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SuperSpeed's Performance Enhancing 'Digital Disk' Software Beats All Enterprise Computing Hardware Solutions in Speed Tests, According to Newest Book in Microsoft Technologies Series.

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SUDBURY, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 21, 2001

In lab tests for Tuning and Sizing Windows 2000 for Maximum

Performance, SuperSpeed 2000 performance results proclaimed



--SuperSpeed offers applications accelerating software solutions

--Tuning and Sizing Windows 2000 For Maximum Performance is the latest in the Microsoft Technologies Series by industry expert Curt Aubley, MCSE.

--In controlled lab tests, SuperSpeed Software, Inc.'s SuperSpeed 2000 proves users can enhance system speeds up to eightfold in random read and over sevenfold in write-intensive environments.

--SuperSpeed Software, Inc. award-winning speed enhancement software for the Windows 2000 operating system is available for Server, Advanced Server and DataCenter systems.

SuperSpeed Software, Inc.'s SuperSpeed 2000 software is featured in the "Thinking Outside of the Box" section (beginning on page 387) of the 2nd edition of Tuning and Sizing Windows 2000 for Maximum Performance by Curt Aubley, MCSE. The book is part of the Microsoft Technologies Series of technology support books published by Prentice Hall.

"SuperSpeed 2000 is easy to use and implement. Also, it is one of the best solutions to improve overall system performance with disk intensive workloads. In addition, SuperSpeed creatively uses their disk caching technology to improve data reliability using write through and lazy write implementations," remarks Aubley. "Today, RAM prices are relatively inexpensive and with the availability of new server hardware and the newest Microsoft operating system architectures, servers have the capability of implementing very large RAM configurations. Today's smart companies should take advantage of it!"

SuperSpeed's products are employed by several thousand of the world's top IT departments to dramatically improve the performance (by up to 800%) of Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 enterprise computing applications. By eliminating disk I/O bottlenecks, SuperSpeed's software enables systems to run at host-based memory speeds, operating considerably faster than disk-access speeds.

SuperSpeed 2000 Proves It Can Dramatically Improve System Performance

The stringent lab tests performed in preparation for the book used the Neal Nelson Business Benchmark for Windows 2000. Tests 18, 19, and 26 were selected and executed at a copy level 16 workload to simulate "real world" environments. It is important to note that at a copy level 16, this test simulates 320 active users using a combined average file size of 400 MB. Aubley and his staff performed the tests to rather astounding results.

"Performance improvements provided by the (SuperSpeed 2000) RAM disk are dramatic!" Aubley writes. "Even more important than the specific throughput values reported are the relative performance difference between using the RAM disk and a traditional disk array. For the sequential read-intensive environment, the (SuperSpeed 2000) RAM disk provides over twice the performance of a 6-disk RAID 5 array, and eightfold improvement in the random read environment, and over seven times the performance in a write-intensive environment." (pp. 389-90)

SuperSpeed software is used in many applications including web hosting and browsing, real time applications such as streaming video, and general operating system performance improvements. The only difference customers experience is noticeably faster system speed and a lower total cost of ownership. In today's increasingly competitive marketplace, many SuperSpeed customers have opted for replacing supercomputers with Wintel-based operating systems enhanced by SuperSpeed software.

SuperSpeed 2000 software bundles both a simple Ram Disk and a "Fail Safe" Ram Disk into a single product. The software provides system administrators with the ability to create RAM Disks in memory that are mirrored automatically to "real" magnetic disk partitions in the system. This feature provides RAM Disk speed and magnetic disk "write through" data safety, an outstanding combination for both performance and data security.

SuperCache 2000 software delivers very high performance disk caching capability for multiple disk partitions in the Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Server and DataCenter environments. System administrators can select which partitions are cached, and the amount of RAM allocated to the SuperCache 2000 software. SuperCache 2000 delivers nearly the same performance gain as SuperSpeed 2000, but is spread over many disk partitions.

"Since 1987 our products have been invaluable in enterprise computing environments. Time and again, we've demonstrated the benefits of `supercomputing performance at Wintel prices' with our speed enhancing performance software," says Eric Dickman, CEO, SuperSpeed Software, Inc. "As Windows 2000 continues to gain market share, we see more corporate IT departments turning to our suite of system enhancing software solutions, which have been specifically designed to enhance the Windows 2000 operating system environment. Also, with our Windows 2000 products, as proven by the rigorous testing performed for Mr. Aubley's book, companies can effectively shift the price/performance points of Server, Advanced Server and DataCenter systems to a new level. With performance like that, companies significantly reduce processing time, add to computing capacity and increase overall productivity without the expense of costly new boxes and RAID storage arrays. Clearly, SuperSpeed's products enable our customers to positively affect the `bottom line'."

SuperSpeed Windows 2000 products are available from their network of international distributors as well as directly from (

About SuperSpeed Software, Inc.

Founded in 1981, SuperSpeed Software, Inc. is the leader in performance-enhancing disk caching software for Windows 2000 and Windows NT operating systems. The installed base of SuperSpeed products has grown to over 5,000 corporate sites, using the software to accelerate Internet, Intranet, database and other I/O-intensive applications. Customers include major domestic and international Fortune 500 companies as well as government agencies. SuperSpeed Software, Inc. is headquartered in Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA.

SuperSpeed, SuperCache, and RamDisk are trademarks of SuperSpeed Software, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners.

About Curt Aubley, MCSE - author

Curt Aubley, MCSE is currently the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) for OAO Corporation headquartered in Greenbelt, MD. OAO is a $300 million-a-year privately held company that focuses on enterprise outsourcing. Aubley is now also the President and CEO of newly-formed MightyView, Inc., which is part of the OAO new business program. MightyView, is already a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP), focusing on providing end-to-end enterprise e-Commerce, security, application, server (Win2k/UNIX), and network management services for Fortune 500 and Federal customers.

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Tuning and Sizing Windows 2000 for Maximum Performance, Microsoft Technologies Series; Curt Aubley, MCSE; Prentice Hall PTR, Upper Saddle River, NJ; copyright 2001; ISBN 0-13-089105-3; pgs. 386 - 391.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 21, 2001
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