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SuperComm diet high in fiber.

SuperComm Diet High In Fiber So many vendors sang of Sonet at April's SuperComm/ICC 90 tha the fiber-optic technology was "in danger of becoming the ISDN of the '90s," said Communications News Publisher Don Wiley, moderating a panel on "Determining Customer Wants and Needs."

Over 18,000 attendees from 70 countries convened at Atlanta's World Congress Center for the show.

Northern Telecom and Rockwell made major fiber announcements. Northern said its 2.488 Gb/s Fiber-World S/DMS TransportNode offers the most capacity available for longhaul, inter-office, and local transmission.

Rockwell's ROC-3 Sonet lightwave system operates at 155.52 Mb/s.

AT&T Network Systems, Alcatel, Fujitsu, Telco Systems, Seiscor, and Reliance Comm/Tec also talked up Sonet offerings.

DEC Chairman Ken Olsen challenged attendees to work out technical as well as strategic interfaces.

"You sell networking," he said in his keynote address, "but often don't believe it in your own organization."

Interoperable software is scarce, and buying unneeded operating system features forces users into closed networking schemes, Olsen added. Lack of vendor discipline in following standards and the resulting plethora of user interfaces hinder development of transportable software.

A ftactional T1 panel told attendees how to implement these services into existing networks. When evaluating T1 muxes, Cable & Wireless's Betsy Williams said, users must ask whether products provide simple monitoring capabilities or management as well.

If a user has a channel problem, offered US Sprint's Stan Edwards, proper trouble isolation makes sure he won't lose all channels while the vendor troubleshoots one link.

A joint effort of BellSouth, IEEE, USTA, and TIA, the SuperHome/SuperOffice demo drew crowds around a showcase of ISDN videoconferencing, medical records sharing, teleradiology, and other applications.

In one demo, a Fujitsu "wife" in the SuperHome videophoned her "husband" at the Fujitsu booth to ask his opinion of wallpaper samples, eliciting wry grumbles ("That's one thing I wouldn't want") from men milling around that well-trafficked booth. Fujitsu's FETEX-150 broadband prototype showed how broadband ISDN and video services can be delivered via the public switched network.

AT&T demonstrated the world's first free-space photonic digitals switching fabric. This technology of the future offers a much largers a much larger interconnection density than current digital equipment.

ADC Telecom raised some eyebrows among users of digital-based services with remote line testers for critical applications.

Toshiba, already a major presence in Japanese ISDN, showed off an ISDN application that has drawn interest from warehouse owners. This voice and video setup scans the environment and broadcasts apprehension commands over the same line.

U.S. Intelco Networks rolled out a new line-information data base (LIDB) and the TelCard calling card.

At Redcom Laboratories' booth, Lou Bender, director of new business development, said: "We set up two COs and trunking, incorporated the PBX within the network, and set up the direct circuit console and peripherals, all in half a day."

Redcom sells voice/data telecomm and info-handling systems to remote locations. Average installation, a 100-line offices, takes about half a day, said President Klaus Gueldenpfennig. --John Jesitus, Associate Editor, and Bob Gitlin, Managing Editor
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Title Annotation:SuperComm/ICC 90 trade show
Author:Jesitus, John; Gitlin, Bob
Publication:Communications News
Article Type:product announcement
Date:Jun 1, 1990
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