves, which are motion on one scale, are in motion, moving up and down on another scale. This is a continuum of nested scales within scales, unbroken fractals within fractals.

2. SuperWaving Motion is Order

The order of nature exists because of the unbroken fractal order of SuperWaves. Toward the peak of the carrier wave, spiraling waves are accelerating and are concentrated. The peak contains the highest super waving frequencies and amplitudes of inner waves, whose stability is maintained at a maximum by the peak of the carrier wave. The reverse occurs toward the trough of the carrier wave: the frequencies and amplitudes of the inner waves decrease; they spread out and disperse as change and become unstable. As SuperWaves are intrinsically self-similar, we can now understand why nature is fractal in form, at all scales.

3. The Order of Superwaving Motion is Matter, Space and Time

The compression of waves in the peaks of SuperWaves exhibit stability, which manifests as matter. At the smallest scale, matter is the compressed wave packet, termed a particle. At higher scales, the compression of clusters creates the stability that is an atom, a molecule, an organism, an ecosystem, etc. to the whole universe itself. At each scale, SuperWaves organize and bring relative coherence to the inner waves, in seamless fractally nested jumps--this is relative order. Conversely, the gaps between particles that we perceive as space are regions of SuperWave dispersion--this is relative disorder. Matter and space on all scales are therefore different manifestations of the same SuperWave continuum.

SuperWaves gives a new understanding of how organization in nature. The process of waves waving within waves, moving toward the peak in continuous scalar jumps, is what science calls emergence and evolution of organizational order. The process of dispersal and flattening of SuperWaves, also occurring as inherent continuous jumps, manifests as Cartesian order and what science calls thermodynamic entropy.

4. Conclusion

The universe is ultimately not a material universe, but a motion universe, where matter is a consequence of wave motion. How the universe works is of what the universe is made. What remains is a new recognition of all accumulated and future knowledge in light of SuperWaves.

Irving I. Dardik

Superwave Institute

88 East Main Street, PMB 600

Mendham, NJ 07945

Note: This letter is based on the author's presentation to the 11th International Conference on Cold Fusion held in Marseilles, France, November 2004.


(1.) Dardik, I. (1989). "Superesonant wavenergy theory." Monograph, 1-21.

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Author:Dardik, Irving I.
Publication:Frontier Perspectives
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Date:Sep 22, 2005
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